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Story of My Life. My Ultimate Bucket List. Comic Sketchbook. Your Grandmother's Story.

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My Top Ten. My Baby Record Book Deluxe. The Wife Between Us. Tempting Fate. Nine Perfect Strangers. The Power of Positive Thinking.

The Rational Bible: Exodus. Lovecraft: Great Tales of Horror. Groundbreaking Recipes. The High Tide Club. Final Girls. The Last Days of Night. Series 3. Beach House Reunion. The Secret to Southern Charm. Try out and share your views. Holi is around the corner to spread love and warmth to all. This festival is celebrated by all as it cuts across all barriers of religion, caste class and creed. The colour of Holi makes enemies as friends and everyone rejoices as one group. Since ancient times, this festival finds mention in numerous scriptures, like the Narad Purana and Bhavishyad Purana.

However like everything Holi has also changed. It has become callously money-making, and rowdy. Earlier the colours used in Holi were made at home either by, herbs, sandalwood powder, dried fruits, flowers etc Most of these colours beneficial to the skin as they were plant-based. However these days artificial colours have come into use. They are brighter and many times harmful. Therefore to make Holi beautiful and in sync with nature, it is better to return to more natural ways of celebrating Holi.

If we truly want to shower love and affection on friends and family we should go for an eco-friendly Holi. Here are some good ways to play Holi:. Reading fluency is the ability to read words correctly and quickly. It is the process of promptly recognizing and understanding phrases or sentences rather than identifying individual words. Speed readers read effortlessly, recognizing words naturally without being wobbled. A widely recognized problem faced by young children is that of slow reading. Children who are not smooth readers read falteringly, struggling to sound out each word.

Such children use most of their mental energy determining words, rather than focusing on comprehension. Hence they are unable to figure out what they have been reading about. Reading for them is simply stringing out the list of words. Christine Nuttall , author of Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language , states that reading speed without comprehension is worthless. She says that children learn to read in the same way they learn to speak, that is through observing, modelling and practising. However, children can develop reading fluency or speed reading through some simple and fun activities.

Here are some tips to make your child read faster and comprehend the meaning of the text as well:. Create a space for learning: Try to make your child start reading in a separate space where there are no interruptions and distractions. This would help him focus on the words better. Prepare a reading-friendly room with a comfortable chair, sofa or a bed with proper lighting. Learning by Rote : Encourage your child to memorize short books, poems or even religious chants.

This would make the child learn the rhythm of language besides giving him a sense of achievement. You can add gestures and dance moves to make it an interesting and enjoyable activity. Start with something easy: Give your child something easy or simple to start with. Read books that your child enjoys and set a timer to set the speed of reading. Gradually increase the speed of the timer. Here it is important to let the child set his own pace and have fun at whatever he is doing.

Run finger under the words : When the child reads ask him to run fingers under the word. This would help him pay attention to the words he is reading and comprehend better. Challenge your child: Set goals and challenges for your child to beat his own reading record through repeated readings. Try motivating your child by setting goals to increase reading fluency.

Do not force read the child: Do not force your child on letters, or words. Instead, make a fun game out of it and find ways to motivate his curiosity and enthusiasm. Read several times: Let your child read the passage at least four times until he is able to read it fluently. Discuss what your child understood in the passage, let him express his thoughts and answer his questions. Celebrate success: Listen to the first and last recordings of his reading.

One might think that in this age of the internet, a child can know and understand anything by simply going to Google. This is so because it is considered that the digital environment allows for a process that is more accommodating for the creation and promulgation of knowledge. They are the ready and steady source of information. A child learns to research and delves deep into the areas of his interest. It helps in the journeying of information for the child. He learns to examine, explore and find out more and more about a subject. Encyclopedias come into the category of educational books where the information is designed and indexed in such a manner that a child can easily learn to sift through them and gain knowledge about various domains.

It is small; it is different and can apportion resources for only some subjects. However what distinguishes it from Wiki is that it has a personal touch, backed by rigorous research by experts ensuring that what the kids read is well-written and factually correct. Not just good reading content, Encyclopedia also has elucidations and explanations to help children learn science, mathematics or language skills.

Besides this they also allow them to be more agile and curious. In addition to all of these this, they cater to the needs of teachers for teaching and designing of co-curricular activities for students in the class. There are many publishers who are into Encyclopedia and one can buy encyclopedia for children online but one that is highly recommended for kids is that by Miles Kelly Publishers.

They specialize in Factbooks for kids and a host of categories that aims to discover the whole world with a huge range of books. The content of the Encyclopedias is designed by curriculum experts and is brilliantly written and liberally illustrated. It is multidimensional in approach and treats out different ways to create interest and expand the knowledge of children. The articles are restructured and simplified not just to help children learn about various things around them but also facilitate their cognitive, emotional and social development.

As children learn utmost during their early years, the gift of Encyclopedia can be both a definite delight and an everlasting asset for them. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. The early age of a child are the formative years for the development of physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional skills.

Experts say that a child who starts reading early has a better vocabulary, interpersonal skills , and a superior grasp over written and verbal communication. The age between is the best time to inculcate reading habit into children. This leads to an active brain and more creativity. Children who read have more chances to have more focused attention, understanding, and better memory.

The best way to inculcate reading habits in children is to read alongside them every day. Children of all age groups can appreciate fiction books. However, every child has a different learning curve. While some children may have a natural love of reading, others may just not want to read any books. There are several ways in which parents and teachers can encourage children to love reading.

Select carefully those books that suit his choice. You can buy fiction books for children online or visit a nearby book store with your child to create curiosity and develop liking towards various genres and styles of books. If your child is an unwilling reader play characters from story books and create a lot of drama while reading books to him. Reading does not have to be restricted to moral stories or fairy tales. Children may also enjoy reading encyclopaedia , newspapers or even comic books.

Fix a reading time as a part of child's everyday routine. Make them learn new words, ask questions about the story and discover the wonder of language with every new book they read. Well, there is yet one more reason to minimise the exposure of children towards screens. Yes, you heard it. It causes heart problems at early ages. Stephen Daniels, a spokesman for the American Heart Association, said that exposure to television screens for longer times induce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Moreover, when they get habitual of the routine it continues to the childhood also. Experts at AHA reviewed the statistics of past 20 years and came to a conclusion about the co-relation of cardiovascular disease and self-reported screen time. The report also revealed that screen time also disrupts your biological cycle of sleeping and can make you feel sick.

Moreover, with commercials and advertisement promoting unhealthy processed, it creates a bad impact on children watching TV. Also, other devices like tablets, mobile phones, and computers have superseded the television. Going through the reports of AHA, Young Angels, a leading children book publisher believes that parents and teachers should encourage children to read more books rather than letting them watch television for hours.

This habit is a slow poison to your child. The National Council of Education Research and Training NCERT has issued guidelines on cyber security to schools, teachers and parents, to protect the privacy of preschoolers and to track their internet usage. Keeping a track of people who are accessing computers, using USBs, and other storage devices, unknown icons on desktops are some of the guidelines that the organization has come up with.

They way children are getting addicted to social media and internet, the guidelines also encourage schools to teach children not to communicate with unknown people online and avoid susceptive profiles which could harass children through emails and messaging. Besides the guidelines, NCERT has urged schools to introduce educational activities and courses on cyber security.

The guidelines also follow that schools and teachers should teach children the judicious use of internet and technology. As parents, we all want our kids to grow up to be tall adults. However, there is a small percentage of kids who are not as tall as their peers. Concerned parents look for healthy ways to make sure that their kids grow taller. Healthy foods that promote growth and exercise are fantastic options as they do not require taking any so-called medicines to promote height in kids.

There is no secret for increasing height overnight. You may have seen the advertisements in newspapers and on television which claim to speed up height but believe me, most of them are bogus. They do not actually have any impact on the growth of human beings. Conversely, eating such non-prescription drugs can lead to several physical complications. Hence, you should never take those advertisements seriously.

It is still possible to increase height when you are young. Moreover, achieving the target in this area needs effort and patience. Here are some simple guidelines that truly work to increase the height of kids. The first step for acquiring height is eating a balanced diet. If you truly want to have an enviable height, you should keep aside the burgers, cola, and chips. Switch over to a healthy diet style in place of the junk foods.

A balanced diet would make you stronger by every means. Combine your platters with all types of nutrients containing protein, carbohydrates and fat. You can eat all the things in moderation, but avoid all carbohydrates or fatty meals at a time. As part of a healthy diet, add plenty of lean proteins. The list should include fresh poultry, meat, soy, fish and dairy products. These fresh proteins would help you in building muscles, strengthen bones and stimulate body growth. Try to stay away from simple carbohydrates such as cakes, pastry, pizza, sweets and soda. Eat adequate amounts of Vitamin D and calcium too.

Green leafy vegetables, dairy products are good sources of calcium. Studies have shown that zinc stimulates body growth effectively. So, try to add zinc-rich foods like wheat germ, squash seeds, peanuts, crab and pumpkin into your daily food chart. Try to include every food to increase height in kids. Simple exercises that involve stretching are a must. An exercise you can get your child to try is to stand against a wall with his back towards it.

Ask him to raise his hands and stretch as far as he possibly can. The next step is to sit with his back against the wall on his toes and stretch the muscles in his leg. This can be repeated ten times every day. Another fantastic stretching exercise is to get your child to sit on the floor with his legs apart as wide as possible. Let him bend his waist and stretch to touch his toes, about four times on each leg. This is a beneficial exercise as it helps in the elongation of his spine and improves his posture.

Does your kid love hanging from bars at the playground and at home? Pull-ups are a fantastic way to promote growth, so encourage your child to practice this regularly. Chin-ups are also awesome growth-enhancing exercises that your child will love. Make sure that he practices every day for about 10 minutes. Yoga asanas such as Surya Namaskar are ideal in helping kids grow tall. The pose allows the body to stretch completely, encouraging growth in height.

Make sure your child does simple breathing exercises before beginning. Chakrasana is another great yoga exercise that will get your child to stretch his entire body. This involves lying flat on the back with legs apart. Get your child to bend his knees, touching his buttocks and bend his elbows so that his fingers touch his shoulders. The next step is to breathe in and push his body up to create a U, staying in this position for as long as he can. As he skips, his body stretches and hence, he grows a few inches every time he performs this exercise.

This is another great workout to make your child grow taller. It also helps him exercise his entire body, giving him strength and health. The sole purpose of this workout is to stretch the lower part of the body. Make sure that small weights are used and increase them as your child grows older. There is no end to the benefits of jogging, even for adults. To make your child grow taller, encourage him to jog every day and accompany him so that it is a more enjoyable experience.

With these eight exercises, you can help your child grow taller and help him have a healthier outlook on life by being physically active! You want your child to eat healthy foods, but do you know which nutrients are necessary and in what amounts? Here's a quick overview. Nutrition for kids is based on the same principles as nutrition for adults. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Children, however, need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages. So what's the best formula to fuel your child's growth and development? Check out these nutrition basics for girls and boys at various ages, based on the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans. If you have questions about nutrition for kids or specific concerns about your child's diet, talk to your child's doctor or a registered dietitian.

This moist and humid weather is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other germs which may lead to diseases like malaria, dengue and also microbial infections. Here are a few tips mothers can follow to protect their baby in this weather. This is the most important step. Generally, babies sweat a lot due to the humid weather in monsoons.

You should wipe their body at regular intervals to keep them dry. During monsoons, it is at times very hot when the sun is out and cool and pleasant when it rains. Monsoon gives rise to several water-borne diseases like diarrhea, since water gets polluted in this season. So, always give your baby boiled and cooled water. If your baby consumes formula milk and supplements, prepare it with boiled water. Do not keep any food uncovered. Keep breastfeeding your baby as this will boost their immune system.

If you have a garden or plants around your house, trim the plants before the rain starts and avoid water logging as stored water not only allows mosquitoes to breed but also leads to several bacterial and fungal growths which may lead to several diseases. Despite all efforts you take to keep the mosquitoes away, they may still enter the room and bite your baby.

So, some preventive measures need to be taken. You can also apply a mosquito repellent cream on their body but always seek advice from the pediatrician before application. Use mosquito nets on their bed when the baby sleeps or stick a wire mesh on windows and doors. Always keep common cold and flu medicines handy which can be given to your baby in case the doctor is unavailable that time.

But do consult your doctor beforehand about the dosage. There should not be any dampness or water leakage in that room. The electrical wiring should be proper and the house should be neat and clean. To present academic works neatly or to excel in examination, handwriting holds a very important place. Not all kids have neat and attractive handwriting but by following certain important ways parents can help their children to improve their handwriting. A child cannot have good handwriting if the child does not know how to grasp the pencil in the correct way.

If the pencil is not grasped correctly, the kid cannot write easily. When the pencil is resting next to the thumb-base, it is right way of holding the pencil. The child should hold the pencil very tightly with his or her thumb, middle finger and index finger. With correct grasp of pencil, a kid can write more without letting the fingers get tired. Another problem in maintain good handwriting is that kids cannot keep the proportions of the letters rightly. Most of the kids find it difficult to keep the lines straight and letters in right proportion. Parents can help their children to overcome this problem by following certain methods.

The capital letters must fill up the space between the bottom and top line. While writing the small case letters, the size should be about half of the capital letters. By regular practicing on the lined paper, children will get fair idea about size of the letters they must follow. Children with poor handwriting can practice on red and blue lined papers. Every child is hesitant to go somewhere new and see people she's never met before. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your child for her first day of school:. Summer in Rochester is a beautiful and wonderful time of year. The weather is pleasant and there is so much to do - swimming, boating in one of the lakes, picnicking in the parks, or enjoying one of many outdoor sports.

Enjoy this time of year even more by taking a few precautions to protect your child ren and yourself from some of the more dangerous aspects of this season. Sun safety should actually be practiced year-round, but we are more likely to experience the damaging effects of the sun in the summer simply due to the greater amount of time spent outdoors. Apply sunscreen all over the body even in places covered by clothing 30 minutes before going outside, and reapply every two hours or after swimming or sweating.

Sunscreen should be worn for any outdoor activity, even on overcast or cloudy days. Everyone, especially very young or very fair-haired children, should wear a hat. Wear cotton clothing, preferably with a tight knit. Keep baby's feet covered with a lightweight blanket. If necessary, small amounts of sunscreen can be applied to exposed areas.

Use strollers with a large canopy. Whether swimming in the neighborhood pool or boating in a local lake, the water provides many opportunities for fun days and happy memories. Keep your child safe by following a few simple guidelines:. Never be out of arm's reach of your baby or toddler in or near the pool or body of water.

Avoid use of inflatable swimming aids "floaters". These can provide a false sense of security. On a boat: all children must wear properly-fitting life jackets at all times. Pay attention to the weather conditions and forecasts and take proper precautions. Yoga is a spiritual activity which rejuvenates our soul and body. It has become a prominent part of our well being, emotionally and physically. Allowing the essence of yoga helps attain spiritual equilibrium in our lives. Ever pondered how Yoga helps us get rid of our problems? Attaining a high standard of living is what we dream off.

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Our life revolves around worrying about our future, hauling with the technology, attaining an everlasting financial regularity, trying to be an alpha individual, obsessing with success, living a life of high standards and be the superhero of the people we love.

Before we are filled up to the brim with our desires and to achieve whatever we want in our life, we need to attain spiritual discipline on the physical and emotional level. Yoga is comprised of distinct postures and breathing exercises that not only satisfies our body mentally but also helps attain a desirable physical state. These activities enhance personal power, self-healing, self-awareness, focus, concentration, strength, flexibility, confidence, and strong nervous system. Well, the list goes on. In a distracted world, yoga creates focus, creates concentration. In a world of fear, yoga promises strength and courage.

A healthy body and a disciplined mind are the foundations of a world free from fear. In crafting a new self through Yoga, we create a new world. It is being said that if you are willing to learn you can be unstoppable. Education is the ornament, without which the economic, political and cultural being of a nation is futile. It is the most fundamental need of an individual which is categorised into three groups: primary education, secondary education and higher-secondary education.

In this competitive world, it is highly necessary to have good education in order to accomplish the best in this world. Since things are moving around at a really high pace with the technology, one has to be updated with the time. Completing primary education is a must in order to succeed in life, which is followed by secondary education and higher secondary education. So what is the purpose of education for school-going children who are still exploring their world in a shell? To build with passion and lead with passion! Young Angels, a leading publisher of , activity books, encyclopaedias, picture books, sticker books and life skills books, has made primary education more interesting.

Among the extensive range of books, Empowering Life Skills is one such a fun-filled magazine that challenges the intellect of school-going children. It tickles the gray matter of an individual to learn more and think more. It focuses on building multiple-intelligence, naturalist intelligence, logical intelligence and other skills. Education is not all about exams and getting marks, but to inform young ones about the world through activities and practicality.

We humans are social animals and education separates us from other creatures in this world. With the multifarious outcomes, education not only upgrades our mind but helps us build a strong democratic system on national and international level. Education links every single individual to all over the world. Once Mahatma Gandhi said:. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning. By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit. Are you witnessing temperamental differences in your child?

Is your child being suppressed under the weight of educational pressure? Regardless of how much you as a parent feed them to be a better individual, children are more engulfed in the vibes of unhappiness. Just like we adults face, children are not always surrounded with happy vibes and people. Whether it is about assignments, insufficient support from teaching staff and clashes with friends, it has become difficult to track whether your child is happy or not.

It is purely based on activities and does not include any exam. One of the most influential magazines, Empowering Life Skill enhances progressive reading, multiple intelligence and other intellectual skills. So, in this blog, we have broken down a few points that show that your child is emotionally unhappy and is not having a good time.

Here are a few things why your child is not interested in going to school:. And that is why we at Young Angels have designed books in such a way that can keep your child interested in reading and studying more. Children are the best hope for the future, and it is the time to build a better one. Young Angels steps forward to enhance reading habits in children. New Delhi, India : Young Angels, one of the leading book publishers, has announced a Giftabook campaign to make these summer holidays for children more adventurous.

With the help of this campaign, free books will be distributed to children, so that they can spend their holidays informatively. Big screens have captured the young minds of school going children in such a way that they barely think of touching a book. These books come with an extensive range of activities, especially Empowering Life Skills magazine, which is purely based on empowering multiple -intelligence, logical intelligence and other intellectual skills.

It not only enhances the creativity of children but also feed their brains with lots of knowledge. It ends on June 30 th , We specialise in books meant for children of different ages. The wide range of books offered by us includes fairy tales, moral stories, illustrated story books, encyclopedias, general knowledge books, grammar books, colouring books, activity books, sticker books and many more. All these books are available in both English and Hindi. With children sticking to the clouds of sorrow and depressive behaviours, it seems like their pattern of childhood is being altered every day.

It looks like the flow of happiness among school-going children is being hindered by emotional disorders like depression. The mission promises to maintain equilibrium between school workload and personal life of children. These books are designed to anchor their mind with a series of creative ideas to keep them engaged and happy. Moreover, they help them fight with the psychological control which is taking a hold of their mind every now and then. According to a study published by the University of Edinburgh, it was reported that children who have parents less psychologically controlling were happier than the ones with controlling parents.

And stumbling upon this cause, we believe that psychological control restrict the behaviour of a child to make decisions. These restrictions make a child feel that they are not being loved. On the flip side, it should not be understood with controlling behaviour, which is also something being faced by school-going children. Is your child engulfed in the walls of isolation? Here are a few things to have a happy relationship with your child:. No matter how nastily you have been squalled in the storms of your life, being happy is a choice and only few understand it.

As much as we adults are being heaved into the daily chores of life, our younger ones who have not even crossed the adolescence are already facing mental stress. This plan will be based on activities rather than having a series of examinations. Young Angels, a leading publisher, has been creating a strong positive environment for children by bringing a comprehensive set of story books, activity books, encyclopaedias, picture books, sticker books and life skills books.

The ELS is an adventurous ride of facts, knowledge and fun. Focussed on building cognitive ability, individual attitude, literary and scientific skills, and a strong knowledge base, it boosts individual personality of a child. In this way, they build decision making power and feel optimistic for accomplishing small things. In addition, with the help of our book fairs and book clubs, we organise activities and workshops for children to form a strong relationship between parents, teachers and students.

With this approach, it becomes easy to figure out the mental block that children are carrying and how to sort out things judiciously. Unhappiness is a serious issue, especially in the phase of adolescence that is when children begin to aspire and undergo a major shift in terms of knowledge. Forming a life-long emotional well-being with parents, teachers, friends and others is a key to happiness. Keeping a positive perspective and creating a positive atmosphere around is quite a struggle for school-going children. From hauling in the morning to reaching home, children come back with a load of personal issues, work load and a competent behaviour to be the best among all.

Where is happiness? Why are schools turning into a dungeon for children? How can we make them happy? Are they living in a virtual world? Are they scared of sharing and confessing their inner instincts? Well, these are some of the questions that are concealed under a table of ignorance.

With a wide range of story books, activity books, encyclopedias, picture books, sticker books and life skills books, the ultimate objective is to help children build a positive environment around them. These books not only offer an interactive landscape of enjoyment, also, they focus the idea of value-based learning, creating cordial environment and developing skills. Empowering Life Skills ELS is profoundly focussed on constructing logical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, holistic development and multiple-intelligence.

Also, the ultimate purpose of this magazine is to shift the focus of children from digital world to reading books. Gone are the days when childhood was filled with moments spent outside the home, rather than glued to TV screens. Coming across these challenges, we at Young Angels have broken down a list of activities that make a child happy. Addressing the emotional, physical, social, intellectual, relational and creative front of children, here are some points to have a happy life. Wake up early : Waking up early in the morning is a key to productivity and healthy body.

Eating on time : Having meals full of healthy carbohydrates and protein is a must to stay energetic and motivated through-out a day. Sound Sleep : From brainstorming to constantly writing assignments and playing, a sound sleep of minimum 7 to 8 hours is beneficial to heal the energy lost. Hearing them will help you get a clear view of their emotional side. Love your child unconditionally : In the phase of adolescence, they live a life of trial and error all the time. So understanding them and loving them as the way they are will make them feel loved and happy. Mental Health Crisis is taking a toll on the mind of young children New Delhi, India- With the increasing mental health crisis and depressive disorder among the school-going children, Young Angels, a publishing house, believes that one of the best methods to overcome social isolation and feeling of loneliness is to construct a reading habit.

Depression and emotional stress among children have been treated as a typical melancholy, which is making school children more vulnerable. In addition, the periodic evaluation will be calculated using a happiness index. The plan will focus nursery to eight classes. He also made a heartfelt request to all the teachers and school children of Delhi to help fabricate a better landscape to fight depression and influence the direction of children as a nation.

Talking about the pressure of the future, insecurities, self-image, educational deadlines and other cultural stereotypical elements, school children seem to be finding it hard to bear the burden of their life. With this cause, Young Angels has always been focussed on teaching children and equip them with the skills to attain highest level of literacy. With the help of Empowering Life Skills ELS , they bring different set of creative activities to stimulate and nurture different intelligences. Providing multi-disciplinary experiences to children, ELS books are full of creative imagery, which help build:.

Logical Intelligence: The puzzles and activities help build an intensely inquisitive mind among children. Moreover, it assists them to solve complex calculation with no difficulty. Multiples Intelligence: The books focus on building multiple intelligences which represents different mental abilities, through a range of interesting activities. Visual Spatial Intelligence: The amalgamation of pictures, diagrams, demonstrations and flip charts, help children to visualise images collectively. With this kit, they can narrate their own stories and build a constructive mind. Holistic Development: This section targets the emotional, physical, social, intellectual, relational and creative side of the children.

A well-integrated set of ideas together build a strong personality. We at Young Angels believe that mastering the skill of self-realization and introspection are key aspects to have a life full of happiness. Phone Number: - , - , — Email: contact youngangels.

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Professional development is about life-long learning and growing as an educator. Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka is committed to the continued progress and involvement of all educators so that they can constantly improve their skills and become more proficient in the profession. In Service Training program for Teachers was organized from 14th May, to 17th May, in the school premises. The program was organized to update teachers about new-child centric teaching methodologies, meet challenges of educational reforms, and learn innovative subject enrichment activities and classroom management strategies for special need children.

Our customized teacher training program focused on improving the quality of teaching-learning process, so that students achieve increasing level of proficiency. Multifarious workshops were organized for the facilitators, in the school. These included: Fitness exercises for teachers by Dr. Shilpi Singh, Yoga by Mr. Subject based workshops by Renowned Experts were held to upgrade the content knowledge and pedagogical skills of teachers. The workshop focused on developing fine motor skills of children in order to make their pencil grasping correct. Creative workshops were organized to gain fresh ideas to liven up classrooms and to apply creativity into different subjects.

Vandana Gupta an Art Expert made beautiful masks and puppets that can be used as interesting teaching aids by teachers. The experts helped teachers to enhance their creative skills. Mrs Rajee N Kumar. The aim of the workshop was to help educators to hone the skills and techniques that can be incorporated in teaching methodologies for better classroom management. The workshop was engaging and interesting and emphasized on imbibing professional etiquettes as these help in working professionally, maintaining proper manners and engaging with colleagues in a spirit of cooperation and respect. Professional Development Training helped teachers to become better at planning and staying organized.

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Educators found the training program very insightful, inspiring, informative and engaging. The school organised an Orientation Programme for class X for the session on 11th May The main objective of theprogramme was to apprise the parents about the syllabus, mode of assessment including scholastic and co-scholastic domains and the code of conduct for the students within the school premises. The programme commenced with the lighting of the auspicious ceremonial lamp by the Secondary In charge Mrs. Manju Gupta along with a few teachers and the parents.

The soothing and mellifluous chanting of shlokas by S. Aneerudh, a class X student added more divinity to the lighting ceremony. The programme got an encouraging response wherein nearly 90 parents along with their wards attended the session. The entire session was designed in the form of a power point presentation. Certain inspiring videos were also shown tocreate an awareness among the parents and their wards pertaining to stress and the better way to study. The first segment of the programme was conducted by the Head Counsellor of the school Dr.

Firstly she interacted with the students and encouraged them to be honest to themselves. They were told to take their career seriously and put in genuine efforts to reach to their goals. Later the parents were cautioned in length about the high expectations they keep from their children irrespective of their interest and ability. This leads to an immense stress on the kids and they deter from their desired paths.

The parents were told to follow certain guidelines to create a healthy and supportive environment in the house where the kids should get freedom to pick up the right options for themselves. This was later followed by the next segment i. The parents were informed about the various domains of internal assessment and the portion of the syllabus to be included in each assessment. They were told about the grading system for scholastic and co-scholastic areas. They were also informed about the behaviour the school expects from all its students and the repercussions if they fail to follow the code of conduct for instance bringing mobiles or bullying.

Suraksha Committee which came into existence last year was also introduced to the parents. They were informed about its function and significance in the school. Human trafficking, sexual violence and harassment have become a staple element of everyday news. Considering the fact that we live in a digital world and that children have access to phones right from a very young age, cybercrimes are also a very prominent threat.

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It is important to inculcate a sense of awareness right from a very young age and help your child think smart and develop a strong character. Information about self : Children should know their full name, home address, and phone number. They should also know the names of three trusted adults and ways of contacting them if the need should ever arise.

Situational awareness: Situational awareness is extremely important and can be taught with the help of some very simple methods. For example, ask your child to notice three things around her or the shortest route to the exit in a closed space. You can use fun games to teach your child to be situationally aware, a skill which will prove very useful in the long term.

Safe and unsafe touch: Teach your child the difference between safe and unsafe touch, and reassure her that you will believe her words, no matter what. Do not explain it as good and bad touch as a bad touch can also feel good. Children know when they are in an uncomfortable situation. No-go-tell: This follows the above tip. Perpetrators of child sexual abuse are most often someone known to the child.

Stranger danger: Sometimes, in your presence, your child could feel emboldened to talk to strangers, for example, the door-to-door salesman. She might then speak to other strangers even in your absence. No wandering alone: Teach your child to stick to the routes you have shown her and always travel in the company of someone. Discourage her from discovering new places alone. Self-defence: It is always a good idea to teach your daughter how to defend and protect herself in any dangerous situation.

Along with aiding her to stay safe, it will also give her a sense of confidence, which can deter someone from trying to harm her. Always be alert and aware: Again, situational awareness is super important. Teach your child to mentally prepare a plan of action for any situation. Known locations or people do not guarantee safety.