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Jones refused to hand him over, stating that Sirkes could have Grier's stockpile of marijuana in exchange for Grier's life. Sirkes, however, stated the deal was non-negotiable. Sirkes' commanded his men to attack Jones, but she subdued them and proved to be stronger than they had anticipated. Cage, then, showed up and joined the fight, easily knocking out Sirkes' men. He reassured that he did not harm the dogs. Jones protected Grier, while Cage fought Sirkes one on one. He, then, got put in a headlock and was hit repeatedly in the chest by Sirkes' men.

Jones took the opportunity to run and return Grier back to his house, as Cage watched her leave in disappointment. Jones storms off to stop Luke Cage from killing Charles Wallace. At Serena Grier's apartment, Jones returned Antoine Grier to her sister and tried to convince Serena to give her the file with information of Reva Connors ' killer. However, Cage arrived first, having received the information. He read that a bus driver, named Charles Wallace was the bus driver that got drunk, due to alcoholism, and ran over Connors.

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Distraught, Cage left the apartment, with Jones partially relieved. Grier, then, stated that she did a horrible thing in revealing that information to Cage, for he planned to kill Wallace; frantic, Jones ran out to meet with Cage. Jones revealed the truth to Cage about Reva Connors ' death. Jones finally found him, as he threw Wallace from the bus windshield. Jones then revealed that Wallace did not kill Connors, as she allowed the scared bus driver to escape, and that she did while under Kilgrave's enthrallment.

Jones was pinned by an enraged Cage, telling her to shut up, but she revealed the details of her death; having hit her so hard that her heart stopped and the bus driver swerved to avoid the already dead woman. Cage hit the bus, making a huge dent. He, then, asked why she slept, having known the truth; Jones did not answer and Cage told her that she was right, she was a piece of shit. He walked away from her, leaving Jones in tears. Jones, later, becomes a drunken mess, as she searches for Ross-Hogarth at Thompson Square Free Clinic to force her to sign divorce papers.

However, she found the physician leaving for the subway to go home.

15 Times 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Mimicked John Hughes Movies (Photos)

Jones, still intoxicated, threatened her by hanging her over the tracks while a train begins moving forward. However, Jones, through her intoxicated state, dropped Ross-Hogarth onto the tracks; frantic, Jones followed and threw her back. Before she could get back to the station herself, Jones stared at the oncoming train and contemplated suicide. However, she comes to her senses and jumps out the way. Jones is helped up by Malcolm Ducasse. Returning home to get some sleep, Jones is found in the elevator by Malcolm Ducasse , who is sobering up, and helped into her apartment.

Ducasse talked about his new life, but Jones retorted that sobriety sucks, much to Ducasse's protest. They finally went into her room and she landed into her bed. Jones discovers the body of Ruben in her bed. However, Jones turned into her side and found the body of Ruben , who had slashed his throats with a knife. Jones leapt out of bed in shock and Ducasse followed, equally surprised. At this moment, Jones had enough of Kilgrave 's murders for his obsession of revenge, she decides the best thing to do to keep others safe is to simply remove herself from the equation by having herself locked into Supermax prison; another benefit would be if Kilgrave comes to retrieve her, there would be video footage of his use of his power.

Jones and Jeri Hogarth discussing Supermax. Before she even goes through with it, Jones decides to go on a farewell tour all around New York City. Jones explained her plan and Hogarth, happily to comply, explained to her that only "top shelf perverts" are admitted to Supermax; in order to be able to get inside, she would have to commit a hideous crime beyond comprehension. Jones kept that in mind and walked away. Jones enters Luke's for a final goodbye. Next, Jones, who plucked up the courage, went to Luke's to talk to Luke Cage , but she only found Roy Healy , who was taking over the bar and restocking the liquor while Cage took some time off.

Jones stated she had a message for Cage, but Healy assumed that she wanted to tell him she loved him, wanted him back or that she was having his baby. Healy stated he has heard it from all the girls and advised her to just move on, stating that Cage would not miss her. Healy, then, revealed to Jones was that the only woman that he ever missed was his wife, Reva Connors. Jones and Roy Healy talk about Luke Cage.

Jones denied about loving Cage and asked Healy to tell Cage that she will punish the right people for what they have done and that she did not expect forgiveness from him. Before she left, Healy suggested that when a bridge burns, she has to learn to swim or fly, something he himself found as a hilarious remark. Jones rudely speaks with Dorothy Walker. Jones insulted her parenting in the past, noting her abuse, and warned her to respect Walker's wishes, threatening that if the agreement is broken, not even a prison would be enough to get away from her.

As Jones left her office, Dorothy admitted that taking her in was a mistake, to which she replied "Thanks, Mom.

Jones and Trish Walker talk about her plan. As Jones left and walked the street, she decided to get one final view of New York City before she was sent away. She arrived to her apartment , but the body of Ruben was gone. Jones found Walker in her office, having cleaned up the rest of the blood. She told Walker that she had been trying to contact her and was surprised that she was there. Walker tried talking Jones out of her plan to evade Kilgrave by getting imprisoned in a Supermax, but Jones still felt afraid of what Kilgrave could do and asked where Ducasse was.

She ran out and found out that Ducasse threw the body in the Hudson River. Annoyed, she scolded Ducasse and went to fetch a part of Ruben's body. Having dived into the water to collect Ruben 's severed head, Jones arrived at the 15th Precinct Police Station , where she approached Detective Oscar Clemons who was busy with somebody else. Unwilling to wait until Clemons was finished, Jones dropped Ruben's wet, detached head right in front of him, claiming to the horrified Clemons that she had done something terrible.

Clemons handcuffed her and put her in the interrogation room where she was forced to wait for a considerable amount of time to be spoken to. Jones is questioned by Oscar Clemons. As Jones waited, Clemons finally arrived with Jeri Hogarth and she demanded to be put in Supermax prison to serve her sentence. Jones, however, denied Hogarth as her lawyer, with Clemons ordering her out of the room. Jones stated that the case was closed, due to her confession, but Clemons remained skeptical as he debated her reasons.

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Jones stated that she once killed a woman by punching her, referring to Reva Connors. Enraged and to show a demonstration, Jones ripped her handcuffs off and bent the metal chair, while Clemons watched with horror and confusion. Jones sees everyone under Kilgrave 's power. However, before Clemons could even think about turning Jones in, they were both interrupted by Brett Mahoney , who told Jones that she was free to go, stating that this was Captain's order.

Jones left the Interrogation room, with Clemons following, and discovered, in horror, that all the officers were frozen and aiming their guns at themselves, with Mahoney now aiming his gun at Clemons. Jones is invited by Kilgrave to live with him. As Jones continued to look around in confusion, Kilgrave revealed himself and confessed the reason for controlling the officers, as well as doing all these horrible acts, was because he was in love with Jones, wanting her to come live with him.

When Clemons' phone rang, Kilgrave pulled it out of his jacket before furiously smashing it and threatened everyone, but Jones calmed him down, stating that she would come. As Kilgrave left the building, he told Jones to expect a present in her room, took Ruben's head and erased the security footage, ordering the officers to forget the incident. As soon as Jones returned home, she found the present: a lost journal of hers from her childhood from before her parents died.

Then, she heard a knock on her door. It was Robyn , who told Jones that she felt as if Ruben was "acting out against her" by being infatuated with Jones. She confessed to Jones that she found one of Ruben's sandals in a trash can, assuming that Jones used her brother for sexual favors. Then, Jones stated that Ruben was not coming back, which brought Robyn into a frenzy, as she begged for Jones' help to find him, even offering to pay for her services as a private investigator.

15 Times 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Mimicked John Hughes Movies (Photos)

However, Jones just left. Finally, Jones arrived at her birth parents' home. She found Kilgrave waiting for her, as he greeted her with a smile and welcomed her into their new home. Jones entered, unsure of his true plans. As Jones confronts Kilgrave, she is searched for any possible concealed weapons by his bodyguard. He took the recorder, not wanting any confessions of the murder of the Shlottmans, and the Sufentanil. She is promised that he will not enthrall her, because what he wants is for her to have complete control when she falls in love with her; also promising that he will not touch her unless he gets her permission.

Kilgrave showed Jones everything inside the house, replicating everything from her childhood and claiming to want her to relive her happiest days before her parents passed. He, then, introduced her to his staff, whom he promises is not enthralled by him. Then, Kilgrave showed off her room. They were interrupted when Trish Walker called; Kilgrave, however, allowed Jones to answer. She talked about being worried about Will Simpson , but Kilgrave stated that he had not killed him; Jones insisted she was safe and proved it by insulting Kilgrave.

Jones locked herself in her room and found a package on her bed. When she opened it, she found a purple dress inside. She kept Kilgrave waiting, until she finally picked up the nerve to go downstairs and join him for dinner, having rejected the dress and left her old clothes on. Rather than eating, she drank a huge glass of wine, much to Kilgrave's dissatisfaction towards her alcoholism, considering it to not be a real basis for a relationship. Jones got upset by blaming her drinking problem on his forced murder of Reva Connors and violently broke a bottle.

Kilgrave, reacting to Jones' belligerence, ordered the wait staff to commit suicide if Jones fights Kilgrave, revealing that he lied. This caused Jones to scoff in disgust. She calmed down, apologized and headed back to her room. Jones bumps into Will Simpson upstairs. Jessica went to look in the room of her brother, Phillip , which gave her unpleasant memories of how he and her parents died. Later, she found Will Simpson , who tries to free her and reveals that he rigged a bomb in the basement.

Jessica scolds at Simpson, demanding him to get out and that she needs Kilgrave alive to help Hope Shlottman , as well as innocent people being enthralled downstairs.

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He, then, allowed Jones to reveal about the bomb. Jones told Kilgrave about it and has his bodyguard dispose of it. He became impressed with Jones, believing that her saving his life meant she really did care for him, however, she claimed to not want any more death. With that, she left for bed. Jones and Kilgrave are joined by Elizabeth De Luca. The next morning, Jones had a disturbing dream, involving her relatives coming back from the dead and chastising her over their deaths. Jones, then, woke up to a news report about a man holding his wife and children hostage.

Jones began to eat breakfast with Kilgrave, grabbing a handful of food, and asked Kilgrave if he ever felt bad for all his murders, but he claimed that he didn't, stating he would probably kill his parent, who he loathes. Then, much to her annoyance, they are met by her old neighbor, Elizabeth De Luca , who assumed that Jones has returned with her husband, despite Jones correcting her. During the conversation with Kilgrave and Jessica, De Luca lies about the Jones' past, claiming that Philip was a juvenile delinquent and that her parents' marriage were in trouble, causing Jones to be upset; she even claimed to have known that they were going to get killed in a car crash.

Kilgrave, taking note that she was upsetting Jones, enthralled her and and asked her why she would lie, which she revealed it was to make her feel important. Kilgrave dismissed her, after Jones ordered him to stop, although she admitted that it was rather satisfying. He attempted to hold her hand, for affection, but this made Jones upset, as she stomped into the house. Kilgrave demanded to know why she was upset and Jones accused him of rape the times she was enthralled by him. Kilgrave admitted to her that he had never had a home or a loving family, although Jones insisted that the deaths of her family did not turn her into a murderer or rapist.

Upset, Kilgrave took the USB and showed her footage of the experiments that his parents performed on him and the first time his powers were used. Jones, then, realized that Kilgrave had no one to teach him ethics. She asked him if that was the case, with him annoyed and wondering if she was teasing him. She, then, told him to accompany her for two hours. He agreed and told the waitstaff to kill each other if he does not return on time.

Jones and Kilgrave walk towards the scene of the crime. Jones took Kilgrave to the police stand-off with the man holding a gun to his terrified family, which was on the news. Kilgrave realized what Jones was trying to do, sarcastically dismissing the idea of him being a hero; however, Jones convinced him that he may feel differently, if he tried. As they began to enter the house, Kilgrave used his mind control to calmly get the police to step inside and Jones used her strength to break inside the house.

They both confronted the hostage situation, with Kilgrave ordering Chuck to not shoot. Jones directed his family out of the house and away from danger. When Kilgrave ordered the man to put the gun in his mouth, Jones demanded that he didn't kill him, despite Kilgrave's objections, however, he agreed and enthralled the man to hand himself over to the police. Despite Kilgrave claiming that it had been a waste of time, Jones stated that they had successfully saved four lives. As Jones returned to the house, Kilgrave plopped on the couch filled with joy and boasting for Cake; despite Jones thinking she may have gotten through to him, Kilgrave claimed that the duo of Kilgrave and Jones could change the world.

Jones, a little surprised of that notion, stated that Kilgrave can do heroics on his own, but he reminded her that he would have made the man kill himself, if not for her. Jones, horrified at this notion, stated that she needed to go for a walk to think; Kilgrave gave her permission, however, he threatened that his staff would die if she did not return.

Jones discusses her current situation with Trish Walker. Jones went to Trish Walker's Apartment, who became worried about her when she told her of her current situation. With that, she asked Walker what she would do in Jones' shoes, with Walker being completely against it. Jones returns to the house and brings Chinese food, giving some to the staff. Kilgrave became paranoid that it was poison, but she proves it by eating some of his, herself. However, the waitstaff began to collapse, having their food be spiked, and she attack Kilgrave by forcing him to be gagged and injecting him with Sufentanil.

Jones is confronted by Will Simpson and his friends. Jones went outside carrying Kilgrave, looking for a spot to fly, but she is stopped by Kilgrave's bodyguard. However, he is shot by Simpson, joined by his friends, who wish to kill Kilgrave while he is out. Jones refuses their desire and flies away. Jessica welcomes Kilgrave to the hermetically-sealed room. Later, Jones took Kilgrave to the hermetically-sealed room in the warehouse, covering its floor with water and making him barefoot, so she could knock him out if he tried to enthrall someone.

The video of his childhood played on repeat in the background. Kilgrave, filled with rage, showed dissatisfaction with Jones' betrayal, stating how she tricked him into being a hero, However, Jones stated that he wasn't, calling him by his real name Kevin, mocking the chosen name "Kilgrave", as well as calling him a murderer. She then turned on a camera and demanded a confession to the murder of Reva Connors , Ruben , and Hope Shlottman 's parents. However, he denied killing anyone, as he fabricated a story of falling in love and saving Jones from muggers and had sex with her.

The story offended Jones, as she hit the red button, which sent electricity into the water, sending shocks to Kilgrave's feet, bringing him down to the ground. Jones told Kilgrave that his torture device was constructed by Will Simpson , who was not too please with what he did to him. Jones still mocked him with the video clips playing in the background, with Jones asking about them as she pointed out other children. Kilgrave stated that he has no idea about the other children involved. Jones justifies Kilgrave's capture to Jeri Hogarth.

Jeri Hogarth arrived to the torture chamber, to which Jones cut off the sound, as to not allow Kilgrave to enthrall her. Hogarth, shocked at the brutal treatment that she was giving him, tried to get her to free Kilgrave, as she stated that there is no proof to prove him guilty, but Jones claimed that he was too powerful, wishing to record him using his powers. Hogarth, however, informed Jones that a plea bargain has been settled for Hope Shlottman and that she will be the one to help her.

As the argument continued, Kilgrave watched. Jones stated that they would need one more jury member to recall Kilgrave's enthrallment and she rushed out to find that person. Jones tries to convince Clemons to be a witness. Jones located Clemons , who was on the streets buying coffee, and requested him to witness something for her. Jones tried to remind him of the incident at the 15th Precinct Police Station , However, Clemons denied the event, stating that it was a prank by Evans. Jones even threatened to give Kilgrave Clemons' home address. However, Clemons wished to destroy his reputation whenever he is almost towards retirement; he, then, leaves her.

Jones returns to the room, bringing Kilgrave some fast food, much to his dissatisfaction, after failing to see Shlottman, due to visiting hours being over. Then, Jones willingly entered his cell, trying to get him to mind control her on camera for Clemons. She tried touching him in a seductive way, but when things were not working, she tried using force by physically assaulting him. Jones is shocked by Trish Walker before she kills Kilgrave. Jones' violent threw him from wall to wall, but Kilgrave held back, begging Hogarth to help him, making susre he looked like the victim in the video. Jones accused Kilgrave of rape and forcing her to murder Connors.

Hogarth was about to hit the red button, but Trish Walker stopped her so that Jones could continue. Kilgrave never gave in and gloated at Jones further. As it looked like it was going nowhere, Walker pressed the red button, shocking Jones before she could kill him. Once she was back on her feet, Jones showed Walker the video and detailed Kilgrave's origins. After that, they figured the best way to obtain a confession was to find the ones who gave him his powers in the first place: his parents.

Jones put everything together through the videos, figuring out that the mentioned "Sin Bin" is a rugby term, and found out that they were Albert and Louise Thompson , who were former scientists at the University of Manchester. Jones convinces Hope Shlottman to not accept the plea bargain. Jones got a call from Shlottman, where she confirmed to her that Kilgrave has been captured and is trying to get out a confession from him. Shlottman told Jones about a plea bargain that was presented to her by Hogarth, but Jones insisted that it was a bad idea being so close to receive a confession.

Shlottman was a little hesitant, but she agreed to decline the offer. Jones meets Albert and Louise Thompson. Jones finally found his parents, after realizing that Louise Thompson was a member of the Kilgrave Victim Support Group. She followed her to a hotel where she began berating them for using barbaric experiments on their own son, but Louise revealed that they only experimented on their son in order to save him from a degenerative brain disease he once had.

After this realization, she convinced them to confront their son, in order to gain a confession and save Shlottman, to which they agree, despite Albert's hesitation. As she arrived back to the warehouse, with Hogarth and Walker, Jones turned the camera back on, much to Kilgrave's confusion, and bright his mother and father in front of him, filling the telepath with shock.

Jones cuffs Clemons to make him a witness. Then, she was approached by Clemons, who demanded that she let go of Kilgrave, having been sent a video of Jones brutally beating him, and called him sick. However, Walker held Clemons on gunpoint and Jones cuffed him, much to Hogarth's disapproval, while claiming that Kilgrave's confession is what will put him behind bars. Jones made the Thompsons enter the cell alone and greet their son. She witness Kilgrave scold his parents for leaving him and having to survive other people.

Kilgrave began to cry, much like a child, talking about how he became a hero for stopping Chuck from killing children. Mich to Jones annoyance, his mother apologized to him for his their abandonment, much to Albert's protests claiming that he almost killed his own mother, which ended in a warm hug. However, with Kilgrave's guard down, Louise stabbed her son's shoulder with a pair of scissors, stating that it was their responsibility to end his misdeeds.

Full of rage, Kilgrave enthralled his mother to pick up her scissors and stab herself for every year she had left him alone. With her evidence finally proven, Jones attempted to shock the cell, but to her shock, the line had been cut by Hogarth. All that Jones could do was watch in horror, as Louise stabbed herself multiple times and dropped down on the floor, dead. He, then, turned to his father and ordered him to cut out his heart.

However, to prevent that happening, Walker shot at the glass, wounding Kilgrave's shoulder. As Jones demanded that everyone flee, Kilgrave ordered Walker to put a bullet in her head. But by the time she could, the barrel was empty. He, then, ordered Clemmons to follow him, which caused him to rip his skin and break his thumb from the cuffs. Amidst the chaos, Jones knocked out Albert and ran after Kilgrave. She grabbed his arm and he tried to enthrall her to let him go, but she resisted, which shocked Jones.

Kilgrave hesitated, knowing that Jones found out his secret, and had Clemmons attack her, causing him to get away. Jones, after knocking out Clemmons, pauses outside, still in amazement that she resisted. But then, she remembered, and realized, that over a year ago, when she killed Reva Connors under his orders, she broke free from his control after having touched her bleeding head. Jones smiled. As Oscar Clemons attempted to secure the crime scene, Jones binds Thompson's hands and put a bullet in Walker's mouth, so that the bullet is "technically" in her skull, and to make sure that Kilgrave does not have his way.

Jones revealed to everyone that she is resilient to Kilgrave's mind control. Then, Thompson revealed that it is an airborne virus that he believes can be cured. As Walker and Thompson head out to his hotel, to make the antidote, Jones left to find Kilgrave. Jones witnesses Wendy Ross-Hogarth 's murder.

As she began her search, Jones called Hogarth; she becomes suspicious when she kept asking about Thompson's location. With that, Jones ran to Hogarth's supposed location. When Jones arrives, she witnessed the dead corpse of Wendy Ross-Hogarth with Pam looming over her body with a vase in her hands. She called Hogarth a murderer for deactivating the live wire in the warehouse and suggested that Pam pleaded for self-defense in the death of Ross-Hogarth; She, then, left.

Jones finds Kilgrave in her apartment. As soon as Jones returned to her apartment, she found Kilgrave waiting for her there. He revealed that he frees Shlottman from prison, filling all the necessary paperwork; he demanded, in return for his services, his father.

Kilgrave confirmed to Jones that she really is immuned to his power, as she knocks him out and gags him. Jones, then, began to call Shlottman, telling her that she will pick her up from jail, Robyn and the men, who were convinced that Jones was lying to them, entered her Apartment and assaulted her, with Ducasse trying to come to her defense. Jones was knocked out, while Robyn freed Kilgrave and took him out. Jones receives a call from Hope Shlottman. Jones woke up, the next morning, to a call by Shlottman, asking her why she is late.

As Jones entered the prison, she finds out that Shlottman has been taken by Kilgrave and that they are waiting at Niku in exchange for his father. Jones confronts Kilgrave at Niku. Jones brought Thompson to the restaurant for the exchange, as he sprayed himself with his concocted antidote. Kilgrave waited at a table with Hope Shlottman by his side and Robyn, Ducasse, Jackson and Johnson in nooses and standing on chairs, threatening to command them to jump if she so much tried to harm him. The antidote, however, does not work, as Kilgrave commands Thompson to stand by his side and he does so.

Shlottman found out that Jones was immune to Kilgrave's pheromones and begged her to kill Kilgrave, but he mocked her, stating that Jones wants Shlottman to still see her as "heroic" in her eyes. Shlottman reacted by breaking glass and, to Jones' shock, stabs herself in the throat with it, stating that Jones is now free with her death. Frantic, Kilgrave ordered the four to jump and ran off with Thompson. Jones rushed in and saved the four from hanging themselves. Then, she ran towards Shlottman, who was bleeding violently.

Shlottman demanded that Jones will not make her death be in vain and that she will kill Kilgrave; Jones swears that she will, as Shlottman dies. Jones, still heartbroken about Shlottman's suicide, coached the others on what to say to the Police. They all told their sides of the story, even Robyn complied. Later, Jones got picked up by Walker; she comforted Jones' about her plan to trade Thompson for Shlottman, but Jones is lead to believe that Thompson is dead.

With that, Jones and Walker decided to look into the Riverbank Medical Center to find out if his corpse has been sent to the morgue and get further clues as to the location of Kilgrave. There, they met Maury Tuttlebaum , who refused to let them in. However, Walker told him how famous she was and that she would let him have a high class dinner if they let them see the bodies; he, then, agrees. When they arrive, they didn't find Thompson's body at all.

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Walker warned Jones, as she described the effects of the human body when deprived of sleep. Jones stated that she is going back home, but she spent the whole night looking through hospital morgues, to see if she could find the corpse of Thompson. She began to become weak from exhaustion and lack of sleep, but she sees a man in a purple suit. Believing it to be Kilgrave, she chased him down, only to get hit by a truck.

Jones recovered to the sight pedestrians looking down at her, surprised, which prompted her to leave. Jones' wounds are treated by Trish Walker. Later, Jones made it to her apartment, where she meets up with Walker who tends to her hurt ribs, from the truck. While she did that, Walker finally convinced Jones to get some sleep. However, Jones, got a text from Tuttlebaum, who told her that she received another body; she left to investigate.

Jones discovers the burnt body of Clemons. When Tuttlebaum left for the night, Jones broke into the morgue, only to find the burnt body of Clemons , taking note of a bullet hole in his head, and that the CDC was burnt down; to which she tells Walker on her phone. After that, she left to meet her. Jones gets a visit from Will Simpson. Later, Jones got a call from Will Simpson , who stated that he knows Kilgrave 's location and wants to kill him, stating he would meet her at Alias to go over a plan.

Jones invited him inside, as soon as he arrived. When she asked him about Trish Walker , Simpson replied that he convinced her to stay away from the inevitable danger. Jones, becoming suspicious, told him that Kilgrave killed Clemmons; Simpson showed no remorse, stating that he read about the fire, but Jones put together that Simpson killed him, after noting that it was a bullet and pointed out the burns on his hands. Simpson pulled out his gun, but Jones kicked his chair before he could shoot; knocking the gun out of his hand and throwing various objects at him.

As the fight continued, with Jones pinning him to the wall with a chair, Simpson claimed that he had to kill Jones because he thinks she is protecting Kilgrave under enthrallment. Simpson, then, threw Jones across the room and took red pills, to which Jones asked what they were.

This caused his strength to enhance and he began fighting her again. Simpson gained the upper hand, as Jones slows down from the pain in her ribs. Simpson was about to deliver the final blow, but Walker bursted in, using a fire extinguisher on him. Jones and Trish Walker after fighting Simpson. They both locked themselves in the bathroom, with Walker taking out the Combat Enhancers she stole from Simpson days earlier. Simpson came out, shocked that she did this, and warned Walker that she needed the blue pills, which he owns, to counter the after effects of the red pills or she will die; regardless, Walker claimed it would be worth it, taking the reds and stabbed Simpson, flinging him across the room.

Simpson was about to kill her, however, Jones helped Walker, by knocking Simpson out with a refrigerator. Walker, much to Jones surprise, began to feel good about her enhancements, gloating about how this must be how Jones feels: However, they began to have a negative effect on her, causing her to stop breathing. Frantic, Jones tried to give her CPR, then she brought her to an ambulance. Later, Jones received a text from Kilgrave , who tells her that he has met Luke Cage and that she better hurry up if she wants to save him.

Jones rushed to Luke's , where she saw Cage enter. When she ran towards the bar to snap him out, the bar explodes. At first, Jones became frantic, but, soon, Cage came out of the wreckage, unharmed. Then, Jones reunited with the man she loves. Jones and Luke Cage hide from the police , who were investigating the scene of Luke's , and went to the Alias Investigations Office , where Cage questioned all the destruction.

Cage told Jones that he was a fool to think he could fight Kilgrave on his own, but Jones brushed it off, stating that he wasn't. She let him know that it was Reva Connors 's death that broke her hold from Kilgrave. Jones demands that Cage gets some rest to wear off Kilgrave 's pheromones. Cage told her that he wanted to help get rid of Kilgrave, but she demanded that he rested until he was completely himself. Cage did just that, with Jones watching him, making sure that twelve hours had passed and that Kilgrave's pheromones wore off.

The next morning, Jones suggested that Cage stayed home, but he stated that he was free of Kilgrave. Regardless, Jones kept trying to convince him to leave, open up a new bar and leave New York City and her alone, but Cage revealed he wanted to witness the death of Kilgrave, vowing to fight with her till the end. After that, Jones allowed him to come along. Malcolm Ducasse tells Jones that he is leaving New York.

As they began to leave, they were talking about Kilgrave using his father to increase his power. Then, they found Malcolm Ducasse On the sidewalk with tons of luggage. Jones asked what it was for, and he revealed that he was moving out, stating that it would be better to hear his mother's scolding than whatever Jones was going through.

Jones searches through Thompson 's room. Jones and Cage arrived to Kilgrave's father's old room at the hotel, hoping to find any clues that could lead to what Albert Thompson was doing to Kilgrave. However, they were interrupted by Bunny Wiles , who scolded that they are not allowed to take Thompson's items, stating that she sold them for failing to pay the rent.

Jones found out from Wiles she found a few chemicals, which is just what she was looking for; However, when she demanded that Jones paid for them, Cage easily picked her up and moved her aside. They found out that one of the chemicals left behind was distributed from ZALK lab; they both left to investigate. Jones investigated the lab, with Cage staying behind, just in case she ran into Kilgrave. Jones found the staff, who had been forced to work nonstop, causing them to faint. When Jones came out and told Cage what she saw, he told her about what he felt before he destroyed Luke's, stating that he shouldn't have blamed her for Reva Connors ' murder.

Jones still blamed herself for her death, but Cage reassured her that he forgave her and would tell her everyday for as long as she needed to hear it. Early detection and treatment is essential to long term recovery. I have great hope that I can live a long time at my current condition, thanks to the great targeted therapies, but really wish I had insisted on better x-rays or scans sooner. Regardless, I have been extremely lucky. Deal with what you need to in the present, and try to live in the moment. At age 30, Laura was diagnosed with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma of the lung.

Laura passed away in from related complications, seven years after her lung cancer diagnosis. We hope her story will continue to serve as inspiration for others on the importance of early detection for lung cancer. Wow, thanks for sharing your story! He was a non-smoker, 33 years old and had pneumonia as a child too— so badly that the doctors had already gotten his mom to sign the organ donor paperwork. Then his fully white left lung chest x-ray showed up Sept 1, — his x-ray had been completely clear August 4. He also grew up in West Virginia around the coal mines, which may have put arsenic in the water, another possible contributor to lung cancer in young people.

A powerful, yet not unfamiliar story. My boyfriend Nick died June 22, from a blood clot — Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma spread to his spine and compressed his nerves, leaving him unable to walk, even after emergency surgery. He was in physiotherapy to learn to walk again, but never got the chance. He made it through 2 rounds of chemo, which were showing promise towards remission. He was originally told that his shoulder pain was probably a pulled muscle, at one point an MRI even made it looked like a slipped disc.

But after waking one day to no longer be able to move his legs, a CT scan finally showed 2 tumors. One in the lung, one on the spine. He was 27 years old, and a non-smoker. I will continue to fight the battle for him, I know he would have done everything he could to defy the odds, and help others along the way. Thank you for posting your story! Thank you for sharing your journey.

Thank you so much for sharing your story of fighting against cancer. It has really inspired me. When we heared its cancer we all were shocked…as we were aware about cancer is like end of life. I really trust god and still keeping positive hopes and will fight till the end. Now doctor has adviced for chemotherapy and further said that they will try targeted therapy. I am hoping for best now…. Thank you for sharing a very candid view of what you have been through and what you think about the present. It was a metastized recurrence from his GE cancer 3 years ago that saw him get his entire stomach removed.

For the last 3 years after his surgery, he was perfectly normal until the March of , this year.. Radiation was administered for 6 weeks, followed by 4 Cycles of chemotherapy that concluded last month. For now he is fatigued and weak, down on weight and found wanting on Nutrition. However, he seems to be a little better than what he was a few months ago…but you never know. I have stopped having any kind of expectations and am taking things as they come by. However, we have and are giving him the best possible medication and support at home.

This is what satisfies us. I am hoping and am very positive that he will be alright…but as i said, expectiations are the last things i do. I wish my fate will be like u. They just started me with Tarceva as my first line of treatment a week ago. I hope I get a good response like you and be one of those 2 percent that will be cancer free. My ex husband is now 69 as of October He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain which is where they found it and how he was diagnosed.

Miracles do happen because that was the end of February He had brain surgery as soon as he was diagnosed. He had radiation on frontal lobe and small area on lung. Fortunately, the cancer has not spread and he has been on maintenance chemo Alimta for past two years. He is having trouble in the back spine-neck area and we are praying that is not anything cancerous. Thanks to all those stories of strength and survival.

They have the power to support those who are now engaged in their battles as well as confirm successes, however they are measured. I am In late I started having pain in my back, shoulder and arm. I went to the doctor believing that it was either pneumonia or cancer. I was a pack-a-day smoker and had been for decades. Nothing turned up. I tried Physical Therapy, massages and kept increasing the powerful pain meds. That doctor said — that is nerve pain. He sent me for another MRI that afternoon. Two days later I met with a doctor who read the scan. He told me that I had a large tumor at the top of my right lung — called an apical tumor or Pancoast tumor.

The tumor was so high up that it was missed on most scans. It had grown into the cluster of nerves called the Brachial Plexus, causing excruciating pain. Within a week I had begun simultaneous chemo and radiation — for 5 weeks. The pain was being managed by the Palliative Care folks at the hospital. They did a great job.

The tumor which had begun as the size of a large apple was shrunken to the size of a large prune. I spent the next month gaining strength in order to qualify for surgery — had to pass pulmonary and cardiac tests to prove that I could survive the surgery. Surgery began with a mediastinoscopy — moving down the the chest to the lung, sampling and removing lymph nodes along the way and sending them to the lab to be tested.

All tests done while I was still in surgery on lymph nodes proved negative. Fabulous news! The surgeon then carried on and spent the next hours removing the tumor from my lung. Spent the summer of recuperating and recovering from the surgery. Had a final two rounds of chemo in the fall of My follow-up appointments included scans, blood test and an examination and happened every 3 months for the first 2 years then every 6 months for the next 3 years.

Now, as a five-year survivor, I have appointments scans, blood work, exam once a year. My family and friends supported me throughout that year in every possible way. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, walking my dog, taking me to treatments, helping me regain my strength and continuing to honor me with their love and affection. I am grateful for every day granted me since the diagnosis. I thank God that he granted me this time on earth. I hope that I will continue to be cancer-free for as long as I live.

There are no guarantees in life so enjoy and be thankful for every moment you are granted. I wish all of you — patients and caregivers and survivors — the very best health and the most fulfilled lives, whatever their length. I blog often and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest. I opted in for your RSS feed as well. Thank you for your story and your positive outlook on life beyond cancer. So glad you figured out what was wrong.

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Many blessings for continued health and happiness! My name is Hilary and I am 39 years old and I was recently diagnosed with multiple lung nodules. I am a non smoker and I do have a family history of lung cancer but they were all smokers. I collapsed at work two weeks ago and the nodules were found by accident. Sure, there are rogue cops, but most law-enforcement characters are true to their profession. I think you can see it today in our tumultuous, uncertain times with the Marvel action heroes dominating the movies, etc.

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