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Did a scorned woman or a cuckolded husband kill him? Discover Eric Ward, policeman turned lawyer. Enjoy a beautifully told story from a time before smart phones and DNA testing. Full of twists and turns, this will have you gripped from start to finish. But Ward is a former police inspector, and trained to be suspicious. Egan left a large sum. But Ward makes no progress tracing the dead man's offspring. A photograph of an unknown tombstone is his only clue. He discovers Egan served a term for manslaughter, and that the evidence against him may have been planted.

Why had he accepted his fate so meekly? Despite warnings that he is wasting the firm's time, Ward persists in his investigations. And by the time he realizes why, he finds his life and career are both at risk. This fast-paced mystery will have you enthralled from the start. More coming soon. James and Peter Robinson. When he marries a wealthy young woman she attempts to persuade him to settle in Northumberland and work with wealthier clients but he stubbornly refuses to give up his criminal practice in Newcastle.

Although she draws him into the world of high finance he still insists on continuing at the Quayside—which causes tensions within his marriage, and lead to fatal consequences. Roy Lewis is one of the most critically acclaimed crime writers of his generation. Jane Gable returns from her shift at the hospital one night to find her two children asleep in bed and her husband gone, his phone and wallet left behind. John has long been a responsible and dependable man, maintaining a predictable schedule.

He is a former alcoholic, and so Jane fears he has relapsed and may be in trouble. An SUV keeps showing up. Jane feels watched and under threat. And there is a revelation that will make her question her own sanity. Jane desperately begins investigating on her own. Suspects include her ex-husband, her stepbrother, and the mysterious blonde. The story that unfolds there is SO interesting, and I can't wait to see people's reactions. Owen: Vampire parties in some… unorthodox locations.

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Emi: You may finally learn about the mythical First Vampire Which reminds me Out of all the vampires in the story, who would you most likely want by your side? Andrew : Kamilah, for sure. I get that the other vampires are like, immortal paragons of animalistic power and otherworldly beauty, but like… get over yourself? Emi: Gaius. Sure, he's likely to betray you in the end, but as long as he's on your side, the competition doesn't stand a chance!

Any final tips for people to sink their teeth into? Andrew: Flesh calls to flesh. Blood calls to blood. Follow the path to find the Tomb… but beware the Order of the Dawn. I'll keep that in mind! Make sure to let us know what you think on our social media pages. Summer's just around the corner for us here at Pixelberry, and you know what that means Vampires, royalty, and that glam celeb life!

At least, that's what it means for Choices. In case you missed it, Bloodbound: Book 2 will make its vampiric return on May 17th! Check out the cover reveal here. We know it's been quite a while, but we promise, it's worth the wait. A Courtesan of Rome will also pick back up on May 22nd with its finale chapters. And we can't forget your journey to pop star fame in Platinum, out later this month.

What's coming up in June? Red Carpet Diaries: Book 3 Cosplay! A near-death experience! And a wedding! And the Royal Heir will debut in June, too. That's not all for the summer! Head back to the ranch in Big Sky Country: Book Experience summer love and reconnect with your roots when you return to the beach town where you grew up, all in Sunkissed And party it up in Vegas with your girl crew in Bachelorette Party!

Here are a few of your questions answered:. Will there be a Book 2 for Ride-or-die? What about Open Heart? First of all, thanks so much for reading these two books! If you haven't caught Ride-or-die's finale earlier today, we hope you'll check that out. Book 2 of Ride-or-die is in the works, but it's still in early stages right now, and won't be out for a while. As soon as we can tell you more, we will. As always, follow us on social media to get the latest! As for Open Heart We can't say anything yet!

When a book is currently updating, we generally can't give out info on potential future books. Just FYI. America's Most Eligible? Yes, and yes! Those books are a work-in-progress. When we've got news for you, we'll let you know ASAP. That's a promise. Why is character art getting reused in Nightbound and Wishful Thinking? It comes down to resources. There are so many stories we'd love to tell, but we just can't do all of them without using our resources strategically.

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Of course, that doesn't mean we don't hear your feedback, and we're always looking for ways to improve our books. Why are there female-only main player characters in some books? This is something we've talked about in previous Inside Choices posts! As mentioned above, it's sometimes due to resource constraints, and other times, it's because it fits the story and setting. At the same time, we've got more books brewing with more gender options If you've read our latest Choices Insiders email, you'll know what this is about.

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Any info on the next fantasy adventure book? Speaking of the Choices Insiders email This upcoming fantasy epic is like nothing you've seen in Choices before, with more character options and a skills system that will redefine how you play Choices. Sign up now to get our June edition with even more sneak peeks of what's to come!

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Why aren't they working? Sorry about this! As some of you know, Choices has been experiencing some ad reward issues for the last month or so. Our team has been working non-stop to get it resolved, but it's taking a while, for which we apologize. The ad rewards feature is one that we've been really excited to release to all of you, so we want to get this fixed ASAP. We're hoping to resolve it in a future update, and will keep you all in the loop. Can you tell us more about The Royal Heir? We got the lowdown from The Royal Heir team just for you all, so yes.

Yes, we can. In The Royal Heir, you'll go on your honeymoon, attend Bertrand and Savannah's wedding, and get a peek into Cordonian history Seriously, you're not ready. Here's a lil sneak peek:. Hope this blog post answered a few of your burning questions. Pro-tip: You can always message us on Facebook or contact our Support Team in-app to get more general questions answered, or get help with game issues. Your positive messages and corgi pictures! Until next time Breaking news! Wishful Thinking is about to hit the Choices shelves.

But before that happens, let's chat with the writing team for a sneak preview of what to expect in this quirky romcom:. Saran: Our protagonist is trying to fulfill her dream of being a reporter, but when an accident gives her mind-reading abilities, she discovers what that can mean for her life and career. Most of us have wondered what other people are thinking at some point or another, so we wanted to explore the pros and cons of what would happen if you could actually do that. At its heart, this book is about learning to be confident in your own skin, but there are plenty of laughs and loooove along the way!

It looks like Wishful Thinking has a little of everything. What genre would you say it is? Time to address the emu in the room: Why are there emus on the cover? Of course, no spoilers! Plus, I love Australia shoutout to our Aussie fans! Shayn: We're definitely going for a quirky romantic comedy with a dash of magic and mystery! Even with all the drama you run into, we keep it entertaining, so this could definitely be a happy place read.

What was your favorite part of brainstorming and writing Wishful Thinking? Saran: I had a lot of fun coming up with wacky news stories for players to investigate. I think it gave us the chance to explore some uniquely strange scenarios! Also, it should go without saying that getting to write the emu parts have been the highlight of my writing career, and possibly my entire life. Kathleen: I always love the writing challenge of taking the default world and changing one little thing about it, then seeing what effects ripple out from there. If you could read minds, what would you do with your newfound powers?

Are they hungry? Do they want belly rubs? Do they, and they alone, see spirits of the departed floating forlornly around our apartment? Shayn: I'd learn martial arts, get myself a unitard, come up with a catchy superhero name, and get to saving the world! John: If I had mind-reading powers, I would use them to read the minds of plants and find out once and for all if playing music helps them grow faster.

I sure hope my succulent likes ABBA. Glad you're using your powers for good! Readers, tune in Monday for Wishful Thinking. And of course, watch out for sneak peeks of Nightbound, Bloodbound, and more! Can't wait to share what's new in Choices with all of you. Have an excellent weekend! This past week, you hopped on a flight to Paris in Passport to Romance There's more on the way in Choices, and this is your chance to check out what's new:. Up next Wishful Thinking and Nightbound!

Sneak peeks will go live sooner than you think, so keep an eye out. In case you missed it, here's the lowdown on these two books: In Wishful Thinking, your heroine is an aspiring reporter with a knack for reading minds. What does this mean for your life and your career? Find out in this all-new Choices book!

In Nightbound, you'll step into the world of the supernatural and encounter monsters, the fae, werewolves, you name it! But beware, nothing is as it seems As promised, you can play as a male or female main character in Nightbound. If you've been following along online, then you know that late spring means two things: More of A Courtesan of Rome and Book 2 of Bloodbound! A Courtesan of Rome will pick back up after its hiatus with a few finale chapters wrapping up your role in making history Bloodbound: Book 2 returns with new mysteries, old enemies, and a thrilling adventure that'll unearth the dark, alluring history of vampires.

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And just to be clear since there's been some confusion, Bloodbound: Book 2 is a separate book from the spin-off book Nightbound! We've got quite a few summer books in the works as well! Travel to your family's old beach town and find summer love in Sunkissed Your next epic fantasy adventure might just be around the corner, too Finally, head back to Cordonia this summer in the follow-up series to The Royal Romance!

This new series will answer a few unanswered mysteries from the first series, and tackle the big question of any romance: What comes after happily ever after? So there's your sneak peek of what's coming up this spring and summer! What books are you looking forward to? What current books have you been loving? If you like these early Choices previews, let us know! Ever dreamt of traveling across Europe? Fall in love with what the world has to offer Have it all in Passport to Romance, out now in Choices! Before the book took off, we checked in with the team for a quick chat:.

Give us the grand tour! What's Passport to Romance all about? Max: Passport to Romance is a chance for our players to experience a fun-filled European adventure full of romance and sight-seeing What's different about Passport to Romance? What are you excited for our Choices readers to encounter? The more followers, the more bonus scenes you get throughout the book! Max: When we brainstormed this book, a lot of the ideas came from the question: If you were vacationing in Europe, what would you WANT to happen?

Believe me when I say that this will be the journey of a lifetime! Love and lasting friendship! Can you share a little bit about who we'll be exploring Europe with? Eshani: We've got a fun cast of characters that accompany you on your trip! There's Ahmed, who's playful and athletic and just trying to figure out how to be true to himself in the face of his fame. And there's Marisa and Sumire, your roomies. Marisa is a bit of a party girl who always has your back, while Sumire is a total sweetheart working on gaining confidence in her artistic talents.

Finally, there's Elliot, the witty Brit you run into on your first flight Have you travelled the world before? And what did you love about it? Got any travel tips for our readers? One of my tips is to figure out what kind of traveler you are! Are you into walking cities or hiking jungles? Do travel your way, not the way others say you should. I loved sightseeing and hiking to different temples. Just enjoy your time in another country and don't rush things. Be stress-free as much as you can! Pack your bags and check in for your flight to the City of Lights! If you haven't played Passport to Romance already, we hope you'll give it a read!

Next up in Choices Wishful Thinking, Nightbound, Bloodbound, and more! Happy travels! Master magick against the odds in your second year at Penderghast College of Elemental Magicks! More secrets and adventures await in Book 2 of The Elementalists, out tomorrow. Now let's chat with our resident fantasy writers for a preview of what's to come:. Readers beware, spoilers ahead! Give us the lowdown on Book 2! What's next for the Penderghast crew?

Maya: Book 1 left us with the mystery of the girl in the locket, and that's only the tip of the iceberg for this year's adventures. Of course, you and your friends will be learning new spells and getting invites to the most exclusive parties There's a big storm headed your way. Book 1 kicked off with a quiz to determine your elemental Attunement. What magickal new features have you been brewing up for Book 2? Maya: Let's just say, some of the major choices you made in Book 1 will affect how your story progresses in Book 2, while the choices you make in this book will have even heavier consequences going forward.

Chelsa: There's definitely some new features in Book 2! One of my favorites is that we added spell icons to some of the choices so you know what kind of magic goes with each choice. All that we have in store for you guys wouldn't be possible without our awesome design and QA teams Will we be meeting anyone new at Penderghast?

A Faerie's Secret

Will they be friends or foes? Maya: Oh, we'll be meeting plenty of delightful new faces. Many would like to think of themselves as friends, but between you and me, I've got my eye on some of them. Or maybe I'm just eyeing that impeccable fashion sense Emi: There are so many new people you're going to meet, including some of your friends' families!

Whether or not they end up as your friends or foes, well, that depends on you! What's been the most fun part of working on Book 2? What are you looking forward to players reading? Maya: I've loved getting to write a whole bunch of new, non-human characters! We've really expanded the scope of the magickal world in Book 2, and I can't wait for players to encounter these characters that our art team has brought to life so vividly. Chelsa: The most fun part has been our team dynamic and our openness to new ideas.

My favorite story moments from Book 1 and Book 2 were things that we didn't initially plan for, but later came up with as we delved deeper into outlining and mapping out the world's lore. If you think Book 1 was intense, you haven't seen anything yet! Emi: Bringing Aster and Atlas to Penderghast as students is something we've had planned from the very beginning, back when we were planning Book 1, and it's so satisfying to see it pan out in Book 2. I love writing Atlas and Aster's different reactions to experiencing school for the first time.

We also finally get to meet a mermaid, which I've personally been dying for since we started The Elementalists. John: It's been a lot of fun exploring your crew's personalities in more detail. There will be drama, laughter, tears, the works! Book 2 will really test the limits of your friendships, but I'm confident you and your friends will come out of it stronger than ever. Get ready! Learning magick is no joke! Who's your ideal Penderghast study buddy? Maya: Griffin! He's the perfect study buddy, if you ask me.

We're both focused, so we'd get all our studying out of the way early, and then we'd chill out while listening to his new Muses and trying to kick each other's butts at virtual Thief. Emi: Aster! She loves learning so much that I think studying with her would be really fun! Not to mention all the amazing stories she could share with you when you took a break. John: My ideal Penderghast study buddies are Tim and Atlas, of course. Atlas is one of the most magickally talented members of your group don't tell Beckett I said that , and I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate to tell me what I was doing wrong.

And if I ever got confused or frustrated, I could go to Tim for advice! He's got such wisdom, that gorgue. Chelsa: Beckett! My smart lil bean. Not sure we'd get much studying done wink wink lol. Jessica: Shreya and Zeph! Shreya's one of the smartest, most talented people at Penderghast, and you know she'd have the best, color-coded study guides. Zeph would bring the jokes and the snacks, and we'd turn the whole thing into a study party!

The stakes are higher than ever in Book 2 of The Elementalists.

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Got any final words of advice? Maya: Some choices are hard. Some seem to have no right answer. Trust your gut, and trust your magick. They'll show you the way. Roger that! Stay attuned to your Choices game for The Elementalists: Book 2! And to those who have read this far: Thank you so much! There's more on the horizon: Travel to Europe in Passport to Romance, and stay on the lookout for sneak peeks of Wishful Thinking and Nightbound! A Courtesan of Rome is going on hiatus as the team gears up for an epic conclusion to your adventures in Ancient Rome!

The book will resume in late spring. When we return:. Learn what has become of your long-lost brother And work with your parents and Cassius to mastermind the plan to assassinate Julius Caesar! Will you stay in Rome, or return to Gaul to rebuild your tribe? And who will be at your side when the Republic falls? Find out next time on A Courtesan of Rome! We'll be posting more sneak peeks and news later on, so keep an eye out. And thank you for bearing with us as we take time to work on the next few chapters.

We don't make these book hiatus decisions lightly, and really appreciate your patience and understanding. Got Choices questions? Check out our previous Inside Choices update posts on frequently asked questions and the latest spring news! If you've got more questions or need game support, message us on Facebook or in-game. Thanks for reading! Springtime is just around the corner here at Pixelberry, and you know what that means More Choices chapters and new books coming next season! Here's a sneak preview of what's next:.

First off, Open Heart is out! If you haven't kicked off your medical residency at Edenbrook Hospital, what are you waiting for? Give it a try! The Elementalists: Book 1 wrapped up today as well, and Book 2 is on its way, with more magickal adventures and mysteries! All-new books are headed your way, too. Got a case of wanderlust? Our next Choices book will take you on a globetrotting journey! Stay tuned for more news very, very soon.

And that's not all we've got planned for the spring season. Work your way up as a reporter with a knack for reading minds in Wishful Thinking And encounter the supernatural in the Bloodbound spinoff, Nightbound! And what about returning books and sequels? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Across the Void makes its out-of-this-world return in March. Bloodbound: Book 2 launches in late spring with more romance, vampiric mysteries, and sinister new threats And to our The Royal Romance fans: Thanks for all your patience, kind words, and song recs! The series concluded last fall read our finale post here , and the team is hard at work on a new, follow-up series picking up right after the events of the first series.

We hope you're looking forward to reuniting with The Royal Romance cast later this year! And yes, you will see your corgi again. For more answers to any burning questions you might have, definitely check out our last newsy post here. And of course, don't hesitate to reach out via Facebook or in-game message.

If you want the latest Choices news, be sure to follow along on our social media pages and of course, this Inside Choices blog! Hope to hear from you soon! School is back in session, and the stage is set! What role will you play this time around? Let's get the inside scoop from the writers:. Book 1 was all about finding your place at Berry High and in theater.

Tell us a little bit about what's next for readers in Book 2! Brianna: In Book 2, election season is hitting Berry High! When some unexpected classmates throw their hats into the ring, you and your friends are forced to decide who to support. The last book was all about forging new relationships with your classmates. This book is really about taking those bonds to the next level, and putting them to the test when tensions run high.

Sounds like a lot is happening at Berry High! What about Book 2 are you most psyched for readers to encounter? Jaylee: We have so many fun dates planned! Arcades, robot battles, hanging out inside an igloo Will we be making any new friends? Or gasp enemies? And will we be seeing any familiar faces from the first High School Story series? Some will be friends, and others will be foes. Rachel Z. But you might run into conflict with a couple people you didn't expect!

What was your favorite part of working on this book? What's been the most challenging? Brianna: I have a soft spot for writing the sibling dynamic between you and your twin -- their bond is so adorable and funny! I just want them to be happy! While your twin spent the last book making some arguably poor choices, you get to see them step up to the self-growth plate in this volume. It's been interesting exploring this. Jaylee: Your relationship is so new, and it's the first time your character and the love interests have ever experienced big romantic feelings like this, so every time you come together, it's so magical.

They're all still in that "Omg, this person likes me back?? They let me kiss them??? Emily: My favorite part has been finding ways to incorporate some fan favorite characters in with our new gang. The most challenging part was figuring out what the heck a Student Body President actually does! If you were running for class president, what would your campaign slogan be?

Brianna: Bri for better bathrooms! Jaylee: "Everyone who votes for me will get cookies! It's a lie. My inauguration would be a brutal wake-up call to the harsh realities of politics. That's something I'd vote for He also soon finds himself falling for this passionate and earnest young lawyer. Determined not to make the same mistakes, he's intent on keeping Kate safe, but as the case deepens, it appears someone is willing to risk everything--even murder--to keep the case from going to trial.

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