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There are subplots that focus on the struggles of undocumented immigrants. Readers do not need to be Amish, or Amish genre story lovers, to relate to a second chance plot of a man who has lost his first marriage partner via death.

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Bee County is a Texas-authentic location, Beeville the county seat. Her sympathetically drawn, three-dimensional characters struggle with real-life dilemmas and are certain to appeal to fans of Wanda E.

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Brunstetter and Marta Perry. She brings back her heartwarming characters that reside in the Amish community of Bliss Creek. Williams portrays how particularly abhorrent cruelty is when inflicted on such a giving, peaceful group of people. While they aim to protect themselves in addition to the Amish, their actions conflict directly with Amish beliefs. Therein lies the powerful dilemma at the core of the novel: do the Amish protect themselves and sacrifice all their beliefs, or do they remain as they are and risk their lives?

Of course, there are no easy answers.

In a way, each character must face a similar dilemma. Williams handles these delicate situations with a sure, deft hand, and we are often left feeling empathy for each character, even those that we initially feared or disliked. As Jacob feeds us pieces of the story through journal entries, we learn that his daughter, Sadie, can predict certain events that come to pass.

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Williams says it best:. And from that wondering, this apocalyptic story took form, told through the journal entries of that imagined Amish man on a hillside. It reveals, or so I hope, a little about who we are as human beings and how fundamentally connected we are no matter our beliefs — Amish, English, all of us.

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