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Term search All of ProZ. Spanish term or phrase:. Spanish term or phrase: ya no se quien soy. Susana Galilea. George Rabel. Gabriel Aramburo Siegert.

Adivina quién soy (Spanish Edition)

Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. Aoife Kennedy. Thanks, forli! Elena Sgarbo X : Tough situation for our speaker, here Saludos, Stella. Clara Fuentes. Scott Horne X. Login to enter a peer comment or grade. I no longer know who I am Explanation: o I don't know who I am any more. I no longer know who I am Explanation: more context would help Note added at 2 mins GMT Who Am I Now? I may never have the answers.

There may not be any answers. All I know for And my beliefs have been systematically eroded by the mental health services. I no longer know who I am and I have no solid foundation for my life. Explanation: Good luck.

Suerte Note added at 4 mins GMT sin el apostrofe!.. X ProZ. For instance, I might learn facts about Mexico City before visiting the city. But after visiting the city, and after experiencing it myself , I think I might be able to use conocer. Why is it not "usted no sabes" instead of "usted no sabe"? What is the difference other than usted being the formal of "you"?

¿Quién Soy? Game {Beach Ball Version}

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December 30, Nobody says that. Only "You don't know who I am" is correct. February 22, Knowledge about a person.

¿Quién Soy? Game {Beach Ball Version} - FunForSpanishTeachers

In a different context, I think conocer could be used. December 31, March 27, October 18, August 27, January 22, April 26, LICA98 March 12, January 21, If "sabe" means "know", then it kind of sounds like "savvy" which means "know or understand". October 15, January 23, Amitwa March 31, December 24, April 12, Because "soy" means "I am. April 13, January 3, Don't forget the accent on 'tu' to make it a pronoun and not part of the object.

March 9, June 1, May 21, July 9, December 11, Why is it "Sabe" and not "sabes" if it's referring to "tu". April 3, Because the sabe conjugates with usted, which also conjugates with ella and ello. June 3, November 1, That does not come through clearly to me. June 24, August 31, Sabes us informal, while usted is formal.

October 19, November 24, February 17, This idiom would deffinetely start a fight in Turkey. September 10, April 15, December 12, February 16,