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Sheri Langer is a chocoholic writer and editor who routinely feasts on romantic comedies. A self-proclaimed moderately talented home-cook, Sheri spends a fair amount of time concocting dishes that can never be repeated. A creative rebel at heart, she has always colored outside the lines and has an instinctive aversion to recipes. To keep the calories from getting too out of hand, Sheri does step and aerobic workouts in the privacy of her bedroom, where no one has to be subjected to her lack of rhythm.

An avid word fan, Sheri frequently plays Just Words, Boggle, and Scrabble, mostly against the computer so she has excellent odds of winning. With her four kids all grown up — three of whom live in various locations across the map — Sheri and her guy, Brad, spend much of their downtime watching General Hospital and football, shopping, and pursuing the best ice cream on the planet.

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Much to the chagrin of their waistbands, they can often be spotted sitting on a bench outside their favorite creamery, eating obscenely overstuffed giant waffle cones. Please feel free to connect with Sheri on social media. You can help her procrastinate by engaging in spirited exchanges or viewing pics of her great-looking family and ridiculously adorable cat, Zoe. Happy reading, everyone! Tagged as iloveromance , book , contemporary , fact versus fiction , Faith , guest author , guest blogger , guest post , hope , i love romance , journey , love , Love-Lines , message , power of writing , relationships , romance , romance books , Sheri Langer , thoughts on romance , writing life , writing process.

I am pleased to announce a cool book blog tour going on right now, presented by Kaitlynzq, an author I met during my journey! Congratulations on your literary romance audio set! Here at the I Love Romance Blog, we love discoveri ng romance books! Kaitlynzq is giving us a peek at her adult literary romance with a touch of poetry, Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set, today.

Author: Kaitlynzq. Set Design: A bedroom with cascades of golden fabric on the walls, stone fireplace in the back corner,. This is the sort of story which should be played loudly to fill the room. The stories show the challenging relationships and culture of the arts. Each character offers a different diversity.

This is not a collection of lighthearted love stories. Some of the themes will not be for everyone. The characters are trying to juggle difficult scenarios. Overall an interesting collection. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember, there is a chance to enter everyday so be sure to follow the Blog Tour for the contest and exclusive content. You may find the tour link here. Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu looks great! Author Bio. Thank you for telling us about your great book tour! We hope to see you back on ILRB sometime. Tagged as audiobook , author , blog tour , book spotlight , book tour , books , boxed set , featured , giveaway , i love romance , Kaitlynzq , literary , Literary Fiction , literary romance , Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu , music and literature , news , poems , poetic , poetry , romance , romance novel , romance readers , Silver Dagger Book Tours , Tour.

I am pleased to announce a cover reveal by author Laura Barnard!

Look for the audio book to release soon! Cover redesigns are very exciting for both authors and readers because we get to meet lots of new people, and a former book gets a cool makeover! So, check this one out if you can! Nice cover! When Sadie and her colleagues find themselves out of a job and down on their luck, they know desperate times call for desperate measures.

And can she do it before they end up in prison? Looks intriguing! Or add it to your Goodreads TBR list…. Laura is also running a cool Facebook giveaway, with the chance to win a signed paperback, just to thank everyone for spreading the word about her cover makeover!

Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at this book, Laura! It looks like quite a ride! In her spare time she enjoys drinking her body weight in tea, indulging in cupcakes the size of her face and drooling over hunks like Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling and Leo Dicaprio. She enjoys wearing yoga pants and reading fitness magazines while sitting on the sofa eating chocolate. Even if one person tells her they enjoyed her book, this makes the midnight typing worth it!

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I am taking over in the meantime. What a great read! The test of a good writer is one who constructs characters anyone can care about, even if their beliefs may not align with the reader. Suspension of disbelief, and being drawn into the fictional world is key. This gothic romance is thrilling, with unerring historical accuracy, and a hint of the legend of Dracula which most have heard of.

I love tales about Dracula, and this one is just as fascinating. Who is Vlad the Impaler? And, who is Ilona, the strong, amazing woman that falls for him? As a reader, I was yanked into the tale from page one, equal parts mystified throughout, and by turns horrified yet unusually resigned to the circumstances. This book may test your faith in…well, everything you think you know. Bardot has an uncanny ability to make one of the most vilified historical figures utterly human. Or is he far more than that? Ilona really comes into her own from the first time we encounter her — and that pivotal moment when Vlad approaches her — to the well-rounded, confident, strong female she becomes by the end of the book.

I enjoyed learning about both characters. So…is Dracula just a story? It is tempting to think otherwise. Bardot may make you a believer too. Take a chance on this read.

Favorite Dark Romances [Part 2]

I give this a rating of four hearts for an outstanding, unforgettable reading experience. Fantastic job, Autumn! Dracula is determined to marry into the Hunyadi family. It is love at first sight, but the king has other plans. The Impaler Prince, however, never takes no for an answer.

Prince Vlad rests his hand on the small of my back. I shift from foot to foot, look away, only to glance back. Does he hear my heart knocking against my breast? Can he smell my fear as it beads wet on my neck? Do I want to rise to this challenge? Or am I a fool for allowing him to bait me? The lamp divides the darkness like a saber, each foot forward lighting our descent into hell. Ghostly groans from below seep through the rock. I lift my chin and glare with pretended insult. Iron courage flows in my blood. My legs shake, my neck wet with icy prickles, and my skin tightens around my chest.

The circle of light shines upon a pockmarked man stretching his arm between the bars, his fingers curled like claws. He is in danger! You must warn him! I walk with measured pace and let the lantern reveal each doomed prisoner. Most stare, empty-eyed; the whips, chains, skin shredders, bone crushers, and strappado take away all hope and spirit.

Others shout obscenities. One man kneels, hands in prayer, and mutters the Hail Mary. The weight of their misery crashes down, squeezes my heart, and crushes my breath. No one deserves this! It is inhumane! Sadistic and depraved! My breath comes in shreds and clumps. My pace quickens. It is time to end this test of my courage. That particular book is nothing but Egyptian and Greek nonsense. Yet the horror sticks like nettles in my soul. The tunnel ends at a large grotto where Prince Vlad pauses to light the ring of torches affixed to the walls.

I wait on a stone bench near the baptismal fount, sighing with relief as the golden glow of the church-like arches infuse peace into my troubled soul.

Reader Interactions

I tuck a stray lock behind my ear. His second favorite has a Titan-sized head emerging from the ground—like a god got stuck in molten rock. I was only in that grotto once. It reminded me of an insect trapped in tree sap that ages to amber—the insect forever entombed—never aging, almost alive in its resin grave. Tunnels have saved my life several times. Together we walk through the tunnel lit by small lanterns that flicker like fireflies all the way to the exit. Prince Vlad gives the stubborn iron-crossed door a hard yank and it groans open. Outside, a sapphire dawn drapes over Buda.

If my aunts discover I never returned to my room…I spin about, my voice edged with panic. He tugs a handkerchief from his robe and touches it to my lips as though dabbing at a smudge. Even through the thin fabric, his lips sear my own. I part my lips, feel the linen moisten with the breath of our lust. I collapse into him, my body sizzling with desire.

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I am about to rip away the fabric and taste his lips when he breaks the kiss. Vlad Dracula steps back, the handkerchief between thumb and forefinger. Back in my chambers, I touch my lips that still burn with the memory of our kiss—my first kiss—and groan. He took advantage of my desire for romantic adventure to learn the escape route.

Get your copy of this new release today! Up next time: Unglorious War by Maxine Flam. Tagged as iloveromance , ILRB , assessment , Autumn Bardot , book review , book reviews , darkness , Dracula , four stars , Gothic , gothic romance , heart rating , hearts , historical , historical fiction , historical romance , history , i love romance , I Love Romance Blog , rating , review , Reviews , romance books , romance novels , The Impaler's Wife , Vlad the Impaler.

I am pleased to announce a cool book offer by author Sally Brandle! Good for you, Sally! These free offers are very exciting for both authors and readers because we get to meet lots of new people! So, swing by and check it out if you can! But can she find him in time? The last person Grant Morley expects to discover on his annual supply run to a Montana mountain hermit is alluring Miranda Whitley, nearly dead from a bullet wound in her side.

An accidental witness or the cold-blooded accomplice to would-be assassins? Miranda must convince Grant of her innocence, evade the killers intent on preventing her testimony, and fight her unwanted attraction for the agent…an attraction which seems to be mutual. Fortunately, love thrives in Emma Springs.

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Her elderly friend, Judge Ike Gilson, was working in his chambers earlier. From the stairwell? Miranda released her grip, and the tree limb sprang free. She swung her head and watched the branch skim the fly of the trousers on the man now towering over her right shoulder. The lid popped off and the double shot of Kona glugged into a mocha-scented pool. He jumped to avoid the puddle. Sorry, I nailed your coffee. He stopped directly in front of her. Not the shoes of a snobby lawyer or a lost, post-trial pimp trying to find his way out of the building.

Still, the flailing branch served him right for sneaking up on her. Also, check out book two of the series, which is up for pre-order! Thank you for telling us about your free book and your upcoming release, Sally! Multi-award winning author Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense stories. Sally left a career as an industrial baking instructor to bring to life stories motivating readers to trust their inner gifts. Her rescue Aussie is her companion during long spells of writing, bouts of tormenting weeds in her garden, or afternoons spent riding on the wind with her twenty-eight year old Quarter Horse.

Sign up for her newsletter at www. The second book without intimate scenes in her Love Thrives in Emma Springs series, Torn By Vengeance , is currently on presale and releases May 22nd, Tagged as Amazon , book giveaway , clean romance , contemporary , contemporary romance , free , free book , free days , free promo , freebies , giveaway , i love romance , Love Thrives in Emma Springs Series , May sale , new book , new release , preorder , romance books , romantic suspense , Sally Brandle , suspense , teaser , The Hitman's Mistake , Torn by Vengeance.

I love, love, love shopping…well, for almost anything! I can never be trusted with a credit card. At least with a book, you can be sure you will usually end up a satisfied reader. The only issue, for me at least, might be a bunch of glaring grammatical errors, or so much head-hopping that I get fictional whiplash. Maybe you vetted the company for positive customer feedback. Looking over product reviews is never a bad policy.

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Sometimes that happens with shopping too. Maybe the color is off, or the shirt fits smaller or bigger than advertised. Every brand is different. Sarah Jane is an advocate of quasi-destructive book love—her best-loved volumes are highlighted, scribbled in, dog-eared, and wavy from being dropped in the bath tub.

Stephen King is a writer of stunning range and endless imagination. His books range from historical fiction to fantasy to thriller to coming-of-age tales to memoir and beyond. His expertly crafted characters, no matter what scenario or genre they are in, will stick with you long after you turn the last page. He enlists Jake in his mission to travel back in time and prevent the JFK assassination.

This is King for the faint of heart, for the history buff, for the romantic—for everyone. One of my very favorite novels, this tender coming-of-age story follows college student Devin Jones, who takes a summer job at the Joyland carnival hoping to forget the girl who broke his heart, but he winds up facing the legacy of a murder, the fate of a dying child, and revelations about life that will change his world forever.

College student Devin Jones takes a summer job at the Joyland carnival hoping to forget the girl who broke his heart, but he winds up facing the legacy of a murder, the fate of a dying child, and revelations about life that will change his world forever. In this inspiring combination memoir and master class on writing, King shares advice on craft and offers a glimpse into the life experiences that have made him the writer he is today, from his childhood and early career to how writing helped him recover from a near-fatal car accident.

Whether or not you are a King fan, whether you are a professional writer or have never written a word, this is essential reading on the art of writing and the art of life. Bill Hodges is a depressed retired cop who is still haunted by the mass murderer he never caught—a man who drove a stolen Mercedes into a crowd. Then Hodges gets a letter from the Mercedes killer, threatening to strike again, and he knows he must stop the killer himself. Retired cop Bill Hodges feels depressed and purposeless, still haunted by the one that got away—a sadistic killer who drove a Mercedes into the crowd at a job fair.

But when he receives a taunting letter from someone claiming to be the Mercedes killer, Hodges will have to come out of retirement to prevent another massacre. Nine-year-old Trisha McFarland gets tired of the drama on her family hiking trip, so she wanders off into the woods and gets lost. As night falls, Trisha turns to her radio for comfort, listening to broadcasts of Boston Red Sox games featuring her hero, relief pitcher Tom Gordon. As the radio signal fades, Trisha starts to imagine Tom Gordon is there with her, protecting her from what lurks in the woods.

In near-future dystopian America, Ben Richards desperately needs money, so he signs up for The Running Man, an ultraviolent reality show where he must struggle to stay alive as an elite strike force attempts to hunt him down and kill him for a TV audience. But no one has ever lasted more than eight. He reluctantly returns to the house and is drawn into a fierce custody battle between a local millionaire and a young mother as well as the mystery of the lake house, now the site of ghostly visitations and escalating terrors.

Mike Noonan is a bestselling author who is unable to write in the wake of the sudden death of his wife. Plagued by nightmares, he returns to his Maine lake house where he starts receiving messages from his wife from beyond the grave.

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Read a full review of the Dark Tower series. It tells the story of the fallen land of Mid-World, through the eyes of a knight whose primary mission is to save his decaying world by reaching the titular tower that stands at the intersection of time and space. The voice seemed familiar, but it was so hard to tell in a whisper.

I could stand it no longer. I had to know my enemy. I stood up, tightened the towel around my chest, and emerged from the closet, tennis racquet aloft. The figure came into view. Wait a sec, there he was, plain as paradise, standing in my bedroom. A mirage. The shower had been too hot; I was delirious. Why would Amir be standing in my bedroom? I reached down, horribly self-conscious, my breasts swinging like two bells ringing in this Insanely Awkward Moment.

I saw your door flapping, half-open, after you came in. He was the one who needed to calm down. I pried his hand off my face. The wind must have swung it ajar. But wait…what were you doing watching my door, Amir?? How do you even know where I live? I took the same trail out as you did, and I saw your door half open. At that moment I became acutely aware of the actual situation: I was standing in front of my teacher and superior in a towel. Amir was standing in my bedroom.

And I had a chronic problem: keeping a towel tied around my body for any amount of time was well-nigh impossible. Just as I perceived the towel unraveling, I desperately fumbled to close it… Too late — the wrap landed on the floor, and there I stood, naked.

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I was frozen. I watched him watching me. I felt as if we were about to fight a duel — who would pull their weapon first? His seemed to be coming out of its scabbard. He yanked off his glasses, and dropped them on the nightstand. Then he advanced, swept me up like a bride, there went the babushka. My wet hair swung down over his arm. I was now wet everywhere. He dropped me on the bed, leaned over me in push-up position, his biceps tensing, and lowered himself down along my body.

His mouth was trailblazing between my breasts, moving down, down to my thighs, in a wave. Then he started to rise again, kissing along the way. He kissed my left thigh in a precise observational way, then my right, sampling every pore with maddening intensity.