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Mencken wanted to be a writer but was obligated to work in his father's cigar factory. When his father died suddenly in , Mencken immediately sought a job at the Baltimore Herald.

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Through he began with no experience in journalism, he quickly learned every job at the newspaper and at age 25 became its editor. Mencken went on to build himself a reputation as one of America's most brilliant writers and literary critics.

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His basic approach was to question everything and to accept no limits on personal freedom. He attacked organized religion, American cultural and literary standards, and every aspect of American life that he found shallow, ignorant, or false - which was almost everything. From the 's until his death, Mencken's sharp wit and penetrating social commentary made him one of the most highly regarded - and fiercely hated - of American social critics.

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He was later memorialized in the dramatic portrait of the cynical journalist in the play and film Inherit the Wind. Shortly after World War I, Mencken began a project that was to fascinate him for the rest of his life: a study of American language and how it had evolved from British English.

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To this and his publisher's surprise, the book sold out quickly; its wit and nonscholarly approach attracted many readers who would not normally buy a book on such a subject. In , a revised and enlarged edition was published, and in and , supplements were added. The work shows not only how American English differs from British English but how the year American experience shaped American dialect. Thus the book, still considered a classic in its field, is both a linguistic and social history of the United States. Mencken died in his sleep on January 29, He was interred in Baltimore's Loudon Park Cemetery.

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Heathen Days, Henry Louis Mencken. In the third volume of his reminiscences, H. Dick Gregory and Robert Lipsyte.

Heathen Days 1890-1936

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Heathen Days: Mencken's Autobiography: by H.L. Mencken

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Heathen Days

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