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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A vampire Countess needs to drink the blood of a virgin in order to keep her eternal beauty. It seems that all is hopeless, until she bumps into Mark Kendall. Director: Howard Storm. From metacritic. The 80's Passion Project. Movies I Hate. James Eugene Carrey. Share this Rating Title: Once Bitten 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Earth Girls Are Easy Comedy Musical Romance.

Rubberface TV Movie Comedy Drama. My Best Friend Is a Vampire Comedy Horror Romance. Copper Mountain TV Movie Comedy Music. All in Good Taste Absent father, alcoholic brother Tim try to cope with life. Finders Keepers Peggy Sue Got Married Comedy Drama Fantasy. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Lauren Hutton Countess Jim Carrey Mark Kendall Karen Kopins Robin Pierce Cleavon Little Sebastian Thomas Ballatore Jamie Skip Lackey Russ Jeb Stuart Adams Confederate Vampire Stuart Charno The heroine cheats on the wolf she's been casually seeing in the very beginning.

When she has sex with a vampire they somehow end up forming a power bond that is unbreakable. Wolf forgives her and they end up mating. Alpha Wolf that "protected" heroine and then seduced her at age 17 is actually the wolf that murdered her parents because he "loved" her mother. Vampire and heroine have bloody, angry sex after she discovers the truth in a letter. Heroine's boss new all along who had murdered her parents and never intended to tell her because, "business".

Heroine agrees boss shouldn't be blamed for anything and goes back to work as usual. The sheer awfulness of these characters is what compelled me to finish the book.

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It was like watching a crumbling building finally burn into a million ashes. Horrendously fascinating. This book was a bit confusing. There was a lot going on here, with so many characters to keep track of Our protagonist, Alexa O'Brien was very likeable in some ways. But more then anything, Alexa annoyed me - she was one of those girls who had to have the interest of every male in the story.

Boy Hopping aside, Alexa was a cool chick. She was strong, independent but not so independent that This book was a bit confusing. She was strong, independent but not so independent that she spent half the book avoiding a helping hand.. All in all, Alexa was cool Im just glad the author drew the line at making Alexa a love interest for her lesbian partner as well I'm guessing Lillith cause there is always a Lillith when dealing with badass female demons! I don't think so! I like Arys. However, that's really not saying much since I always gravitate to the bad boy of the story.

But Arys wasn't all bad. Jealous exes are a comical weakness for me! He was the villain too, on some level. This was a good story. Though there were times I was reading I was also wondering - Huh? I did actually like this story. I found this book on Amazon as a free read. As most free reads I am skeptical of whether or not it will be good or lack a plot. This is another writer who has slowly changed my views.

Not only did it have plot but the feelings that the writer brought up in me were crazy. I felt, lust, hate, anger, love, sadness, and many more emotions. The story revolves around a werewolf named Alexa who was changed when she was just a little girl who watched her parents die. She survived the change from the bit I found this book on Amazon as a free read.

She survived the change from the bite the wolf left her with. Later on in the series we find out who this wolf is and the reasons behind it. Though it's no9t till the very end of the book. I on the other hand had my suspicions throughout the book and needless to say I was right about who it was. Throughout the book there are dead lover's of her former Alpha's showing up and no one knows who is doing it.

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On the side of this Alexa is drawn to Arys a vampire who hold power. Their relationship is complicated as well as her relationship with pack mate Shaz. Let me start off with saying I wish Arys was a real person if I had that type of connection with someone I would not let it go. Not ever for a wolf I thought I was in love with. No way no how.

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Yes he has a deep and dark past but what vampire doesn't? I mean honestly. Yes, he has his fair share of women but that is in the nature of all supernatural beings. You can tell he cares for Alexa the first time you meet him in the bar. The way he watches her, the way he wants her, not to mention the fact he always wants to come to her rescue. But because Alexa doesn't really want a relationship he is willing to back off. I mean really he couldn't get any better Now let me go onto Shaz, pack mate and white wolf.

They have know each other for a long while. He has been in love with her from the beginning. He is a bit bland though for me. I just don;t see what she sees in him to make her want him mow that Arys. Yes, Shaz is a nice guy with a good heart and is a wolf. If it were me it would not be enough though. Alexa, Alexa, Alexa, what am I going to do with you? She made me want to punch her so many times it was ridiculous. I can't even put into words how I feel about her because it is so mixed. I wish she would just pick one guy arys and put the other one out of his misery.

You shouldn't string two men along. It's not nice. Frankly she is already tied to one man in more ways than one so that should be the choice!!! I can't really go into details anymore without giving away crucial points about the characters. It would just ruin it. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the second in this series!! Conceptually done before, but then again what hasn't been done before in the supernatural genre.

It could have been a lot better, but failed to bring the money to the bank in the end. Not sure if I can put my finger on what was wrong. It seemed a little disjointed at times, which meant it didn't flow evenly. The characters were underdeveloped and that was a shame.

Lee has created a strong female and male lead with a lot of potential, so perhaps that is something we will see in the next book. Some Conceptually done before, but then again what hasn't been done before in the supernatural genre. Some of the sentence structure appeared to a tad off at times, perhaps missing a comma here and there. One of the things that I felt was a complete contradiction, was the fact that the main character watches a human get drained, feels nothing and then a few pages later she is off helping individuals, who are in danger of being drained.

Go figure? However that is plot related and completely subjective to each reader. Last but not least, I didn't think writing in first person did the book any favours. I liked some of this authors ideas so there will possibly be a next time.

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This was a great read. I especially enjoyed that Alexa is a 20 something yesr old werewolf who was changed as a young teenager but as a girl she had a natural affinity for controlling psychic energy that continued after being bitten by a werewolf during an attack that killed the rest of her family. This is a talent that most weres do not have and is more akin to the psychic abilities of vampires. How interesting. So we meet Arys, centuries old vampire who Alexa is drawn to by energy and power rat This was a great read.

So we meet Arys, centuries old vampire who Alexa is drawn to by energy and power rather than love Alexa is also drawn to him for completely different reasons Then there are her friends and associates. I enjoyed the relationships she has with each of them. There was plenty of violence and bloodshed mixed with moments of passion and excitement. My kind of book!

Come on book 2, I am ready for ya! This was quite a well written story, whereby a werewolf has a mystical connection to a vampire, but is also in love with another wolf. The angst that this caused our lovely heroine unfortunately reminded me of the Anita Blake stories, where she ends up sleeping with vampires, werewolves, etc etc etc, and this seems to be heading in the same direction. The back story was interesting - someone or something is killing the former lovers of the Alpha werewolf, and is trying to set him up - but I do fe This was quite a well written story, whereby a werewolf has a mystical connection to a vampire, but is also in love with another wolf.

The back story was interesting - someone or something is killing the former lovers of the Alpha werewolf, and is trying to set him up - but I do feel a little leery about the rapidity that the story seemed to have been wrapped up I would definitely read another of this series I just hope that she doesn't go the same way as Anita Blake and just basically spend the whole book having sex - please, keep some non-sexual storyline going on in the books!! I also have to say that, little niggle though it was, I did get distracted from the story because her hair seemed to keep changing colour from ash-blonde to dyed gold overnight!

OOOoooh wow! I LOVE finding new authors that are wonderful! This was a free read and now I'm going hunting for more of her work and will gladly pay for it. This was one damn good read! Alexa O'Brien is a Werewolf and has an abundance of metaphysical magic. Arys is a Vampire with metaphysical magic that calls to Alexa, and he is attracted to her more and more each time he sees her. They eventually fall into each others arms, co-mingling their magics, each gaining a little of what the other has. Bu OOOoooh wow! But how is this going to sit with the wolf that Alexa has had a growing love for, for years?

And now she has been called forward to assist her former pack alpha to help discover who has been killing the women he has slept with over the years, including Alexa. Mysteries, fun, adventure abound in this riveting look into the life and adventures of Alexa O'Brien! And here's a little "taste" of the fun read from Trina M. He answered with a growl that added a spring to my step.

Once Bitten is a mix of urban fantasy and paranormal romance with some mystery thrown in for good measure. Yes, there are steamy scenes, but the author works them in with the plot, not as the focus of story. The main character, Alexa, is strong but not bitchy, and she kicks supernatural butt with the best of them.

She's drawn to Shaz, a werewolf and a friend who can comfort her own wolf and offer support in her chaotic life. Too bad she can't shake an attraction and the lure of power from Arys, Once Bitten is a mix of urban fantasy and paranormal romance with some mystery thrown in for good measure. Too bad she can't shake an attraction and the lure of power from Arys, a vampire who reaches out to her vampire nature. Once Bitten gives us the background we need on the characters while moving the story along at a fast, exciting pace.

Alexa's friends and co-workers are fascinating, snarky and don't hesitate to be there for her when she needs them. Ok I give this 2. Ok I like half of Alexa the kickass half the rest of her is annoying! I didn't like the view spoiler [love triangle hide spoiler ] I think the author is trying to be Laurell K Hamilton in that respect! I wish that there had been more murder mystery and less sex! The Catherine part seemed to be an add in as it had no relevance to the rest of the story!

I don't think I'm going to waist my time reading anymore of these Ok I give this 2. I don't think I'm going to waist my time reading anymore of these as they are too PNR for me! A great start to a series! Action packed and full of drama, this story was an interesting take on paranormal creatures in a modern setting. Apr 13, Brianna Belbin rated it really liked it Shelves: tbr , audio-arcs-and-review-copies. This book is packed with emotions, mystery, death, and a love triangle. Sarah did a wonderful job narrating this book. She brought the story to life and I enjoyed the different voices that most characters had.

Jul 20, Belinda rated it really liked it Shelves: weerwolven , gelezen-in , shapeshifter , paranormal. I held my hands out before me and Just let the wolf inside break free. Mix it all together and you end up with a very entertaining book like this one. If you like the paranormal this is a series I recommend. This was so not funny. This was a good book. I liked how the story flowed and the writing style was easy to read. I would recommend if you like vampires, werewolves, and the paranormal romance type books.

Having finished reading this book, I've since found out there are two prequels priced at 99p and it's preferred that you read the prequels before starting the first book. I couldn't connect with Alexa that well. Although somewhat toned down, she's a typical annoying, mouthy, fiery, "kick-ass" urban fantasy heroine. The story still continued to interest me though so I battled on.

There are more bruises on Celeste's arms, legs, and back, visible as they have sex on the kitchen counter.

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They're interrupted by Madeline, who calls Celeste to talk. Celeste texts back that she'll call her back because they are having sex, but Madeline doesn't believe her. Renata and Gordon talk about sending Amabella to private school. Gordon is upset that nobody knows what's going on and that Amabella won't tell them anything.

Renata says that she's more angry than he is as he storms off. Madeline and Ed try to be spontaneous and have sex on the kitchen counter. They are almost caught by Chloe.

They try to play it off, but she knows that they were doing something that she shouldn't know about. Ed recommends that they go to the laundry room to finish. As Madeline passes the open laptop, she notices that someone posted something on Abby's Facebook page about a sexy, slutty, secret project.

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Madeline calls Nathan to see if he's heard anything about this. He says no and Madeline becomes upset. She tells him that because Abigail lives with him now, he has to take more responsibility and monitor her actions. Nathan hangs up on her. Ed asks Madeline why she's been so distracted all week. Madeline says that she's worried about Jane and her meeting her son 's baby daddy. Ed says that they shouldn't go because he could be dangerous. He says that it's a bad idea, but Madeline says that she's not going to let Jane go alone. Jane is running when she gets a call from the school about Ziggy --again.

Jane starts running again and as she runs Celeste and Madeline join her. They end up back at Blue Blues to have lunch together. They discuss the bite on Amabella and how Jane has to meet with Principal Warren. He says they need to talk and that they need to take a drive or else he's going to make a scene. They talk about them cheating and he suggests that they leave their spouses. She says no and asks him to drive her back.

As they are driving, they get into a car accident. Madeline walks away without a scratch, but Joseph is badly injured. Ed , Abigail , and even Nathan show up at the hospital.

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Jane isn't able to go because she had to pick up Ziggy. Ziggy sees a picture of the man who may be his dad and asks who that is. Jane says its an interior decorator and that they may redo their living room. Ziggy asks what's wrong with how everything is. Celeste and Perry are having dinner with the twins. Max and Josh says that they don't want to be teenagers and that they'll skip that. Perry says that they're going to love being teenagers because they get to do bad things, like speak in a low voice or burp out loud.

He then begins to chase the boys around the house and they grab Nerf guns. Celeste is amused by their antics and laughs when they start firing at her as well. Perry says he will protect her, then uses her a shield and encourages the boys to shoot at will. Madeline is sitting at her vanity when Ed asks why she had been in the car with Joseph.

She makes up an excuse about how they were going to drive together to the theater when the accident happened. He seems to buy it and leaves just as Chloe and Abigail show up to ask how their mom is doing. Amabella is having a dream about a dead squirrel surrounded by three children with a stick.