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Young, pregnant or nurturing guinea pigs should eat alfalfa hay because it contains high levels of calcium, and in these stages of life, they need more calcium. Calcium is the mineral that you need to keep an eye on because of its immediate and drastic effects on a guinea pig.

Calcium is very beneficial for the little pets if it is consumed in small amounts.

Caring for your guinea pig

Small amounts of calcium strengthen the bones, along with vitamin C. It also improves the teeth. Timothy hay is perfect for any adult guinea pig.

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You can start feeding them timothy hay after they stopped growing — at 12 or 14 months. Timothy hay is much more suitable because it has a low amount of calcium. The quantity of hay a guinea pig eats a day is huge comparing to other foods, so it makes perfect sense to give your little friend a low-calcium type of hay.

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Besides, timothy hay contains vitamin C as well. Vitamin C has a lot of benefits for guinea pigs. Vitamin C lowers the chance of getting a cold, it fixes the calcium in the bones, it prevents scurvy a disease that it is practically a vitamin C deficiency. The amount of hay with low vitamin C they eat daily is not enough for the 10 to 30 mg they need to gain during the day.

Things to Avoid

Vegetables and fruits are the last part of the diet that completes the scheme. This is why a balanced diet is key. Scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency.

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The symptoms are very easy to recognize: diarrhea, lack of appetite, lack of energy, lethargy, weakness in bones. Scurvy can be treated with supplements, but it is better prevented than treated. Guinea pigs are not allowed to eat any cooked foods or meals — boiled, fried or baked — for several reasons.


One of them is that their digestive system is adapted to this lifestyle and it cannot process cooked food. The second one is that it is simply not beneficial for them. Raw foods have the maximum nutrients they can have and once you cook them, they lose a lot of their properties, making cooked food not as healthy as raw food. You should know the answer by now, but I will say it again — hay needs to be fresh and guinea pigs need it at all times nearby. A healthy diet for a guinea pig is very various.

Before buying or adopting guinea pigs, make sure that you know how to prepare their living quarters, how to choose pet supplies, and how to feed them properly.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Hay?

If you do everything correctly, your pets may live for up to 10 years! This book contains everything you need to know about raising guinea pigs.

It is ideal for those who want to be responsible in owning and raising their pets. It discusses the needs of guinea pigs and various options on what you can do in order to meet those needs. Raising guinea pigs is a big responsibility, and you must make sure that you can make educated choices for your lovely pets. This book will make you more confident that you are giving your pets the care that they deserve! - people talkin' about me

Why you must listen to this audiobook: 1. In this book you will learn how to prepare for your guinea pigs. This book will teach you how to choose the perfect living quarters for your pigs.