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Mathias also carried a bag of silver, gold, copper, metallic green, red, and blue fronds. He entered the living room and sat on one of the couch chairs. He placed the cage on the carpet. But Isabelle bent her eyebrows. Alyssa watched him press it; he probably programmed a way to track the snake. She could even feel her heart throb through her throat. She hurried her breathing and followed everyone else out of the tent.

Alyssa stepped onto the sand and saw something move.

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She gasped, her muscles constricting to her bones. Her hands shook and cooled down despite the burning sun.

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Tingles spread through her toes and fingers and expanded to the rest of her body. She whined through her contracted throat. She wished that what she saw was just a mirage. It opened its jaw, exhaling light gray ash. It stuck out its pointy black tongue and pushed its head toward Alyssa, and she coughed. But it sped up its slithering.

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Alyssa screamed and spun around. She dashed along the beach, and her feet sped up, thus kicking the backs of her legs. Sand streamed into her sneakers. Sweat even trickled into the neckline of her shirt and her legs.

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Her life, and the lives of her family and friends, go from humdrum to fantastically frightening in a matter of moments. As the first book in a series of fantasy stories, From Frights to Flaws has the potential to be a memorable read. On several occasions throughout the reading, I felt that unique situations were brought to light too quickly without sufficient background and build-up. The author is aiming at an audience who is still developing a schema as they read, especially in the fantasy genre.

It is important to be as descriptive as possible to draw in readers with elaborate explanations.

Alyssa McCarthy’s Magical Missions Book Tour & Giveaway

I feel those explanations are missing as the setting moves from the everyday to the land of mythical creatures and magical beings. The author takes for granted that the reader is able to follow quickly and make assumptions. I was struck early on in the reading with the similarities to the Harry Potter series by J. Alyssa, a wonderfully written character, is thoroughly described in the initial chapters, but loses some of her uniqueness as the book progresses. The setting of the book is one of its more appealing aspects.

This alone will attract a younger audience. The fantasy element interwoven with this modern-day setting makes for an appealing read for preteen readers. I was impressed with the growing number of fantastic creatures as the story line progressed. From dermaidens to the centidile and from Regulus, the marshakeet, to the ash-breathing adder, the author has laid out a long list of beings who can easily compete with those in any fantasy novel for preteens.

Prasad has the base for a strong work of literature for young readers, but lacks some of the well-developed background and detail I would like to see in this particular genre.

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