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Success and Jealousy: Beware The Iagos

If another female character waits adjacent to the first female in the pair, they will steal the adjacent Love bonus from the first female if they have higher priority for the male. This effect stacks for multiple males and females. The most useful application is to have the benefiting female wait 1 square diagonally from the male, with two lower priority females in between them to make a square-shaped formation.

That way, the female will steal both lots of the adjacent Love bonus, allowing them to gain an additional Love bonus of 10 points per turn instead of 5, thus speeding up Love growth.

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Exploitation of this phenomenon also allows Seliph and Julia to fall in love by as early as just a few turns after recruiting her, by using Lana and Larcei as the in-between females. However, to utilise this exploit, one must not reset the game once the Second Generation has begun, otherwise Lana and Larcei's priority with Seliph will become equal with Julia's.

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Jealousy In Relationships - Relationship Saga

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How to cope with jealousy in a relationship

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The Complete Robin jealous of Howard's 60 minutes episode mini-saga

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