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Date of experience: January Ask brucel about Hollywood Walk of Fame. Reviewed 11 January via mobile Must see. Date of experience: November Ask 98sarahc about Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thomasdinnegan75 15 December Before watching this movie I didn't really know what to expect, I only decided to watch it because of Elizabeth Banks; however I'm so glad that I did!

It is amazingly funny and entertaining. It's such an enjoyable watch and sweet movie, full of LOL moments. People who criticize it for being what it is kind of confuse me, it's obvious what it is from the advertisements, so why watch it if it's just a 'silly and stupid' film? It is a lot more than that, it is clever and witty with some excellent lines and references throughout. Even the opening is hilarious. Ultimately, this is a hilarious film, which is a lot cleverer and funnier than people seem to say.

It does not receive the credit that it deserves. It's definitely worth a watch. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure you will too, if you accept it for what it is, an extremely clever, witty and funny film with a great lead actress. Be well ;. MartinHafer 2 May Walk of shame is not exactly an original sort of comedy. A recent phenomenon one I don't quite understand is the raunchy 'let's get drunk and do stupid things and go on wild adventures' genre. However, despite being a nasty, raunchy and occasionally offensive film, it did manage to make me laugh and is a bit better than the films I just mentioned although, since I don't like the genre, it really isn't saying much.


I am not proud of myself for enjoying this film but I did. Elizabeth Banks stars as Meghan, a not supremely talented news anchor in Los Angeles who is in the running for a big network anchor position. To help her get over her disappointment, her two trashy friends take her out for a night on the town—to get her drunk and to forget about her problems. Does the idea sound familiar?! So far, I'd seen a lot of boorish behavior and none of it was very funny. However, it DID get better. When Meghan awakens from this revelry, she finds she's in his apartment—and she has no idea exactly where this is.

To make things a LOT worse, when she quickly leaves, she finds her car has been towed. So, she's stranded in a part of town she's unfamiliar with, she has no money, no i. She'll just hail a cab, get her car and pay the cabbie and go home. However, the cabbie takes her to a horrible part of town and refuses to drive her further because she cannot pay—and threatens to shoot her! How crazy? See the film. I think the reason this film worked for me was that although it was offensive needlessly offensive at times , the characters and situations Meghan found herself in were very funny.

But there were many more crazy people and situations that made me chuckle—and they came almost non-stop. I also appreciated how again and again, little things throughout the film came back during the course of the film.

So, a seemingly innocent occurrence later becomes a HUGE and totally unexpected disaster due to clever writing. Now my review is NOT saying the film is without problems. The writing, while clever, is very crude—and it's a shame as this easily could have been a film you could let your kids see.

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I think it's simply the filmmakers trying to keep up with the raunchy levels we've seen recently. However, a similar picture where one little bad decision leads to similar funny situations is Date Night—and it managed to be a film for all ages and audiences.

The bottom line is that this is NOT a film for you to watch with your kids, your mother or your pastor! And, if you will easily be offended, by all means watch Date Night or some other movie instead. But it is, even with its problems, worth seeing. In case you have not been paying attention, most "comedies" today are either a a vehicle for ex-SNL alumni to strut their stuff b a showcase for an internet eccentric to strut his stuff c a riff off the most recent successful mainstream films; d someone took Jim Carrey out of mothballs or e an attempt by the current Lampoon franchise owners to recapture their glory days as in for example Eurotrip.

Did I miss anything? Against this backdrop it is fun to see Banks drop out of nowhere, literally, and attempt to recapture the spirit of the Screwball comedies of the 30s and 40s. The hallmark of these films is a single character, usually female, who gets into trouble, and then gets into trouble while trying to get out of trouble. And lots of grimaces, double-takes, and mugging to the camera. Not bad. Actually laughed at some of the scenes the "creepy kid" comes to mind and the idea of leaving Banks in the same yellow dress for the whole feature is entirely consistent with the screwball theme.

Not bad at all. It felt a little sitcom-like at times, going from one hijinx into the next hijinx, but Elizabeth Banks is gorgeous and seeing her run around in a little yellow dress alone was worth the price of admission. The best part? Her interactions with the "crack house" fellas. And the commercial jingle thrown in?

Had me gut-laughing out loud. I recommend this For the first 20 minutes, I was bored and not impressed. I was just about to give up on it, when funny things began to happen. Similar to "After Hours" a movie I really like. But I have to say that "Walk of Shame" is better and funnier.

I am writing because I am so offended by the negative reviews. Some people have no sense of humor. Yes the movie is raunchy, but that's the point. A nice girl, Megan Miles Elizabeth Banks gets thrown into the underworld of LA and has hilarious adventures to find her way out.

It wouldn't work if she were properly dressed and dropped off in suburbia. Comedies should be judged on just being funny and this was is very funny. If you want a great totally believable plot rent a heavy drama. Not that great comedy does not rely on facts. The basis of good comedy is that there is an element of truth. That's why this movie works. I could see a person having a night of drinking go horribly wrong. If you are suddenly dumped in the wrong part of town. Without your modern things Car, credit cards, cellphone, etc. I was once needing to be picked up and my cellphone was dead.

I suddenly realized I didn't know friends and family's phone numbers. The stuff in this movie could happen, although probably not all at the same night. The movie relies totally on Banks, who is awesome. I loved her on 30 Rock and she can carry a comedy.

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I am so sick of comedies that feature only dudes, which is nearly all of them and it was great to see a woman carry the show. Jenny McCarthy is probably rightfully steamed as she could have carried this movie off, but she was never given so much comic gold to work with. This film starts out strong with funny news clips and goes downhill after the first 30 minutes.

I really like Elizabeth Banks and find her to be a very talented actress. This proves once again that talented actors alone do not a good film make. So much depends on the writing and script and in this case the poor writing and overdone script ideas sink this way before the end. Since Ms. Banks does not have much to work with she's without a paddle here.

The film becomes tedious about halfway through. I saw people mention the similarity to "After Hours", but that film had a creative energy and didn't follow a normal "plot". This film lacks anything creative and is a by the numbers comedy. The real shame is that this was made! Elizabeth Banks plays a local reporter who has a chance to move up to the big time but that's largely dependent on her making it to an interview.

The problem is while she was having a one-night stand with bartender James Marsden, her car was towed, and now she's stranded in downtown LA with no car, no money, and no phone. I really looked forward to this. I like Elizabeth Banks and it looked promising. The early parts aren't that funny but once the plot kicks in and she has to find her way out of "the hood," it picks up. It reminded me somewhat of After Hours or maybe even Adventures of Babysitting.

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Banks is very good, as well as being particularly hot in this. The supporting cast is really what makes it work. Kevin Nealon is fun as a weirdo helicopter reporter. Bill Burr and Ethan Suplee are great as a couple of clueless cops. I don't want to spoil too much about their scenes but all three are terrific, especially McAuley who talks like a Fat Albert character come to life. This is a funny comedy with a generally pleasant tone that I liked. Yeah it's somewhat predictable and formulaic but no one's trying to reinvent the wheel here.

It's a good way to spend an hour and a half. One little thing I wanted to mention because when it happened in the movie, I had to roll my eyes a bit. James Marsden's bartender character is revealed to not just be a bartender but also a writer. Why is it that movies always do that? Someone can't be JUST a bartender or a waitress or a mechanic -- they always have to be something more "respectable" on the side or they are aspiring to be something like that.

Just once I would like one of these movies to feature a working-class character who is happy with their life and does not want to go to law school or own the company or become a big movie star. Because ultimately what they are saying is that Marsden is not good enough for Banks if he is just a bartender, which is shallow and sad. I had a lot of thoughts before watching this movie. Recent comedy movies have been nothing but disappointments.