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Tell Nathan that i'm sorry. I'm not the producer of the documentary and i have hard time to access the film. Myself, i only own a bootleg copy on a very poor shape. I hope that my next trip to Paris will help with this issue. Who is X? I'm well aware of Billie's reputation and let say that it's well deserve. Only a fool will trust Billie and find him credible without any kind of verification.

And it's why Tom and myself did spend so much time to find evidences of Billie's allegations. The truth about the Franklin Grand jurys, the rape allegations According to Barr, a french expert did it. I'm sure that X can tell you the whole story. Thank you David.

The book did good. About me and posting on the JFK assassination, let say that i was impressed by John's job and his commitment to History and Education. So, i'm still in a kind of semi-retirement. It's very interesting, especially the way the FBI is dealing with their own experts. On a general way, the fingerprint issue as evidence is a controversial topic between experts. I will let Nathan know the situation. And I will tell you know who too you know who X is, deep cover man..

Great answers to all the questions asked of you. We really appreciate it.

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As for using Mac, who else? He got away with several murders so what's a few more?

He's still gotten away with it. I think he was in it, but who fired which shots, that's up for grabs. I know Lee shot no rifle that day. But the other "confessors" I have questions and I have doubts, and they sway me every way. The one confession I am sure is false is Easterling. Perhaps, but some think he read a lot of books But Wallace, there's so much evidence of him, and so thanx for sharing your work with us.

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Can you bring me up to speed on the fingerprint. I understand it was found on a box in the TSBD. I wanted to remind readers that Caddy was also involved very quickly as an attorney in the Watergate matter. Caddy has been discussed in another thread. I have seen a copy of this letter on the Internet. Can someone post a copy of it in this thread or a link to the letter? You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. John Simkin. Posted January 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

William Reymond. Posted January 14, Farmers had previously used irrigation pumps powered by electricity. Estes also sold anhydrous ammonia as a fertilizer. This was a great success and Estes soon became a wealthy businessman. Estes's business encountered problems when the Department of Agriculture began to control the production of cotton.

Allotments were issued telling the cotton farmers how much they could and could not plant. In Estes made contact with Lyndon B. Over the next couple of years Estes ran a vast scam getting federal agricultural subsidies. Marshall discovered that over a two year period, Estes had purchased 3, acres of cotton allotments from different farmers. Marshall wrote to his superiors in Washington on 31st August, , that: "The regulations should be strengthened to support our disapproval of every case of allotment transfers ". Dennison, to meet Marshall in Robertson County. At the meeting on 17th January, , Marshall told Dennison that Estes was clearly involved in a "scheme or device to buy allotments, and will not be approved, and prosecution will follow if this operation is ever used.

He assumed that Bille Sol Estes had friends in high places and that they wanted him removed from the field office in Robertson County. Marshall refused what he considered to be a bribe. A week after the meeting between Marshall and Dennison, A. Carter , a close aide to Lyndon B. Johnson , telling him about the problems that Marshall was causing the company.

Foster wrote that "we would sincerely appreciate your investigating this and seeing if anything can be done. He pointed out that Billie Sol Estes scheme to buy cotton allotments were illegal. This information was then communicated to those farmers who had been sold their cotton allotments to Billie Sol Enterprises. On 3rd June, , Marshall was found dead on his farm by the side of his Chevy Fleetside pickup truck. His rifle lay beside him.

He had been shot five times with his own rifle. County Sheriff Howard Stegall decreed that Marshall had committed suicide. No pictures were taken of the crime scene, no blood samples were taken of the stains on the truck the truck was washed and waxed the following day , and no check for fingerprints were made on the rifle or pickup. The undertaker, Manley Jones, also reported: "To me it looked like murder. I just do not believe a man could shoot himself like that. Marshall could have killed himself. Daddy had seen suicides before.

JPs depend on us and our judgments about such things. But in this case, Daddy said, Judge Farmer told him he was going to put suicide on the death certificate because the sheriff told him to. Sybil Marshall hired an attorney, W. Barron , in order to persuade the Robertson County authorities to change the ruling on Marshall's cause of death. Marshall to have taken his own life. Peoples also interviewed Nolan Griffin, a gas station attendant in Robertson County. Griffin claimed that on the day of Marshall's death, he had been asked by a stranger for directions to Marshall's farm.

Peoples eventually came to the conclusion that this man was Mac Wallace , the convicted murderer of John Kinser. In early , Oscar Griffin Jr. Time Magazine reported that "He Billie Sol Estes considered dancing immoral, often delivered sermons as a Church of Christ lay preacher. But he ruthlessly ruined business competitors, practiced fraud and deceit on a massive scale, and even victimized Church of Christ schools that he was supposed to be helping as a fund raiser or financial adviser.

It was also disclosed by the Secretary of Agriculture, Orville L. Freeman , that Henry Marshall had been a key figure in the investigation into the illegal activities of Billie Sol Estes. As a result, the Robertson County grand jury ordered that the body of Marshall should be exhumed and an autopsy performed. After eight hours of examination, Dr. Joseph A. Jachimczyk confirmed that Marshall had not committed suicide. Jachimczyk also discovered a 15 percent carbon monoxide concentration in Marshall's body. Jachimczyk calculated that it could have been as high as 30 percent at the time of death.

On 4th April, , George Krutilek , Estes chief accountant, was found dead. Despite a severe bruise on Krutilek's head, the coroner decided that he had also committed suicide. The next day, Estes, and three business associates, were indicted by a federal grand jury on 57 counts of fraud. Two of these men, Harold Orr and Coleman Wade , later died in suspicious circumstances.

At the time it was said they committed suicide but later Estes was to claim that both men were murdered by Mac Wallace in order to protect the political career of Lyndon B. Leonard C. Williams, a former assistant to Henry Marshall, testified about the evidence the department acquired against Estes. Orville L. Freeman also admitted that Marshall was a man "who left this world under questioned circumstances. It was eventually discovered that three officials of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration in Washington had received bribes from Billie Sol Estes.

However, further disclosures suggested that the Secretary of Agriculture, might be involved in the scam. Tucker, deputy director of the Agriculture Department's cotton division, on 1st August, , that he threatened to "embarrass the Kennedy administration if the investigation were not halted". Tucker went onto testify: "Estes stated that this pooled cotton allotment matter had caused the death of one person and then asked me if I knew Henry Marshall". As Tucker pointed out, this was six months before questions about Marshall's death had been raised publicly.

However, the cover-up continued. Tommy G. McWilliams, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation, came to the conclusion that Marshall had indeed committed suicide. He wrote: "My theory was that he shot himself and then realized he wasn't dead. McWilliams claimed that Marshall had used his shirt to make a hood over the exhaust pipe. Even J. Edgar Hoover was not impressed with this theory. He wrote on 21st May, "I just can't understand how one can fire five shots at himself. Jachimczyk also disagreed with the FBI report.

He believed that the bruise on Marshall's forehead had been caused by a "severe blow to the head". Jachimczyk also rejected the idea that Marshall had used his shirt as a hood. He pointed out that "if this were done, soot must have necessarily been found on the shirt; no such was found. The Robertson County grand jury continued to investigate the death of Henry Marshall.

However, some observers were disturbed by the news that grand jury member, Pryse Metcalfe, was dominating proceedings.

Kennedy, le chirurgien de Parkland accuse

Metcalfe was County Sheriff Howard Stegall's son-in-law. Kennedy had "taken a personal interest in the mysterious death of Henry Marshall. In June, , Billie Sol Estes, appeared before the grand jury. He was accompanied by John Cofer , a lawyer who represented Lyndon B. Johnson when he was accused of ballot-rigging when elected to the Senate in and Mac Wallace when he was charged with the murder of John Kinser.

Billie Sol Estes spent almost two hours before the grand jury, but he invoked the Texas version of the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer most questions on grounds that he might incriminate himself. McWilliams of the FBI also appeared before the grand jury and put forward the theory that Henry Wallace had committed suicide. Jachimczyk also testified that "if in fact this is a suicide, it is the most unusual one I have seen during the examination of approximately 15, deceased persons.

He posed for photographs with a. McClellan pointed out: "It doesn't take many deductions to come to the irrevocable conclusion that no man committed suicide by placing the rifle in that awkward position and then cocking it four times more. Despite the evidence presented by Jachimczyk, the grand jury agreed with McWilliams. It ruled that after considering all the known evidence, the jury considers it "inconclusive to substantiate a definite decision at this time, or to overrule any decision heretofore made.

Ralph McKinney blamed Pryse Metcalfe for this decision. Estes trial began in October John Cofer , who was also Lyndon Johnson's lawyer, refused to put Estes on the witness stand. Estes was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to eight years in prison. Federal proceedings against Estes began in March Estes was found guilty and sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

In the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations reported that it could find no link between Marshall's death and his efforts to bring to an end Billie Sol Estes' cotton allotment scheme. The following year Billie Sol Estes went to prison for fraud relating to the mostly nonexistent fertilizer tanks he had put up for collateral as part of the cotton allotment scam. He was released in but he was later sent back to prison for mail fraud and non-payment of income tax. In J. In the book Haley attempted to expose Johnson's corrupt political activities.

This included a detailed look at the relationship between Estes and Johnson. Haley pointed out that three men who could have provided evidence in court against Estes, George Krutilek, Harold Orr and Howard Pratt, all died of carbon monoxide poisoning from car engines. The case was taken up by the journalist Joachim Joesten.

Johnson was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and was as a direct result of the scandals involving Estes and Bobby Baker.

Clint Peoples retired from the Texas Rangers in but he continued to investigate the murder of Henry Marshall. In Peoples interviewed Billie Sol Estes in prison. Estes promised that "when he was released he would solve the puzzle of Henry Marshall's death". Billie Sol Estes was released from prison in December, Three months later he appeared before the Robertson County grand jury. He confessed that Henry Marshall was murdered because it was feared he would "blow the whistle" on the cotton allotment scam.

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Johnson , who was afraid that his own role in this scam would become public knowledge. According to Estes, Clifton C. Carter , Johnson's long-term aide, had ordered Marshall to approve cotton allotment transfers. Johnson suggested that Marshall be promoted out of Texas. Estes agreed and replied: "Let's transfer him, let's get him out of here. Get him a better job, make him an assistant secretary of agriculture. Estes, Johnson and Carter had another meeting on 17th January, , to discuss what to do about Henry Marshall. Also at the meeting was Mac Wallace. After it was pointed out that Marshall had refused promotion to Washington, Johnson said: "It looks like we'll just have to get rid of him.

Billie Sol Estes also told the grand jury that he met Clifton C. Carter and Mac Wallace at his home in Pecos after Marshall was killed. Wallace described how he waited for Marshall at his farm. He planned to kill him and make it appear as if Marshall committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. However, Marshall fought back and he was forced to shoot him with his own rifle.

He quoted Carter as saying that Wallace "sure did botch it up. The grand jury rejected the testimony of Billie Sol Estes. Carter, Wallace and Johnson were all dead and could not confirm Billie Sol's testimony. However, the Grand Jury did change the verdict on the death of Henry Marshall from suicide to death by gunshot. Trott at the U. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Estes, Lyndon B. Johnson , Mac Wallace and Clifton C. Caddy added: "Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders.

Four days later, the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics ruled that there was now "clear and convincing" evidence to prove Henry Marshall was murdered and State District Judge Peter Lowry ordered that the death certificate should be changed to "homicide by gunshot wounds". In the book Estes claims that Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in assassination of President John F. There were contemporaneous newspaper reports of the untimely deaths of almost all of the persons listed by him in the letter. In addition, Texan historian J. Press reports at the time disclosed that Estes reiterated his accusations in his grand jury testimony.

He had not determined to tell what he knew until while still in federal prison at Big Spring, Texas, he contacted Shearn Moody, Jr. I have not heard the recordings and have no knowledge of their whereabouts. Marshal Peoples of what he knew. Peoples is now deceased.

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Estes finally said too much and went too far. He believed what he preached. Perhaps it was inevitable but the law finally caught up with him. In , he was facing federal fraud charges. The problems started during his expansion years because he used the government for enrichment.

For the Democrats, and particularly for Johnson, Estes willingly contributed large sums of money. To all appearances, he was a generous man who enjoyed politics. Behind the scenes, he needed help at the Department of Agriculture with cotton allotments. That meant politics and Lyndon Johnson.