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From water to ink - an interview with Yiorgos Chouliaras

Democrats are less inclined to favor the sales tax idea, since they see it as a regressive tax that would more unfairly target the poor. Those who are against raising fuel taxes note that gasoline and diesel in Michigan would then cost more than in most states. Plus, Ohio Gov.

Mike DeWine is proposing raising taxes at the pump by 18 cents a gallon, which would erase much of the difference.

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In my opinion, having followed this issue many years, raising fuel taxes at the pump is probably the best and easiest solution, and one that has a sort of rough justice: Those who drive more would pay more. The way in which any money for the roads is divvied up is based on an archaic formula, in which MDOT, the Michigan Department of Transportation, get All of this made possible by the participating manufacturers Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta and Kyocera who collectively take responsibility for the end life of their products.

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A recent sustainability report by Planet Ark and HP found that half of Australian consumers and 44 per cent of businesses do not recycle printer ink and toner cartridges. Join the C4PA campaign to recycle 41 million cartridges before the end of March Through the C4PA campaign you will be diverting valuable resources from landfill and contributing to innovation in recycling.

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For 23 years he traveled to all 48 contiguous states as well as to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria and Israel looking for answers. What did he find? To think for ourselves.


His job, is to clear the chalkboard for The Teacher — Jesus. The ideas, the ways and the perspectives of Jesus often, if not always, surprised those in His audience. To focus on his questions.

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To focus on his answers. Don, thank you for coming back the show today!

What kind of pre-conceived ideas does traditional Christianity have that has most Christians thinking everything was already completed in the past?