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Possibly your future, faith, family, or finances? Max Lucado offers guidance for overcoming sadness and despair, renewing your purpose, and triumphantly facing the fears of the future. God invites His people to read and know His Word and to engage in conversation with Him. This unique gift book offers both promises and prayers to encourage readers as they engage with the Unshakable Hope content.

It contains 30 new prayers written by the Lucados. Elizabeth has put together proven guidelines for making the best possible choices when it comes to: starting the day right, eliminating timewasters and negative thoughts and attitudes, paying attention to food and fitness for more energy and better health, and much more. In this book, he offers compassionate guidance on facing—and growing from—the circumstances you fear most. Lennie focuses on the inspiring period from —79 in which much of Scotland was evangelically awakened, affecting every Scottish county.

God has given us wisdom for these days. A Life Beyond Amazing answers the questions that keep us up at night and shows that the way forward is a reminder of who we are in Christ and why it matters. In this updated and expanded edition, first published twenty-five years ago, Joni explores our deepest questions about eternity, reminding us that even in our pain we can look toward heaven to be joyfully captivating, utterly desirable, and worth living for every day.

We live in a time of deep uncertainty. And yet, the Bible promises we were created to enjoy lives of freedom, even in times when the world around us seems filled with darkness. We were created to be overcomers, conquering the greatest obstacles in our lives. Cover to Cover has been written to encourage Christians to view the Bible and its message as a whole, and to think more broadly about its themes.

It also seeks to stimulate interest in reading through the complete Bible every year. Filled with daily insights from Chuck Swindoll, this year of Scripture meditations will give you a glimpse of the living power of God in your own life--and connect you to the restorative promises God speaks in His Scriptures. Deluxe imitation leather. In this fresh look at biblical prophecy, Hagee reveals the identities of four powerful rulers; declares why he believes the world stands at the brink of World War III and Armageddon; and he assures readers that God is still on His throne.

This book brings a clarity to one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible: the book of Revelation. Swindoll points us to the great Scriptures and eternal truths that calm every fear. He encourages every heart to face whatever comes next. These words of faith and hope promise us strength and insight for difficult and even dangerous days. This book will provide a solid biblical foundation for Christians to explore the essential truths around this topic - the end of the world. A record some of the many experiences of Robert and his late wife Sheena over 50 years in Ethiopia and also in Scotland.

It was seen as a real privilege to serve God in the country that received the Gospel initially by the Ethiopian eunuch. Why are so many boys and girls in crisis? What qualities should we be trying to instill in our children? Bringing up Boys Bringing up Girls. How do we live faithfully in a country becoming more and more hostile to our faith in Christ? Like the Israelites in Babylon, we must find a way to maintain our faith in the midst of a pagan culture.

In he began a Conference for these men at which he customarily delivered a presidential address. The most outstanding of these were reprinted after his death in this book. The purpose of this volume is to reintroduce eleven forgotten early articles, four otherwise unpublished early sermons and fifteen more public lectures, the latter of which appear to be extremely rare in their original editions and have largely been forgotten except for their titles.

Beth Wiseman Four brand new Amish Enjoy four celebratory novellas featuring Amish novellas centred stories of homecoming. Kathleen Fuller A heartwarming quartet! As the sun began to rise, Lena Rose leaned against the cool pane of the bus window and gazed out at the familiar landscape of her life.

Jah, that was undeniably a difficult time, one that opened my eyes in countless ways. And my heart, most of all. It was a season of sorrow and searching, of questions and answers. Opportunities are scarce in Norway, so Rune and Signe Carlson head to Minnesota, on the promise of their own, something they could never afford in Norway. Michelle is not who her new Amish family believes her to be, but how can she tell the truth without hurting the ones she has come to love? Book 1 in a new Amish series, Prayer Jars. Follow Ellen to Hawaii where she has a chance encounter which leads to a heartfelt discovery and pursues her back to the mainland.

Includes a recipe and discussion questions. Amish Fiction, standalone novel. God delights in restoring His people and putting families back together. A riveting new series, set in San Francisco in the early s. From the author of the Heart of the Frontier series. A sequel to Waves of Mercy. When a widow and her teenage son inherit a shabby but charming beach house in Maine, they move in with very different hopes.

Can the Christmas season bring them the miracle they need? New detective series, Code of Honor. Capture your imagination with a mind-bending story that will have you doubling back to retrace your steps-and figure out what you missed! As a biochemist in , Rosalind has dedicated her life to the crusade against waterborne diseases. She is at the forefront of a groundbreaking technology that will change the way water is delivered to every household in the New York—but only if she can get people to believe in her work.

In this new and fully illustrated edition, the life of John Newton is seen against the colourful and cruel backcloth of the eighteenth-century. The love story of C. Lewis and his wife was improbable--and seemingly impossible. This is edge-of-your-seat reading, a story about the adventure-filled life of aviator and missionary Nate Saint who was martyred in the jungles of Ecuador in the mid s. An inspirational example of how one life challenged an entire generation of Christians. Includes photos. Cloth-bound gift edition. Marvel at the story of Nabil, an educated young Muslim who discovered Christ and had to leave his native Syria.

Read how God always provided for them even at the point of dispair, and of their present work in taking the gospel to the Muslim world. Ryle more than recounts lives such as those of George Whitefield, Henry Venn, William Grimshaw and Daniel Rowland and others: he applies the lessons from their stories and appeals for a return to the faith and dedication of these excellent men.

Inspired by his contact with David Livingstone, Arnot left Glasgow in , heading for the heart of Central Africa where he penetrated areas where no missionaries had been before. A journey of grief, grace and healing. Averil tells the moving story of her husband Paul, a consultant general surgeon and his brave fight with terminal cancer. She also tells of the years since and of the Lord and His grace which is sufficient for every situation. Profiling men such as the apostle Paul, John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, Wang Ming-Dao, and others, these compelling stories show that suffering in the context of ministry is expected--and never wasted.

Many have written about Billy Graham, the evangelist. This is the first book about Billy Graham, the father, written from the perspective of a son who knew him best. This biography explores the inspiring lives of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, telling the complete story in one volume for the first time! Combining the stories of fifty of these faithful men and women, beloved author Warren W. The first biography of Churchill to focus on the Christian motivation behind his style of leadership, his inspiring speeches and his eventual success in preventing the collapse of Christian civilization in Europe.

A vibrant portrayal of Amy Carmichael, an Irish missionary and writer who spent fifty—three years in south India without furlough. The life of Elaine Townsend, wife of Cameron. Both encouraging and challenging, this thorough biography leads the reader to rightly recognise Elaine Townsend as one of the great Christian women of the 20th century — a demonstration of what God can do with a willing heart. A beauituful cloth-bound issue of this timeless work.

Nimmo in It includes marginal notes and Scripture references, together with the fine etchings by William Strang. These stories combine to remind readers dramatically that our God is able to use even the dire circumstances for His glory. The bestselling War and Grace has been reprinted and War and Faith is a brand new collection of stories. Many know the heroic story of Jim Elliot, killed in along with four other missionaries by a primitive Ecuadorian tribe they were seeking to reach with the gospel. Many also know the prolific legacy of Elisabeth Elliot, whose inspiring influence on generations of believers through print, broadcast, and personal testimony continues to resonate, even after her own death in Now, for the first time, their only child—daughter Valerie Elliot Shepard—unseals never-beforepublished letters and private journals that capture in first-person intimacy the attraction, struggle, drama, and devotion that became a most unlikely love story.

Using an eclectic mix of readings, In Fixing My Eyes on Jesus, from character cameos and anecdotes, bestselling author and trusted Catherine takes us across new terrain Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz, every day. The journey may be day focused on Jesus. The beautiful William Martin unpredictable, but the map is trustworthy package includes large type for ease Thepresent. David Jeremiah, experience hope that never fails, and these daily. Billyimpact Grahamyour faith. This year-long An account of the inspiring devotional offers a new perspective and influential life of Dr.

Billy Graham on life and will instil you with from a master biographer; basedhope. With downastonishingly eventful ministry, to-earth warmth and candor, Graham with tells blended the stories of his thereflections events andon life and faith. A Year With Bible Prophecy. Real-life stories from trusted authors, each story paired with an inspirational thought and scripture ancy reference—all combined in a stylish, compact package to inspire you each new day.

Throughout the year prophecies are covered in both the Old Testament New Testament. Some were oss and olgemuth fulfilled almost immediately and others which are waiting for thousands of years. The first biography of Churchill to focus on the Christian motivation behind his style of leadership, his inspiring speeches and his eventual success in preventing the collapse of Lies Men Believe Christian Adorned civilization in Europe. Includes puzzles and a short story. The Choice Gleanings Devotional Calendar has been a favourite for many years. Each page contains a Scripture text and a devotion for every day.

Double page 2 X A4 calendar with stunning N. Scripture texts. An ideal gift. Comes with an envelope for posting. A wallet or purse calender, ideal for passing along. Credit card sized. Clear gospel verses. Using an eclectic mix of readings, character cameos and anecdotes, Catherine takes us across new terrain every day.

As with life, some paths will be smooth and scenic, while others are steep and stony. The journey may be unpredictable, but the map is trustworthy and the Guide always present. The beautiful package includes large type for ease of reading. Jesus Christ is the one true source of hope that never fails, and these daily devotions will help you seek Jesus first and realize the joy and peace of resting in Him. This year-long devotional offers a new perspective on life and will instil you with hope. With Dr. Ever Faithful, a day devotional, invites you into an intimate, daily relationship with the God who knows you, loves you, and has a plan for your life.

Each devotion includes stories centring on the life-changing power of a relationship with God. Throughout the year prophecies are covered in both the Old Testament and New Testament. Some were fulfilled almost immediately and others which are waiting for thousands of years. This is a rich mine of information and inspiration.

Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, A. Tozer, J. Packer, D. Moody and countless others. This devotional will enhance your daily walk with God. Combining the two beloved classic devotionals Streams in the Desert and Springs in the Valley into one deluxe package, Streams in the Desert Morning and Evening: Devotions will speak to your soul with the timeless truth of the Word of God. Bound in deluxe hardcover bindings with soft-touch covers, best quality paper, gilded edges and a ribbon marker.

These devotions make excellent gifts. Anne Graham Lotz takes this revered classic and includes some of her own favourite scripture verses and a new introduction. The book includes NKJV readings for every morning and evening of the year. Beautifully leather bound. In the tradition of timeless classics such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Many Adventures of the Winnie the Pooh, The Tales of Buttercup Grove series introduces young readers, ages , to the many fun adventures of Skunk, Raccoon, and the rest of their woodland friends.

Along the way, your child will learn timeless Christian values, such as sharing, compassion, kindness, encouragement, and patience, and learn a key Bible verse at the end of each story. Christians are under increasing pressure to be silent. But our Christian faith was never meant to be private. We might feel that we fall very short of this confident evangelistic lifestyle, but John shows us that any one of us can become an effective gospel witness. Using examples from the Bible and from his own life, John explains practically how we can winsomely share Jesus with our friends, despite our fears.

If we are nothing more than biological accidents, cobbled together from bits of our ancestors, what is the point in speaking about human values or the quality of life? These are big questions, and it makes no sense to ignore them. Why do we believe what we believe? This book offers fact-based, intelligent devotions to build a foundational faith. These insightful writings will strengthen your spiritual knowledge and touch your heart with life-changing truth.

Gospel Reset presents a practical, biblical framework that will equip the Church to effectively fulfil the Great Commission. The first book in a new series, The Quest for Reality and Significance. The authors address issues surrounding the value of humans. A game plan for discussing your Christian convictions. To help you find the answers, Ken Ham and the team of apologetic experts at Answers in Genesis authored New Answers Book 1, 2, 3, and 4.

With this bestselling series, your home or library will hold over faith-affirming answers to some of the most challenging questions about faith, science, and the Bible. A valuable resource for any Bible student. Books of the Bible outlined in sequential order. These will prove a great starting point for the study of any book of the BIble.

A clear and original treatment of prophecy, tracing the three strands of prophecy from creation to the eternal state. When life is whittled down to its essence, the real issue is our spiritual condition before God. Discover how you can protect yourself and your family spiritually in these dark days. Also available are two other books written before he passed away. Of the half-dozen or so leading streams from which we receive so many of our beloved hymns, perhaps the most interesting and treasured is the source of well-known hymns which were made famous by the campaigns of Moody and Sankey.

Many of the most famous preachers of the last century had their singer to accompany the preaching.

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Ira Sankey may have been the most influential of them all. A keen student of hymnology, he was always on the look-out for new songs and it was through him that many of the hymns which we treasure today were made well known. In this book, Sankey gives his own life story, and then goes on to tell the background of many of these hymns and how they have been used by God.

These hymns, mostly from American and British writers, have become so familiar to us and we trust that learning of their origins will deepen our appreciation for them. On these pages there will be encouragement for the downcast, light for the sinner, material for the preacher and a note of song for the heart of every believer. We have republished this book, and commend it to you, so that the stories of these hymns may be preserved. Our prayer is that you will find encouragement in reading this book, and you will gain a fresh appreciation of our heritage of hymns.

We trust that their use among us may be long preserved. The symbolism and significance of the Second Temple in the light of the New Testament. This full colour,beautifully illustrated volume, originally published in German, has now been translated into English. Includes a CD-rom with a complete book with extra material. Let the summer fun begin! Sista Me is thrilled because her favorite cousin, Joshy, will be visiting from Jamaica. She has a lot of Everett Quinn, a homeless man, befriends Brian Sanchez, a troubled young teen who has no father. As they become good friends, the boy turns his life around through inspiring stories and motivation from this down-and-out homeless man.

But not until the homeless man is attacked and in a coma do we find out that he is much more than what he appears to be. And is that other voice of Everett's w Do the words regular and usual illustrate your life? Are the words "fine" and "good" your response to polite questions? What if regular was really remarkable and the unbelievable could be found in the usual? So many people fail to see the incredible worth of their lives. Finding the Extra in Your Ordinary will help you see the true value of your life and the difference you are making in the wor Sometimes, things just don't feel right.

Clara, the church bookkeeper and secretary sensed her church was in trouble. She prayed to God for help for both her and the church. The cause of all the troubling items came from sources you would never expect. God answered Clara's prayers, but it took twenty-one days to rectify the horrible mess created What pain can a heart endure before it ceases to beat?

What horrors linger in the mind that cannot be forgotten? What soul cannot be redeemed? Where can love be found in a world so full of foulness? This story travels through these questions and many more. Come take the journey with June as she navigates through life's toughest choices in search of the love we all long for Life can offer opportunities at the most unusual times, even with a simple request to drive a car and your life is changed forever.

The question arises, how do you create a family vacation and conference center out of land that was once homesteaded? You need to construct not only the roads but install all the infrastructure, build the buil Rejected to Accepted is a book for people who have longed for a loving and healthy romantic relationship but have not been able to encounter the "happy ever after" they have desired. After experiencing domestic violence, a series of failed and unhealthy relationships, the author was left wondering, would anyone ever love her?

Rejected to Accepted explores the personal struggles and triumphs This book is a series of incidents recalled at random from my twenty-seven-year career as a city of Austin's professional firefighter.

Month: June 2017

I worked at many fire stations with many different crews. I started out at Station 8, and in less than three months I was transferred to Station 1, the Central Station, or headquarters. I worked there for seven years. While at Central Station, I work The modern-day teacher, with the vast amount of material available, from an unlimited number of sources, makes the day of using one text obsolete. Technology has made the teacher capable of producing materials for their class a matter of judgment and choice. Teachers, old and new, can use a useful guide to help pending chaos.

For the new teacher instant help would to some extent eliminate the long Finding Lorey is a marvelous story about friends coming together to brave the perils of the wide open Pacific Ocean. In order to save their home, the Great Barrier Reef, which is dying from a disease, they have been told by wise old Rusty that Lorey has the magic to restore the Reef to its lively old self. Irene Wiggle is an ordinary girl with ordinary feelings. Sometimes she feels inadequate.

Sometimes she feels like she wishes she were somebody else. But sometimes she realizes that she is happy just being Irene. Read to find out what is special about Irene Wiggle, and then think about yourself. What makes you special? What is it about you that is truly unique? Let's see if you can find out why you Pray Like a Pro is an incredible prayer tool in the hands of every believer from the beginner to the seasoned prayer intercessor.

There is no greater prayer example to follow than the prayer that Jesus, Himself, prayed and then gave to His disciples. The Lord's Prayer is more than a prayer to recite. It is an in-depth study of strategic and effective communication that combined with faith will pro It is the third book in a series of twenty-six. The goals of this series are to indicate that in perceived imperfection, there is still grace and perfection; to teach the alphabet and increase vocabulary; to show a love for animals while teaching facts of each; to show that the imagination is a wonderful thing to use; and to The Warrior Inside details the life events of Jeanette Golden.

As a very young girl, Jeanette was caught in a web of poverty and sexual and physical abuse. In spite of her situation, her warrior spirit gave her an inner strength and tenacity to survive. She was determined to be an overcomer and fight for her destiny. This is the story about six organizations who have different stories but ended up in the same place.

Helping those who can't help themselves! Cries of the Heart was inspired by a friend telling me to write down my thoughts, feelings, and prayers. I was going through a very hard time, separation and divorce. The writings inside Cries of the Heart are my cries, discussions, longings, and praises to and with Jesus, my Lord. I was asked to publish the "prayers," so others can read them and know that they are not alone in what Satan has no real power over Christians.

He only has doubt. So what if the garden of Eden were underwater, Lucifer tweaked the Ten Commandments, or faith was found in whatever was the acceptable behavior of the majority? Waiting for the Comeback is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and sometimes controversial look at what we humans are accepting as today's norms.

At a time when evil seems to There are many ways for a young boy to grow into a man. Randal Gritzner took his own unique path. His personality and character were influenced by many people. Many of those people offered good Christian influence, and some offered influence of less positive nature. Randal's parents were strong Christians with exceptional work ethic. Having all four strong Christian grandparents liv Maybe you've never stopped to think about what you really believe. This book takes you through one man's journey of spiritual discovery.

David Senften's story describes how foundational and soul searching that experience can be, how revealing it can be to look directly into your own heart and become aware of exactly what y Over two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus of Nazareth lived, preached about love and forgiveness to his friends and followers, ultimately was crucified on a cross, died, and rose on the third day. It is a story that has been told and retold for millennia. But what do we know about what was happening in the shadows of Christ's cross?

The overtly obvious and seemingly malicious maligning of our Founders by many Americans within our systems of education, government, and media is being performed with a greater intensity at the passing of each year. This constant, incessant, and relentless barrage of misinformation and falsehoods about their beliefs, character, and intentions is not only blatantly unjust on its face, it is being d This memoir is about the experiences of this young boy, probably here by accident, stumbling through life, facing many challenges, making probably every mistake possible, learning at an early age the power of God and prayer and then realizing, finally, that so many people, many he never knew, were in his corner, pulling for him to succeed.

Mary Eleanor Wolfe was one of the most delightful people I've ever had the good fortune to know. I can still hear her lilting chuckle and see her sparkling blue eyes! Mary was a prolific writer. Her love for children and vivid imagination makes her, in my mind, a modern-day Hans Christian Andersen. She wrote an entire collection of timele Am I Too Little for God is a story written from the perspective of a young three-year-old child, Matthew.

He talks about a Sunday church praise and worship service. What he observes about the people, how they respond, and how he feels. During the conversation he has with his parents about his observations, he asks his parents the question "Am I too little for God? This book tells some of his journey that. The title chosen for this book originally appeared in a short story which has been reprinted in this.

Grown-ups make new years resolutions every year! Why can't children make resolutions too? This year Amy decides to make her own holiday resolution and her best friend Andy decides to help her out. Even the town superhero joins them to help keep the resolution. The three soon realize that Amy's resolution has changed a lot about their favorite holidays! In chapter , it states: "Blessed is he that 1 readeth, and they that 2 hear the words of this prophecy, and GOD Has Need of You GHNOY is a book of inspirational messages written to encourage, enlighten, inspire and motivate believers and non-believers alike, who are struggling to trust or continue to trust our Heavenly Father GOD, through intense trials, tests, tragedies, and heartbreaks in life.

Some people even struggle to trust HIM in good times. He is excited to spend a perfect summer day with his mama. Unfortunately, many problems pop up along the way: a traffic jam, snack-stealing seagulls, a thunderstorm, and more! How will this blooper-filled day end? This amusing and endearing story reminds us to encourage one another through challenging days.

Somzoas Megini has never been normal a single day in his life. He was born with purple eyes, and there's a dragonfly detective that lives inside of his imagination that communicates with him. When Somzoas thinks he's embarking on a regular New Year's vacation with his friends to Mexico, many strange things begin to happen all around him. Without any choice at all, Somzoas finds himself in a new di God Loves My Skin was written to promote confidence within all children. This life is a challenge to each of us, though it may come to us in different ways. The adolescent wants to be liked, to fit into the crowd.

He struggles with being himself yet feels the pressure by his peers to conformity. The teenager seeks personal significance and meaning. And moving into adulthood, the challenges may change by degree, but they are ever present. The JJ book series is a storybook devotional that tells the stories of a young Christian named JJ who is learning what it means to be a Christian. As young readers see JJ learning about his faith, they will gain tools that will help build theirs and show them how they can live out the teachings in the Bible. The discussion questions at the end of the book will help parents engage their young ones She is the epitome of what every Christian woman strives to be.

This study is intended to define each trait that makes up the character of this amazing woman. It also provides a practical guide on how to become this woman. With advice from multiple Godly married women and guidance from the Scriptures, I invite you to join me in the journey The value or significance of anything, including life, is found in its meaning. An innate desire to matter which comes from our souls, naturally, causes us to question our value; yet we live in a society where the value and sanctity of human life has increasingly diminished.

Slowly, our hearts are becoming desensitized to acts of terrorism, chemical warfare, In a far faraway land, there was a secret. It was a secret because you couldn't see it with your natural eyes or hear it with your natural ears. This secret carried with it all the wonders and answers to the universe, and it looked for anyone who wanted the truth of this here world.

For some children, they dedicated their whole life to knowing all about it. For others, the simplicity of cheap toy Courage is the master keythe power to your success in life. It's the means through which great people winsucceed. It's the ability that turns on your talents and spiritual gifts. It propels them into actionto work and bear their intended fruits for you, to affect the lives of others and, finally, to glorify your Maker. This book challenges the reader to use God's eyes, not their own, when measuring a persons' worth since it is God who is their true Creator and Author and Finisher of their life Ally's daddy is a fireman, and Ally and her little brother Carter loved going to the fire station where they were allowed to sit in the big fire trucks.

One day, things changed when her beloved forest caught fire, leaving it badly burned. It was a hard reality for a little girl, but she learned that God makes the forest new and that she could be made new too! I sincerely wrote this true story of my childhood life that I may be able to encourage a child or a parent to write about their childhood experiences. Especially if there is something that might be troubling to them. I had a very adventurous childhood with my parents, siblings, and friends.

All I wanted to do was please my parent Holy Collisions is a rollercoaster ride through heaven and hell and each page can't come fast enough! Through the eyes of a child Teresa Laughlin depicts her childhood as different, dangerous and supernatural. Monsters are real and walk among us. Her monster, her betrayer and her Judas was her father! This story is about three brothers: my eldest brother, Dennis; middle brother, Luther; and me Seth , Rickey as I am known. Though we have nothing in common, we did work together on various projects, and many times we would travel around the western part of the United States at different jobsites.

My brothers would frequently go to bars after work, and I would go to my room. We would have no deali This workbook is a combination of the wisdom I have gained through my twenty-five-plus years as a. It is eclectic in that it is a mix of several techniques and ways to.

Today, our world is a scary hyperconnected place. Thanks to the internet, we know more than we ever did when our world was limited to our town and local news. At any given time, we can witness tragedy anywhere in the world through a device in our pockets. It seems more than ever the cable news network's sling drama and fear This takes a toll on our psyche. More Americans today are being diag Nate the Gnat is a story about an adventurous little gnat that just doesn't seem to fit in. In fact, he loves to daydream about being anything but a gnat. He's convinced that God wants him to be something completely different.

Follow along with Nate on his adventure through the breathtaking mountains, meadows, and forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains as he tries to find a new identity with t This book was written primarily to autonomous Christian churches and those who serve and worship at them. Many areas covered were reflection of the author's views based on his fifteen years of pastoral experience. Major emphasis was placed on church order. The author wants to make the church aware of what should be the process of calling a pastor, instituting a system of discipline, how to The cover photograph can change your life forever.

Discover why! However as intense as these events were, I can assure you that "A Crown for Jesus" is a lot more about You and everybody on our God's great earth than it is about me. If you doubt that, then just look at the amazing picture I took of His spectacular The book tells the story of the life of John Woodin and his adventures into a world of journalism, television news, and drinking.

It begins the first time he had a beer at thirteen and goes through dozens of humorous anecdotes and funny stories of his life in newspapers and broadcasting, and bars. Emily Janette was an entrepreneur. She had an egg business with a large flock of beautiful chickens. They were all shades of brown, black, and white. And some were speckled in shades of white, brown, and black. The hens produced many eggs that Emily Janette took to market. On a crisp sunny winter day, all was going well. The chickens were out getting exercise and pecking around for bits of Thomas brought the first century birth of Christianity alive by blending Biblical truth, and human history as seen through the eyes of one young girl on her journey of faith.

As Esther's story continues, we follow this now young woman, along with her husband, Anthony and their adopted son, Nymes, on their mission to bring the Word of God to Anthony's Little Joey is a hunting dog who is going to take you on an exciting trip into his world where both man and dog communicate in normal everyday language.

Little Joey is a dog who is proud of the accomplishments of parents and grandparents, perhaps a little too proud. Little Joey believes he should be "top dog" without ever having to work his way up through the ranks, and it is this attitude that ge This idea first came from watching and hearing televangelists on Christian broadcasts after I had been saved.

I was blessed to have a pastor and a church family that embraced me and poured themselves into my life with teachings and testimonies that enhanced my walk with Jesus immensely. I often wondered who were there for the people who received Jesus over the television waves or in large conventi Christine, five years ago, lost her husband, Rob, suddenly in a car wreck.

She felt like their puzzle of life had fallen off the table, and all the pieces were scattered. Five years after her husband's death, she has picked up the pieces and started putting the pieces back in her puzzle.

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Some pieces were the same, and some pieces didn't fit. The one thing that did remain the same was the border pi They constitute the Divine Trinity, consisting of three distinct persons working in unity. They then created the heavens and the earth out of nothing in the dateless past. Among their creations were angels and pre-Adam beings. Patrick T. Hall's informative Choosing Perspectives over Perceptions walks readers through a landscape of terminology that will shed light on the reason why one's social perceptions should give way to a refocusing on perspectives.

In the global world of today, perspectives emerge from a variety of diverse factors including religion, education, the use and misuse of power, and social and cul Meet Chester Squirrel. A normal little baby squirrel for the most part with one exception: he can't eat nuts. What's a Mommy Squirrel to do? How will her little boy grow up?

See what he and his mother do to get him a full belly. With a little help from a friend, Mommy Squirrel gets this figured out, and Chester gets to feel great.

Enjoy the little squirrel tale, and may it become one of your favor The adventures of Diana continue as her trouble magnet gets her in over her head and definitely out of her comfort zone in England. Little does Diana know, the family member she is trying to help is in her own conundrum. It will take all the skills of Ben and Scott, plus a few more, to get these ladies out of trouble Are you trying to wait on God's perfect timing but feel he's forgotten you? Abandoned you in your singleness? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not the only one who has felt this way.

Kristen Clemmens knows exactly how you feel. Deidre Darling and Atticus the Great are the guardians of their neighborhood. From behind the garden gate they keep watch to make sure everything is as it should be. When called upon by their furry friends, they come to the aid of all. Both Deidre Darling and Atticus the Great love and respect their neighbors and work hard to make sure all are safe and happy Intimacy is a lovely and necessary closeness that is often connected with special relationships between humans.

The closeness and commitment set the relationship apart as particularly valuable above others. The best example is intimacy with the Lord. Intimacy with Him is just as obtainable absent the physical as intimacy with another human is with the presence of physical contact. Through these years of learning about God, He asked me several questions and showed me things that have become my building blocks to knowing and walking with Him.

I have diligently expressed the same revelations in this book. The revelation of What You Believe You Behave and an encounter where God spoke about "knowing Him by heart and not in my head" and the understanding that I did not have the h What is in your hand? God once asked Moses this profound yet simple question.

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God obviously understood the answer, but did Moses? In his hand he held a simple shepherd staff that would part the Red Sea waters! Do we like Moses really hear the invitation to enter into a personal relationship based on truth and trust with God Himself? The Kingdom of God on earth becomes a reality when we open our he Nothing warms the heart more than spending time in God's word. We need that communication with him to teach us and guide us through the struggles that come our way.

However, our time reading the Bible is more than that. Constant conversations with our Heavenly Father bring us into an intimate relationship with him. He speaks to us through the words we read. We speak to him through prayer. Do you want to feel financially independent while living healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Do you also want to experience the best life that God has for you? Then this is the best book to teach you how to include God in all of your plans, and reach all of your life goals. Sit down, and let's make some time for God. Open up your Bible, and read this handbook. It features an opportunity of Horace is a small lonely garden snail.

He didn't have any friends and spent his time alone. So he passed the time pushing his nose through the garden and quietly humming to himself. One day he met a quirky, pretty, happy little caterpillar named Giselle. And she loved to sing! She took him on adventures he never would have dreamed. They were so very different, but soon Horace found himself, well, God is still speaking today! The question is, are we still listening? This collection of poetry is meant to be uplifting and edifying to those seeking to grow closer to God. It covers a variety of topics relevant to today's issues.

Do you have a desire to see the world be a better place? Does your heart burn to reach out to the brokenhearted? Can one person that truly cares really make a differenc Eighteen-year-old Kevin Knapp leaves his home in Iowa to begin his broadcasting career in Austin, Minnesota, where he meets his future wife, Maggie McGovern, who is still in high school. Kevin quickly moves up the corporate ladder at the local radio station as Maggie graduates and begins her own career path as a features writer and then news reporter for the Austin newspaper.

Book of Genesis

The couple are quickl We all get just one shot at this life. For some, it's eighty years but for others, considerably less. However, successful living is not measured in years but rather, in quality. Quality performance, quality character, and quality relationships. A quality life does not happen unintentionally. It takes conscious effort, risk, and sometimes, hard work. A lot happens in Aliyah Daltores finally feels sure of herself and her walk with God. But, just when she felt safe and secure, things changed. As she continues to follow her conquest, pieces come together, and others fall short.

I sincerely hope that within this little book, it will confirm two truths of who you are or with the infinite being of the universe, death in the stripping away of all that's not you. What is left is life itself, and you will wake up from your illusionary dream state; you will come face-to-face with your true identity, one with the infinite There was usually great peace at the top of Eagle Crest Mountain, that is until King Elijah eagle grew old and the wicked eagles took over! The wicked eagles heard the news that King Elijah eagle had a new eagle egg that was about to be hatched and would become the new king of eagles on Eagle Crest Mountain.

The wicked eagles made war with the good eagles to try and find the egg to destroy it befo This story is the adventure of a boy out to get a special tree. He and his dog go looking for this tree, but snow causes them to look for a place to wait out the storm. In the cave they meet a jolly little man that tells them the story of the first Christmas tree. This book is full of adventure and a tale of a unique tree. It also tells a story of the birth of Jesus. This story was inspire Standing at the crossroads on train tracks going nowhere, Amelia Brandywine returns home, faced with the stigma of a failed marriage.

She is shattered like the broken glass in the storefront windows, withdrawing from everyone and everything. Eventually, Amelia begins to heal from her depression, embracing the little town with its colorful residents. When tragedy strikes, depression rears it This little book is to provide you some of this as you enter the dark night of the soul. My hope is to provide a glimmer of peace and comfort during There was one thing in life Hawk Sheridan wanted, and that was to be a doctor.

A few months short of his goal, he found himself in the baggage car of a train. Life had been one obstacle after another. Each time, he picked himself up and with God's help began again. He just didn't think he could do it any There are many books and conferences about marriage. This one is different. This book is based on a fourteen-week marriage course written by the author and employed over many years bringing healing to nearly every marriage involved in it. Each principle is important and is built on the one before it. Most of these principles are ignored in marriage ministry.

This is a comprehensive practical appli Reynolds does indeed ask a most compelling question: "Will it indeed take a nuclear World War III and its aftermath to allow for the construction of a third Jewish temple and the thousand-year millennium to begin? Surrounded by the rich culture of New Orleans, she could take control over her life until she met medical student Frederick Richard.

This chance encounter is the first in a series of events that spirals Danielle's life out of control and into mystery and danger. Coming to terms with her past, she faces li We are to be encouraged with Christ. We are to be confident that we serve a great and mighty God and He will never fail us. Through all our tests, trials, and tribulations, God will carry us. God is faithful. He has already paved the way for us, to end our daily suffering and struggles. When all hope is gone, allow the Spirit of God, to pour His water upon your thirsty soul.

Be encouraged, Jesus C Is there hope for the restoration of your marriage after infidelity? Returning from a failed betrothal in a foreign kingdom, Josephine Armand is awakened in the night to find the castle under attack. Rescued from the flames by the very man who led the raid, Josephine accompanies the stranger back to Guttenhamm, seeking refuge from her father's aspirations. Can Josephine submit to the prince's authority knowing what he is capable of? Is he looking out for her well-b For Barnabas Mitchell, life had always been a struggle. From his father's abandonment to his mother's untimely death, Barnabas had lost his faith in God and in people.

Determined to fulfill his potential, Barnabas continued on out of respect for his deceased mother, grinding through his days feeling unloved and unneeded. Finally after a few mishaps, the mystery is solved, and we all experience a surprise and happy ending. It is a classic heroic story of resilience, courage and strength Many things in life go unfinished, like a book you started to read or write.

This book is about some unfinished situations, relationships, and life in general. Situations that made you smile, some made you sad, and some that made you remember something or someone. The goal of this book is to let you know there is still time. As long as you are breathing, there is time to finish a It is a great blessing to wake up and want to go to work.

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It is even a greater blessing when you have a job that utilizes your God given talents daily. Jerry Toups Jr. Little did he know that this rule would turn into his life mission. Every now and then a book comes along that you find yourself reading again and again. Like that song you've heard a hundred times and can't get tired of because it connects to who you are. In just the first few notes, it taps into something deep within you that makes sense, takes you home, and seems to give you strength.

After the earth is devastated by nuclear war, several new societies are developed, two of which are suspended in the atmosphere segregated from each other. Their citizens are controlled by Committees who feel they know what is best for their residents. The remnants that exist in these atmospheric communities are unaware of the control and power of their authoritative superiors until two members of A voice of one crying from the subarctic, prepare ye the way of the Yeshua! His judgment against this nation is right now coming forth, and his second coming is at hand!

Hey, America, listen up. In order to properly introduce this book, I must first say I believe in the absolute authority and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures, the Holy Bible. The Bible is the bottom line authority in res Cyprus gained independence in without a strong national identity. Citizens considered themselves Greeks or Turks, not Cypriots. As a result, the country was susceptible to external, as well as internal attacks. Ethnic pride, reinforced by proximity to both countries, inflamed the majority of the population, and was encouraged by the historic rivalry between the two homelands.

This is The purpose of the letter is to thank these three inspirational leaders for making an impact in her life and for encouraging her to give her life to God. In the letter, April gives specific accounts of events that happened on her journey with God. Her story line is fi When God created heaven and earth, he also created heaven and Teren. Planet Teren is identical to Earth in every respect, including its placement in a duplicate solar system. Since creation, the two parallel planets developed along almost identical lines, and when God saw that the humans on each planet were not following his commandments, he decided to send his twin sons to intercede, one s If you were to watch the news lately, you will notice that opioid addiction has been declared a national crisis as many turn to drugs and other substances like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, wine, and spirits to control their mind and thought process.

Many also turn to psychiatrists to get relief from prescription medication. All these drugs, legal or illegal, have one thing in common: temporal and The author, Chuck Evans, contracted polio at the age of 12, resulting in scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine which became an issue at age As an adult, he started long-distance running completing two Boston Marathons. After much long distance running, he realized and felt the result of constant gravitational impact on the What if the heavens were to open and, amid all the grandeur of God's Creation, you found yourself in a one-on-one conversation with God?

Would you wonder if this was a dream? In what could have been a tragic accident, Jimmy, a precocious eleven-year-old boy, is about to experience the ultimate odyssey of a guided tour of the Creator's workshop. Marla Evans is spiraling over the death of her Army Ranger husband in Afghanistan. Running from her grief, she begins to go afoul of the law, her kids, and a vengeful drug lord's enforcer. She wants no help from Army Ranger Mac Barelli, her husband's friend and her new potential love interest, or from no-nonsense Police Sergeant Angie Granger.

Now jailhouse religion makes her believe she can barga The Acts of the Apostles was written to assure the Church in the Roman Empire that it still taught what Jesus and his earliest disciples taught, the coming of God's promised kingdom. Rome had little patience for people looking forward to a future kingdom other than Rome.

Gilbert is a guitar fish who loves to play his songs loudly for all to hear. The only problem is, his neighbors, the other sea creatures, think that he makes too much noise. So, Gilbert has a hard time making friends. But when Gilbert wanders into a part of the ocean he's never seen before, all of that might change! At Last I Open My Heart is a true story about a self-destructive man who, for more than forty years, lived in a secret world that was filled with lies, lust, and deceit.

It is a compelling account of a man who intensely hated himself and believed that his entire life was a failure. It is also a moving testimony about triumph, and about how a once lost man miraculously recovered from decades of sex This book reveals the consistency of God as presented in the Bible, where we see the hand and the wisdom of God uniquely imprinted in its pages.

He makes plain the truth about the term "sons of God," and he meticulously puts all the details on the canvas of time and places his seal upon it, with the hope that man may know that he is always the same. Coming Out of Darkness is about moving forward in life. In our dark places, nothing is visible. We struggle to find our way. It makes one wonder why they are there and where they are going. Reality doesn't exist, and everything seems to be a lie. Coming out of Darkness is a God-inspired book, written to encourage others and be a witness that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

By the The Gummy Bear is a heartfelt tale that grabs you right from the start and never let's go! It's about a bear that suffers from a rare disorder that doesn't allow teeth to grow! He is ridiculed by the other bears and given the nickname Gummy Bear. Poor little Gummy Bear is made to feel sad and alone, when suddenly he sees an opportunity to possibly become a mascot for a giant candy company! The sto President Obamabear and his first furry family are an adorable team filled with compassion and love for everyone.

This tale focuses on several ways to generate funds for the less fortunate, mainly a costume party in the White House where several of the bigwigs co This Tiger's Tale embraces the heroes in this country that fight for our freedom and safety. Our military veterans that are wounded in battle for our sakes.

Smiley Riley is a darling little girl who is the daughter of one of the best basketball players in the history of the game. She sees a TV commercial with some of the wounded warriors that have lost limbs on the battlefield. This book is based on the counselor I had in who with the help of my higher power said you promised your Mother as she was dying that you would graduate from this college, and you are going to do it sober.

Thus the picture of me receiving my degree in Office Management and certificate of bookkeeping from Arapaho Community College, and the 27 AA chips I received up to date, June 8, Have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of the created universe? As we traverse field, woods, pond, creek, lake, and woods, our surroundings call out to us about the meaning of the universe. The stars, clouds, sun, trees, scrubs, ponds, lakes, seas, bays, creeks, rivers, and grasses overwhelm our senses as they were created to do. We see ourselves as infinitely small in relation to the un The snow was still coming down.

Angela Rose was seventeen years old. She was trudging through the snow while humming a Christmas song that her grandmother used to sing to her when she was a child. She soon approached her destination, where she was to leave the most unexpected gift on the doorstep of Paul and Margaret This is a collection of fifty-two poems that were written over a two-year period. What is extraordinary about the poems is that "they" came to me. I'm convinced that these poems were given to me by the Holy Spirit. Why do I think this? Oddly enough, I'm not a poet. I practice cardiology.

Moreover, when these poems popped into my head, I wrote them down feverishly, as if a scribe, to get all the wo Assigned to Sarah and Emily by the Master, Sariel and Ramiel are excited to begin their new journey as the little girls' protectors in the suburbs outside of DC. Daily battles are fought hard from the snares of the enemy as they encounter evil within humanity and take action against the choices made by Sarah's and Emily's parents.

Waiting for the moment that Sarah and Emily would co Dusty is a young boy who lives on a dairy farm with his mom and dad. He helps his dad with milking the cows, cleaning the milking equipment, and pitching hay. On weekends, after completing his chores in the dairy barn, he enjoys dribbling and tossing his basketball into the hoop above the barn door. Dusty loves basketball and hopes to someday become a basketball player.

One morning, after his chor You're saved by grace. You're single not by choice, and you're struggling in your singleness. If this describes you, you are not reading this book by accident! You were meant to read this book and allow God to speak into your struggles with your singleness. It is time for you to delve into every aspect of your singleness with an open heart, a This award - winning book consists of daily devotionals, written in the style of a personal letter from God to you, often giving you a chance to answer questions about your own life, habits and beliefs, thus understanding how the Word of God is applicable and easily understood.

It enables you to have a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. The writings are to encourage, provide peace This book reminds us of how resilient the human spirit is. This story explores what happens to people like you and me when we are frightened and vulnerable, staring into the unblinking eyes This small manuscript of mine has a very large message for everyone.

It's a story of my family. And is basically about faith, and prayers answered. My parents and I had many extraordinary experiences happening in our lives. And I never thought of writing about it until I had this prompting from my dear friend Irene, who happened to hear my parents testimony one Sunday. She said to me, " I hope you Escape from Tyranny was born out of a direct experience of many years working under many leaders.

As a convert from Islamic religion, I was so zealous to do the best I could.

Bible Study: "Jehovah Rapha"

I was young and full of energy, ready to go the extra mile in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. I received training on how to lead and NOT on how to follow. I have had to figure out how to be a good follower on my ow The struggle is real, and I hope by sharing my story people know they are not alone and that if they feel no one else feels their pain and relate to them, someone actually does. Life was a fragile thing. Mabel learned it when her father died at a young age and her mother was strangled by a drunken suitor in search of "optimal" satisfaction.

But Mabel was a quiet young woman who shared in all the typical young woman dreams of romance and home and family. So she left what she knew to search for what she wanted. I have faithfully served in my church in ministry for over forty-five years. It is somewhat difficult for me to remember all of them because I have served in so many, however, it has been a joy to serve God's people. To serve in ministry is a part of my spiritual growth. It has been a great passion of mine to serve God's people and to also help those who do not know God.

The situations in this book happened over three decades ago. Ironically, the events and management insights described in Leading in Chaos are even more relevant today! Managers from the front line to the boardroom may be dealing with fellow employees and colleagues in the grips of opioid addiction on a regular basis.

Partisan politics has permeated every part of our lives, including the work place Many blessings pass by us every day. All we have to do is acknowledge this and believe that they are meant for us and take them as they are given. Whether big or small, significant or insignificant, expected or unexpected, every blessing is freely given to us from our Heavenly Father who loves us dearly.

This author describes how a blessing, in the form of a gum wrapper, changed his life forever a I was inspired to publish this mainly by my granddaughter. I had been writing for a few years already. The material was on three-by-five notebooks. My granddaughter gathered these notebooks and wanted to put them in a book for our family.

While transferring the material from notebooks to paper, she suggested that I should try to get them published. That was about a year ago. So I decided to see if God's Eternal Truth is a tapestry of food for thought, poems, and prayers that touch the fabric of our spirituality and faith. Each selection separately attempts to reach a clearer understanding of our relationship with God and one another. Collectively they are woven into an expressive quilt of warm spiritual uplift. A Child's Heart was written for parents and children alike. Children may be familiar with some of the poetic adventures while parents may reminisce about their own childhood.

A Child's Heart is for the young at heart, for those who never lost sight of the wonders of childhood, the excitement of a summer's vacation, or a school day closed because of snow. Let yourself become lost in t There are many Christians who are feeling the anguish of being torn between two worlds. They have love for God in their hearts and a desire to live out their faith; however, they find themselves yielding to carnal pleasures. Every day they war in the trenches and hurt behind the scenes. This is a real challenge within the church, and many are at a crossroad in their spiritual walk.

They are asking Gordy dreams of a great adventure somewhere far, far away. I invite you to tag along as Gordy's outrageous adventures take him to places near and far. Will he return to his home and the town on Harbor bay, the place he left behind? Come along with this adorable character as he searches for his great adventure and what he learns in the end. You will be glad you did. In order to create and preserve civility and justice, humankind must maintain peaceful societies that work toward the common good.

All cultures need to give and receive tolerance and understanding so that we can coexist and preserve our beautiful world. All of us are in this together Racing through life can be exhausting. There's nothing like wasted time and wasted life. Are we here to just eat, work, and sleep? Do you find yourself unable to think straight? Have you ever been clouded by evil thoughts? Do you have trouble getting past your past? Do you need help overcoming? Are your thoughts racing through your mind like a headline news report? Are you clueless as to how to st Together we found the recipe to longevity.

Have preachers gone too far or become so competitive in ministry that preaching is a stage performance or a platform to parade their knowledge, speaking ability, fashion display, wealth, or to build a strong following of believers as if they are God? Have you noticed how the sanctuary looks more like a theater? The congregation is. Bernie Orr has been a student of the Bible since his new Holy Spirit encounter at age sixteen.

He has remained active in churches highlighted by loving Christian music. At age thirty-four, he also had another Holy Spirit encounter. This time, the Bible became a new book to understand. Along with this, at the time, there were hundreds cassette tapes of Bible teachings and Christia