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Theater am Nollendorfplatz, Berlin, 22 Mar. Additional numbers by Arthur Wood. Music by Kendall Burgess, R. P: by Shuberts; SD: J. P: Daniel Mayer Co. Given in French. Mother of Pearl , Gaiety Theatre, 27 Jan. Choreographer: Buddy Bradley. Try-out at Opera House, Manchester, 23 Dec. Produced at Raimund-Theater, Vienna, Revived at off-Broadway Theatre de Lys, over perfs , with new book and lyrics by Marc Blitzstein.

Der Kuhhandel , begun in , libretto by Robert Vambery. Incomplete when Weill left Paris for London in December Book by Reginald Arkell, lyrics by Desmond Carter. Parr; MD:? Comedy by Paul Green, incidental music by Weill. P: Meyer W. Book by Moss Hart, lyrics by Ira Gershwin.

P: Sam H. Book by S. Book by Elmer Rice based on his play , lyrics by Langston Hughes. Additional music by Irving Schlein. Produced by the Shuberts; SD: J. Die Dame in Rot , Berlin, P: John P. Slocum; SD: Frank Smithson. New music by Ludwig Englander for libretto by Harry B. P: George W. Fred Zimmerman; SD: A. Try-out Philadelphia, 12 Sep. Liebeswalzer , Raimundtheater, Vienna, 24 Oct. Book by Edgar Smith, lyrics by Matthew Woodward.

Last operetta here is Three Waltzes , which closed on 9 Apr. Last to be performed was Blossom Time on 26 Dec. Then nothing till 15 Jul. In the beginning of the nineteenth century operetta was one of the most extravagant theatrical attractions, and productions from Vienna and Berlin travelled all over Europe. Operetta stars were popular in Polish and Russian theatres, whose public easily forgave their capriciousness and such frivolities as running away from creditors whilst appearing in lavish and well-paid productions.

This section of the GOLNY research project will focus on famous Polish operetta stars and performances, their contributions to new interpretations, examine operettas favoured by the Polish public, and investigate the activities of the opera and operetta theatres in Poland in the period of During his directorship, the level of performances was often compared to that in Vienna and Berlin. It closed its doors in The building survived the war, but was destroyed by the authorities shortly after, because it was deemed an undesirable remnant of bourgeoisie culture.

Here, too, however, there were difference of taste in evidence, as Oscar Straus pointed out to a journalist: Your choruses are much bigger, and the ladies, I must admit, are much younger; and, too, you have many more songs than we are content with. Operetta Productions Whenever possible the number of performances of the first production in Vienna, Berlin, London or New York has been checked from more than one source.

Apatin, Hungary now Serbia , 2 Nov. Hamburg, 9 May Ascher, Leo, b. Vienna, 17 Aug. New York, 25 Feb. Carl Lamac. Perchtoldsdorf, Austria, 23 Aug. Cuvillier, Charles, b. Paris, 24 Apr. Paris, 14 Feb. Only the operettas composed for the German stage are listed here. Eysler, Edmund, b. Vienna, 12 Mar. Vienna, 4 Oct. Fall, Leo, b. Vienna, 16 Sep. Bassett, but not performed in New York. Neufassung [revd version] Fall, Richard, b.

KZ Auschwitz, beginning of Felix, Hugo, b. Vienna, 19 Nov. Los Angeles, 24 Aug. Gilbert, Jean real name, Max Winterfeld , b. Hamburg 11 Feb. Buenos Aires, 20 Dec. Produced by Adolf Philipp. The Lady in Ermine , film, dir. James Flood, Uschi , Hamburg, Goetzl, Anselm, b. Granichstaedten, Bruno, b. Vienna, 1 Sep. New York, 30 May went to America in Der Orlow , Theater an der Wien, Heuberger, Richard, b.

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Graz, 18 Jun. Vienna, 28 Oct. Berlin, 16 Aug. Hollywood, 24 Oct. Jacobi, Viktor, b. Budapest, 22 Oct. New York, 19 Dec. Sybill , Stadttheater, Vienna, 2 Dec. Jarno, Georg, b. Buda now Budapest , 3 Jun. Paris, 30 Oct. Buried at Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, as was Leo Fall. Kollo, Walter, b. Neidenburg, 28 Jan. Berlin, 30 Sep. Filmzauber , see Sirmay.


Korngold, Erich Wolfgang, b. Hollywood, 29 Nov. Vienna, 9 Apr. Vienna, 9 Jan. Kreisler, Fritz, b. Vienna, 2 Feb. New York, 29 Jan. Emmerich am Rhein, 27 Jan. Berlin, 27 Oct. Bad Ischl, 24 Oct. See Der Libellentanz , below. No New York production. Lincke, Carl Emil Paul, b. Berlin, 7 Nov. Berlin, 4 Sep. Berlin, 10 Jan.

Nedbal, Oskar, b. Agram Zagreb , 24 Dec. Polenblut , Carltheater, Vienna, 25 Oct. Reinhardt, Heinrich, b. Pressburg [Bratislava], 13 Apr. Vienna, 31 Jan. Napoleon und die Frauen , Volksoper, Vienna, 1 May Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus Joseph Freiherr von, b. Vienna, 4 May , d. Berlin, 2 Aug. Alexandra , Budapest, Libretto by Franz Martos.

Film adaptation in Stolz, Robert, b. Graz, 25 Aug. Berlin, 27 Jun. Straus, Oscar Nathan, b. Leopoldstadt, Vienna, 6 Mar. Bad Ischl, 11 Jan. Linz, 16 May , d. London, 8 Jan. Weill, Kurt Julian, b. Dessau, 2 Mar. New York City, 3 Apr. Royal Court Theatre, London, 11 Mar. Off-Broadway production, Metropolitan Opera House, Winterberg, Robert, b. Vienna, 27 Feb. Ziehrer, Carl Michael, b. Vienna, 2 May , d. Vienna, 14 Nov. English Adaptations of Operettas from the German Stage: London —38 Ranked in order of the highest number of performances of the first production. Date of first London performance given.

Date of first New York performance given. This Warsaw theatre was built in on Hipoteczna street which no longer exists. Governed by Warsaw Government Theatres. Between — it was fashionable and famous as the Metropol-Theater.


The exterior was destroyed by bombing in —45, and the current exterior dates from The auditorium suffered damage in —45, but was substantially restored in —66 and again in It became an operetta theatre between — Theater des Westens - Berlin Built in —96 in Charlottenburg, this theatre was frequently used for operetta before the Second World War. Leo Fall Die Rose von Stambul Berlin Empire Theatre in - London Empire Theatre in Drury Lane in Drury Lane in London Coliseum in London Coliseum in Hippodrome in London Hippodrome in Lyric Theatre in Lyric Theatre in Palace Theatre in Palace Theatre in Vaudeville Theatre in Vaudeville Theatre in Daly's Theatre Gaiety Theatre Lyric Theatre Vaudeville Theatre Home to the New York premieres of Mme.

The latter had to wait till It became the St James in He earned his Ph. He may be reached at merrill yahoo. I'm passionate about connecting people with good work, with each other, and with resources that help them be more effective in the roles they want to play. I coach people who are experiencing planned and unexpected transitions at work. My clients are creative and mission-driven professionals who care deeply about the world around them and yearn to make their work more effective, more satisfying, and a stronger fit with the life they want to live.

My coaching practice is informed by a long career in the nonprofit sector as well as my interests in yoga, gardening, and urban communities. As a business lead and later regional talent lead, she has trained and led cross-functional teams for 20 years in Asia. She has been responsible for setting regional strategy for Learning and Talent development, focusing on executive and leadership effectiveness and team performance.

Sue has a deep understanding of the corporate world and is seasoned professional in the creative industry. Her passion is supporting people in their personal and professional growth. As an executive coach, trainer and facilitator she works with senior executives and their teams and coaches around career transition, leadership competency, team building, change management and personal effectiveness.

As coach, I help leaders through self-transformation while holding them accountable for their own development. I live in Namibia Southern Africa , and able to work world-wide, either in person or via skype. Vivian brings twenty-five years of finance and technology leadership experience to her coaching work with senior and high potential emerging leaders across a broad range of industries. Whether building the confidence and relational sophistication of rising leaders or supporting C-suite visionaries to broaden and deepen their long-term impact, Vivian helps her clients demonstrate visible, sustainable changes in their leadership effectiveness.

Vivian also draws on her personal experience leading organizations, aligning diverse groups around shared goals, and developing team leadership skills individually, as well as collectively. Clients say her work gets to what really counts, stands the test of time, and is refreshingly honest, but kind. William Wandall is a coach and counselor who brings decades of personal development work to bear on his ability to assist clients in their healing and transformation.

William has completed 15 years of study and inquiry within the Diamond Approach School. He has spent the last ten years studying with Jett Psaris, author of Undefended Love and is a graduate and an assistant in her year-long training, "The Spiritual Dimensions of Midlife". He is also a health coach, having completed the year-long Health Coach Training Program, and brings a broad knowledge of physical wellness, including modern neuropsychiatric and human longevity research, to his coaching practice. In his free time, William enjoys biking, playing guitar, singing and watching professional sports.

He has been greatly inspired by the American philosopher Ken Wilber and the blossoming Integral Theory community. My professional experience spans 25 years and three continents, predominantly in communications, change and coaching.

Coming from a corporate background I know first-hand the challenges of maintaining balance and how hard it is to keep perspective in a fast-paced world. I specialize in transitions - career transitions, life transitions - aging, 'empty nest', finding purpose, accepting death. We all go through transitions, however small or big, and still we sometimes need help to gain clarity in making decisions or as I say, to recalibrate.

This is what two of my clients have to say about their transitioning:. She is warm, compassionate, challenging and supportive. I would whole-heartedly recommend her. Having worked in the same company, in the same place, in similar roles for over a decade, some degree of fixedness and stereotypes had set in me which I was finding difficult to even identify, let alone break away from. Jacinta, through her empathetic and insightful ways, worked with me patiently to hold a polite mirror to some of them, and help me discover small progressive steps that did make a difference.

I would say my stint with her was the aid by which I did make some departures from my norm. Andrea is an Entrepreneurial and Leadership Coach. She has been building businesses and teaching entrepreneurs her whole career. She has faced serious health and personal challenges on her entrepreneurial path, and is now driven to help others overcome their own.

She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs learn, grow and scale their companies while being awesome humans. Born into a family of teachers, Andrea brings a wealth of experience and love for learning to coaching. Prior to coaching, she was President of ServiceRocket, where she helped rebuild an international team and a culture that led to a doubling of revenue. Previously, she co-founded Startech Global, an international, full service software development firm. She ultimately sold and exited. Having lived in and worked in Asia, Australia and Europe, Rudi delivers business results by being inclusive and gelling multiple stakeholder perspectives.

For businesses going through digital transformations, he catalyse transitions through consulting, facilitating and coaching. His business experience includes 2 years working as Management Consultant, consulting to the Mining industry. While his coaching is informed by the theory and techniques of effective change, his practice is grounded in the reality of the demands of the business environment. He maintains focus on the required performance outcomes of coaching engagements and holds his clients accountable for their agreed objectives and actions. His executive coaching experience has been across a broad range of industries including Banking, IT, Mining and Start-ups.

Geographically, he has coached clients in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Rudi is experienced at coaching leaders and facilitating workshops at the senior and middle management levels. He has been based in Singapore for over 3 years and is experienced in cross-cultural coaching, successfully helping both local and expatriate clients to develop the capabilities to thrive in their roles. His style is upbeat, compassionate and challenging, and leads to increased insight, behaviour change, effective action plans and the motivation needed for his clients to apply the learning gained in coaching to their work environments.

Maja Bengtson has worked with personal growth, communication and leadership development since In coaching and training, she integrates experiential learning, principles and practices of conscious communication, along with a well informed understanding of human dynamics.

Maja holds an M. Her B. As a Founder, Co-founder, Board member and Manager of a range of businesses, associations, and nonprofit groups since the mid s, Maja has significant experience in strategic planning, project management, and nonprofit development. Today Maja's clients are Change Agents who lead organizations and initiatives towards a world that works for everyone. A recognized expert with millennials, she was instrumental in taking a revolutionary method that emerged from this generation into the corporate world. As an active member of the community, she was the recipient of the Congressional Award for contributions to the community.

I am a leadership coach in San Francisco. I get joy from helping leaders that I admire make a bigger impact in their life. I coached executives on team culture, leadership and performance. Tending to the full human experience of leadership: for executives, activists, entrepreneurs, and artists. Fran has 15 years of experience guiding people and organizations through transformation. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, his work has concentrated in the Technology and Life Science industries, as well as with artist and activist communities.

He coaches the c-suite on amplifying sound leadership throughout the organization. He guides teams to build cohesion and efficacy through trust, connection, and communication. Fran also has a selective coaching practice, Benjamin Leadership, that helps individuals and groups identify and harness their unique potential and abilities in service of their aspirations. Benjamin Leadership invests in the full ecosystem that supports the leader to thrive in all elements of their lives.

This is how go from aspiration to reality. Leading Diversity Strategy at Airbnb, he guided leaders through personal transformation, mindset shift, and organizational change to build highly effective teams anchored in diversity. Fran spent time in the Middle East working in conflict resolution, peace, and reconciliation—an experience that still informs his approach to inclusive leadership and human interaction. He was also the Executive Director of Swing Low Theatre Company, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting xenophobia and hate.

He was fortunate to be a Norman Topping Scholar at the University of Southern California, a cohort of first generation and minority college students—a community he cares for deeply. Fran has coached startup executives, global corporate executives, folks transitioning to leadership roles, managers, artists, and parents. When not coaching, Fran spends time bringing beauty to the world as a cabaret performer, vocalist, and visual artist.

Elke is a leadership and cross-cultural coach. She works with leaders to become increasingly effective, approachable, balanced, and culturally aware. She helps her clients to develop new perspectives, behaviors, and skills that allow them to address the most important issues they are facing. She works with her clients on topics like executive effectiveness, emotional intelligence, delegation skills, work-life balance, development of effective communication styles also across cultures , leading multi-cultural teams and being more assertive as a leader amongst others.

She was involved in national and international projects and thrived on assisting teams with the dynamics of cultural diversity. Working with people and developing her team has always been the priority throughout her career. She followed this passion of supporting others in their professional and personal development by becoming a certified Integral Coach with New Ventures West. When Elke is not working with her clients, she enjoys hiking, skiing and practicing yoga. She also loves to travel in- and outside of the US. She has successfully completed the training course "Crossing Cultures with Competence" and is therefore certified and granted permission to use materials from "The Interchange Institute" to conduct cross-cultural trainings.

I am an organizational development professional, a mother and a leadership coach, further deepening my knowledge in adult development, to better serve my clients in a uniquely holistic way. I offer a variety of approaches and nuances in leadership development, training design and delivery, inspired and grounded by different schools of thought and wisdom in the world. I have experience working in multicultural environments and believe in the power of the language as an orientation to life, change and growth.

My experience with leadership development and coaching has been primarily within the public sector with leaders across the organization, both at the federal and the local level. My passion is to work individually with people who have openness for learning and are curious. I like to see myself as an enabler of growth and prosperity.

I envision a world where people create beauty and sustain safe communities, where the individual is able to live in Henosis?? S ,oneness and the society is in full awareness, goodness and gratitude. I have in excess of hours of coaching. I use the Integral Approach to my coaching with the objective of enabling my coachee to explore, discover and create for themselves options so that they are left competent and confident in reaching their objectives that they set for our coaching relationship.

Along the way she developed a deep passion for personal development and coaching and became a certified Integral Coach. Currently he is also the Director of Leadership and Organizational Development for Boston Scientific and is responsible for designing and implementing talent management strategies that accelerate the competitive, strategic advantage of the company by optimizing its talent, organizational alignment, and organizational capability.

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These strategies encompass succession management, leadership development, executive coaching, organizational diagnosis and design, strategic alignment, engagement, and change management. Previous to joining Boston Scientific in , Rick has 30 years of experience leading organizational and executive development efforts for Cisco Systems, Fidelity Investments, and Bank of America. He has developed a deep expertise in designing organizations, developing talent, and leading large scale transformations. Throughout his career he has demonstrated a proven ability to deliver strategic business impact in multiple industries around the world.

He has worked with domestic and international operating companies including financial services, telecommunications, human resources outsourcing, building supply, natural resources, agriculture, real estate, private equity, transportation, hospitality, technology and alternative energy to identify, design, and implement OD, talent management, and change management strategies to improve the overall effectiveness and performance of organizations.

He has long history of partnering with senior executives and boards to develop human capital strategies that align to the needs of the business and ensure their profitability and growth. He has also served as an executive coach for all his organizations, and has helped leaders accelerate their leadership capabilities so that they can take on more complex roles in the organization and successfully achieve their business and career goals. He also earned his Masters of Teaching at Brown and spent his early career as an educator and administrator in private secondary schools and as a wilderness trip leader for organizations across the country.

He transitioned his career into corporate training and development with an MBA from Babson College with a specialization in Human Resources. Rick lives in Concord, MA and has been married for 21 years; he has two boys, Christopher 18 and Benjamin I have worked as an organizational development consultant and coach for 20 years. I have designed and facilitated leadership development programs for numerous companies, most recently in Philips Healthcare, and have coached many leaders from managers to vice presidents to increase their effectiveness in leadership and in life.

In , I retired from full-time in-company work but am enjoying self-employment as a coach working with people in leadership roles. My style is compassionate yet direct in helping my clients achieve their goals. I believe that learning self care and self-love are the cornerstones for living a life that is more balanced and fulfilling. I have explored and worked with the many different depth methods for self-inquiry and bring this into my client assessments, developmental plans and coaching style. My thesis was inspired by Psychoanalyst Carl Jung's work with mandalas as a way of self-knowing.

Art has always been a language I have used since I was very young. I have continued to explore the arts as a means for self-discovery and the expression of the unconscious, subconscious and the "Authentic Self". This has supported my growing appreciation and understanding of our connection to the natural world. Other relevant training and experience includes:. Marie Earl has a leadership coaching and consulting practice focused on building the capacity of individuals and organizations, enabling them to be more effective and more fulfilled.

Based in the Monterey Bay region, Marie's clients come from a wide variety of professions and span the globe. They benefit from her decades long career in post-secondary institutions, nonprofit organizations, the U. She lives in the Ottawa region and has been full engaged in the Private practice since She also cumulates 9 years of experience as a Team Member in a Not-for-Profit Organization supporting career transition for women.

Since , she dedicate her passions and creative talent into organizational development and emphasizes in Learning development. She believes strongly that empowerment and team synergy are significant contributors to organizational performance. Main character of film Crossing Bhutan. Change is inevitable, but for most of us, it is never easy. My goal is to support women as they navigate their own transitions so that they feel safe, supported, capable and confident.

I am a compassionate and charismatic coach with a passion for holistic personal development and building close interpersonal relationships. David Daniels, MD. Founder of Enneagram Professional Training Program. Passionate about guiding and inspiring others to create the life they are searching for, Cathy brings her multi-dimensional view of life and multi-cultural background to her coaching practice. What Cathy is particularly passionate about in coaching and teaching is to help people touch their inner truth and unknown potential to actively participate to the richness of life.

Truth is essential to each person and yet not always easy to get a sense of it. Gaining a sense of how we unknowingly and automatically constrain ourselves is of great importance in developing intimate relationships, in leading more productive and fulfilling lives and in unleashing our talents in our personal and professional life. After living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 14 years, she is now living in India where she coaches young Indian engineering students to define their personal and professional project and adults who find themselves in search of meaning in our fast changing world.

She is also teaching Enneagram workshops. She also holds a Franco-American Master Degree in Marketing and is currently studying the Vedantas to continue her spiritual journey. As a change management consultant and transition coach, Monica brings over 20 years of global business development and marketing experience in leadership roles working with transformational products and organizations in evolution and transition.

She has extensive experience in the medical device and technology sector, most recently Torax Medical, Bayer AG, Edwards Life Sciences, and several companies undergoing the acquisition process in Minneapolis, Orange County, and the Bay Area. She is also a consultant with Lee Hecht Harrison working with clients in career transition.

Her coaching expertise is working with individuals and cross functional teams in transition for sustainable excellent performance that is self -correcting and internally generated. She offers customized and engaging programs and is a team facilitator and trainer.

She holds a B. My areas of expertise are in inquiry, teaching and learning, design, and creativity. My background includes many forms of coaching: supporting individuals to find more fulfillment in their life's work and supporting groups in enacting positive changes to form or meet their mission.

I would love to connect with you! My mission is to serve and be in community with changemakers - people who foster positive change in the world, starting from within. I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them define and achieve meaningful contribution. I bring in-depth knowledge of teaching, learning, and human development to my work as a coach. Most recently, I served as an executive leader at EL Education, a national K education transformation nonprofit.

There, I led the professional development arm of the organization and supported educators and organizational leaders across the country. I believe that people want to collaborate with others who are not just knowledgeable, but who also move through the world with presence and integrity while they create work that sings of quality.

I am also deeply skilled with the Enneagram and will be completing my certification as an Enneagram teacher through The Narrative Enneagram by fall of Other aspects of life that light me up and inform my coaching work include nature, yoga, poetry, philosophy, and social justice. If it sounds like we might be a match, click on the "email" link above, and let's have a conversation.

I provide life and leadership coaching to individuals throughout the United States and beyond. I bring to me work extensive leadership and management experience in business, nonprofit organizations and higher education.

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I have an M. I completed the seven month-long enhanced course in Conversational Intelligence for Coaches with Dr. Judith Glaser. I bought it a few weeks ago and just knew it would be a great reflective read for my family trip in Spain. The way you have shared and blended both internal and external travels and your personal growth in your life was very moving. The crazy thing for me to understand is how well you listened in our coaching sessions when you have so much to share.

Thanks for helping me with my own internal travels and growth. I will help you squash your inner critic and embrace your full potential so that you can become the person you are designed and intended. Leadership and coaching have been central to my career since Today, established and emerging women in business come to me for career and life coaching, confidence building and leadership guidance. But I will help you flourish, serving, supporting and guiding you toward your vision of your life. My Commitment To You: To help you find, capture, nurture and own the wonderful strengths within yourself that make it possible for you to be at your very best.

My Qualifications and Experience: Ph. Her style creates growth and a positive environment with clients on their way to a more humane future. People and results align and grow together, with goals that are fulfilling. Clients become more satisfied with their work and themselves, with more well being and in-depth self-knowledge of who they are and where they want to go - "being" and "doing" are integrated to the benefit of all members of the organization. Lucy works globally with clients at all levels, from presidents, vice-presidents, and directors to hi-potentials and managers.

Lucy's experience includes global companies in financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, non-profit, telecommunications, high-tech, consumer goods, services, automotive, sales and distribution, personal care and marketing. Her expertise is in leadership development and training in the areas of communication, situational leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, work-life balance, and assertiveness.

She supports leaders and teams to improve self-awareness and performance, build trust, inspire others, and understand the interplay of gender, judgment, cultural differences and leadership styles. Previously Lucy worked for over 23 years in marketing and sales in global companies such as Frito-Lay Sabritas , Kodak, Motorola, and Xerox. At Motorola she proved her deep understanding of client needs. Her corporate career began in at Xerox, where she collaborated for 12 years, moving up from manager to director level.

Lucy holds a bachelor degree in computer science, Anahuac University, Mexico City. Roxanne Cameron has been coaching executives and leaders since in a wide range of settings. Roxanne does one on one coaching, leads coaching groups and designs and delivers workshops introducing coaching practices to managers.

Recently Roxanne has designed and led a workshop on coaching with the Enneagram and is continuing to deepen her work with this lens. She is also a frequent mentor coach, has led a Dragon's Den for coaches wanting to launch various services and has been a member of numerous coaching certification panels. Roxanne's clients include public and private sector clients. She coaches around 75 clients a year. Recently Roxanne has been coaching leaders in the Caribbean and has designed a leadership development program based on the use of coaching groups and practices.

Terry works with executives and high potential leaders in both the public and private sectors to clarify and step into the next level of their organizational, professional and personal development. She helps clients build a sustainable and rewarding level of excellence and personal fulfillment. People appreciate the blend of backbone and heart that characterizes her coaching style. She has personally dealt with many of the challenges her clients face: clarifying vision and purpose, leading and driving change, mediating conflict, expanding interpersonal influence and impact, developing talent, cultivating executive presence, balancing competing demands and commitments and navigating transitions and successions.

Since launching her coaching business ten years ago, Terry has coached clients in technology, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, health care, energy, telecom, management consulting, manufacturing and finance. She works with clients in the U. To learn more about how coaching can benefit you or your organization, please call today, at , or visit the website above. I've been a Professional Certified Coach since I listen well, observe deeply and ask thought provoking questions to ensure we collectively discover the truth.

You can count on me to balance care and compassion with accountability as we work together. I enjoy helping people to understand more about themselves, their impact on others, how to communicate most effectively and how to build healthy relationships that enable the desired results. A bit more about me: I am happily married for 30 years, love being mom to my 17 year old son, am actively involved in my church ministries, support my sons athletics, and love spending time with those I love.

As a leader, I'm known for my commitment to taking care of people as we achieve stretch goals and business results. I have strong influence, communication, facilitation, collaboration and coaching skills, and am driven by my core value to help people be the best version of themselves every day. Chris has a passion for coaching and guiding individuals and teams through challenging situations at home and work.

She cares deeply for her clients and believes they are whole and complete, yet may have lost touch with their true self somewhere along the way. This disconnection may create a sense of confusion, apathy, frustration, anger, fear, and discontent. Chris offers customized and supportive individual and group programs to help those she serves uncover and rediscover their unique genius, gifts, and desires. She believes each person has an opportunity to live a purposeful and fulfilling life which requires requires self-knowledge, self-love, compassion, patience, intention, and a willingness to step fully into life.

Chris dedicated her life to personal and professional growth and focused her twenty plus year career to develop individuals, teams and organizations. Her professional experience is diverse including Fortune companies, manufacturing, services, entrepreneurial start-ups and non-profit organizations.

She has worked across multiple industries including high technology, construction, engineering, telecommunications, medical products, general purpose test equipment, and government affairs. She is a certified facilitator and coach for the Awake at Work Institute, and co-taught the Awake Intel program. Chris was inspired through the Awake at Intel program to follow her passion. She left corporate job at the end of to start her own coaching and consulting business. She has been a student, practitioner, and teacher of mindfulness and meditation for five years and uses the combination of psychology, and mindfulness to guide and coach the people she serves to reach their potential.

Hofmann Leadership Consulting is a leadership and change consultancy that partners individual leaders and leadership teams in the management of change and the alignment of their teams and organisation behind them. She coaches leaders in developing their ability to be authentic and to share their vision and goals, engage people and mobilise commitment. She believes that through a deeper discovery of who we are in all the areas of our life and the continued unfolding of our self development we can tap into depths of joy that may not immediately be visible or experienced.

In doing this, the power to unleash the potential of self and others becomes significant. A classical pianist, she enjoys playing the piano, travelling, spending time with her family at the theatre and watching a good comedy at the cinema or on TV. She also enjoys and has come to love drawing - flowers, plants, trees - an interest she discovered whilst on her accreditation journey as an Integral Coach.

This bring an attention to detail and a depth of listening and focus on the client that enables a level of connectivity and holding in conversation and being in such a way that supports her client's development and growth. She believes that with the presence of Love and Leadership in business and in life, it's amazing what extraordinary results can be achieved. Are you flourishing? Is your organization flourishing? I am on a mission to cultivate effective leaders and high functioning teams by reconnecting us to our own bodies and hearts.

A near-fatal bicycle accident and holding space for friend as she passed from cancer called me to create spaces for personal and group transformation. By reconnecting to ourselves we can reconnect to others and co-create a just, inclusive and equitable future where all beings thrive. I serve people like you - mission-focused leaders, leaders-in-training, and organizations in the SF Bay Area and beyond that value the central role leadership and culture play in sustaining their integrity and intention as they grow.

He is passionate about working with individuals and leaders to unfold their best selves, and finds joy in awakening new possibilities for those who feel stuck or are in transition. Cyrus has over 20 years of leadership experience in organizations, and has been part of Genentech's Personal Excellence Program PEP for over 10 years. He has also led year-long manager assimilation programs and workshops for new leaders in transition, and is a certified instructor of the Enneagram in Business.

Cyrus enjoys spending time with his family and 2 daughters, nature hikes, traveling, and volunteering. As a president of a regional banking organization in the United States, Angie had extensive experience in building organizational capability, leading start-ups, managing broad-scale change efforts, and leading geographically dispersed teams. She is a sought-after workshop leader who has developed and implemented coaching and women leadership programs benefiting women in the US and Asia.

Angie works with individual leaders and teams at all levels to support the integration of leadership and organizational effectiveness. Angie, combining her integral approach with her solid finance and business expertise, provides a practical business perspective that helps leaders and teams achieve short-term goals, while developing long-term sustainable behavioral changes. Angie coaches leaders and direct leadership programs on topics around authentic leadership, executive presence, emotional management, influencing, leading and coaching diverse teams, culture integration and role transitions.

Recent assignments include: coaching a newly appointed COO of a global investment service company from a high-pressure, firefighting reactionary leadership style to an influential, visionary one, facilitating an internal coaching program of an international manufacturing company to support retention and engagement of top talents, and facilitating global women leadership programs with an international insurance company to advance women into senior positions. I am an Executive coach based in London, UK.

I'm the owner of Distinctions Executive Coaching, a London based coaching practice. My previous experience as a Vice President in international banking assists me to understand key issues in the corporate world and how they relate to a client's current business environment. The ability to identify a coaching issue, and work with a client toward a sustainable business or personal shift, is key. Executive coaching with key outcomes linked to the client's business performance and organizational goals I coach around leadership competency, management skills, business and performance expansion, team building and personal effectiveness.

Distinctions Coaching provides executive coaching in Europe. Experiential learning takes place in a supportive environment and the coaching process is professional and focused. A long-time Bay Area resident, Stacey Miller combines the embodied work of Integral Coaching with her extensive business background in both non-profit and corporate HR to help others cultivate new possibilities in their lives. She offers coaching to those considering career transitions, with a focus on life design and work-life balance.

Her life experience and passion for wholehearted living have fueled her commitment to helping business professionals take back their own lives and restore a sense of fulfillment and purpose, while enjoying the ripple effect this has on the world around them. Stacey is dedicated to providing her clients the compassionate support and practical guidance they need to develop new skills and ways of being in the world, so that they can take the next step in their lives with greater clarity.

Clients appreciate her generosity of time, attention, sense of humor, and genuine interest in their development and well-being. Stacey is a trained mediator, certified Myers-Briggs administrator, and has received training in both Enneagram and Hakomi somatic work. Originally from Vienna, he brings an international professional, cultural and philosophical background to his coaching. The core of his coaching work emphasizes self-development of his clients towards a deeper presence in the moment, opening up a path towards happiness, success and long-term excellence.

With over 30 years experience as a creative marketing executive in the US and Europe, Florian has a deep understanding of the needs of professionals in the world today. His expertise in a very wide range of fields allows him to combine art and technology into new experiences for body, speech, and mind. First, a discouraged Chad told Cheryl in rehearsal that she should just get a hugely talented partner so she could have an easier time, "like Derek. When Chad danced, judge Len Goodman went out of his way to note that Chad is the only remaining celebrity with no prior dance training.

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Even one of Chad's kids said it in a clip, noting that her dad was doing pretty great, given that he had "no dance training. At the same time, nobody wanted to throw Nicole under the bus of ringerhood, so Carrie Ann Inaba was careful to say after the cha-cha that although it might seem like all the styles came completely naturally to Nicole, Carrie Ann was sure they actually didn't. In that sense, the show seemed to be simultaneously acknowledging a weakness in the season and insisting that it wasn't quite as significant as it might appear.

Everybody involved in the season has overcome something: Erin isn't as tentative as she once was, Nicole has gotten smoother with ballroom choreography, Chad has figured out how to combine his high energy with significantly more precision and Evan has stopped turning his feet in exotic directions that draw attention to his tiny ankles. And during next week's finale, we'll find out who made enough progress — or started out in a good enough position to begin with — to take home that ugly, ugly trophy.