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Final up-to-date thoughts: Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with how far this show has come. In the start, it had some definite good, but the awkward, quirky humor just outweighed it. But the overtime the show matured. Expanded the good and got rid of the bad, resulting in a wholesome, entertaining show with deep story-line, complexity, relatable characters and situations, and good role models, enjoyable for all in the older kid - adult audience. So final verdict: Definitely give Star V. See how good the show became now, then go back to the early episodes.

I think you too, will appreciate how far it came. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Report this review. Teen, 13 years old Written by PaperRose December 21, Excellent Star vs. The villains and monsters may be frightening for some younger viewers, and a few episodes may be too scary for children younger than Overall, the show is very cute and I would highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys action, comedy, and magic.

Helped me decide. As in, severely. The show's a lot like old-fashioned Disney Channel, combined with the weirdness of old Nickelodeon and the cuteness of The Powerpuff Girls. It shows all kinds of equality, such as feminism without misandry, no racial stereotypes, and love for social rejects.

Marco cares about being adventurous while caring about school, too, and Star expresses her childish side without fear of judgement. The verdict: 9. Great messages: Follow your heart and not what others tell you. The protagonist is a princess but would rather be a fighter. Also, be accepting of the "nerd" kids, shown by Marco's friends. Role models: Star's not quite what parents want, but she represents individuality. She can fight on her own, so she represents "girl power", but to balance it out for equality, Marco's an example of "guy power" with some limits.

No one's perfect in this world. Violence: Worst violence is about seven red pixels on a video game screen, and aliens fighting each other. Sex: Unless you're into underage girls you sicko , there's nothing sexual about this show. Profanity: The usual "stupid" or "turd". There's way worse on old Nickelodeon. Consumerism: It's Disney, so there's a chance merch will be made But it has a lot of non-money-related references to other shows.

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Drugs: Nope. Had useful details. Read my mind 2. Teen, 16 years old Written by Achromatopsium June 17, One of the best shows I've ever seen in a long time! First of all, I know that I'm a 16 year old dude and I'm probably too old for this. But I'll say to everyone here, I really don't care! I was browsing the internet and I've stumbled upon an edit of this show.

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These "Edits" have shown me that lots of people are interested in the show and love it, so I've given it a shot and it's pretty damn good. I've blasted through a season and a half in the matter of 5 days and I am still going! If you're thinking of letting your children watch this show—no matter what age they are—I say don't be hesitant to let them watch it!

But my recommendation for someone to fully understand the show is someone who is 10 years of age or older; but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with watching it underage. Now, I'm not the type of dude to judge a book by it's cover. If a show looks like some irritating kids show, that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't go ahead and look more into it until you decide yourself that you should try watching the show.

Do your research, and you'll likely figure out that it's not bad at all. If you're scrolling through reading this right now, and you haven't watched the show yet, go right ahead and at least watch the first episode, I swear to you that you won't be as disappointed as the other shows you've seen.

The plot of the show, the animation, how cute it is, pretty much everything is spot on. I'm a bit tired as I write this, so uh But all I ask is: don't take critical reviews too literally if you didn't watch the show. Nice I like it. Read my mind.

‘Star Wars: TIE Fighter’ Is the Game That Taught Me to Enjoy Being Evil

Kid, 10 years old April 29, I love this show!!! If Gravity Falls never existed, I would be binge watching this show!!! Kid, 11 years old June 9, It questions the true qualities of people and has heartbreaking but positive messages. However, this show is designed for older children like Steven Universe and Adventure Time.

It is clear that the CSM people only reviewed the first episode, so I'm going to review it for June Some of these are too deep for seven yr olds. For example, a queen is forced into a marriage and therefore runs away to be with her true love.

You are Marco!

This is considered "evil" and she is wrongfully imprisoned. Her daughter with her love is thrown into exile. She then goes on a quest for revenge, harming people on the way. I'm including this because one theme of the show is the questioning of being "good" or "evil" and what's in between. Seven years old me would NOT get these important messages.

STAR FIGHTERS 9: Evil Star: Max Chase: Bloomsbury Children's Books

In S1 the characters seemed a little stereotypical, but later the program showed that people have many facets. The main characters are empowering but also have very relatable flaws which they overcome together. Even the villains have different sides i. Most characters are pretty diverse and there's close to no bias, other than popularity at a high school. There is also a campaign in the show for monsters to have equal rights as humans.

Also, since Mewni, where Star is from, has a matrilineal monarchy, there are kick-butt female leads who fight the supposedly evil!

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At the beginning of the show, it was just that some misfit monsters and their leader would come. Also there was some creepy brainwashing and minor gore.

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  • Star would blast them with her wand and Marco would do some karate and they'd go away. Not too bad. Then came season three. During the movie that was the premiere of this season, the violence went up a notch. A lizard man killed the current queen's mother Star's grandma off-screen, so the new queen Star's mom gets a spell to kill him because the lizard is basically immortal.

    However, she only cuts off his finger. Long story short, he tries to kill Star, and for a while, she thinks she's dead. But Star comes back and kills Toffee the lizard dude with powerful magic. And they still gave me nightmares. The next load of violence that matches the last episode I talked about was the S3 finale. A lot of people are "balloonified", and as long as the person that did that to them is alive, Meteora then they won't come back.

    In the end, Meteora's mother basically kills her to end all the misery. There are also some things that opinionated people may call 'satanic' since a character is the prince of the underworld. Did I mention that Star's mom is missing after battling Meteora? Star and Marco's souls are bonded, and Marco dates and repeatedly kisses his crush, Jackie, with Star's help.

    But Star loves Marco and realizes this. She dates another character, Tom. However, Star and Marco kiss while this is going on. Alos, there are some sexual references in this show but most kids won't get them. Characters chat about being alone to 'snuggle', a couple is supposedly naked in a hot tub, and Star is involuntarily obsessed with trapping boys in one episode.

    Overall it's mostly just a lot of hugging, kissing and drama, so not that much. This show features Disney's first gay kiss and a girl who has a crush on another girl, making it a very monumental show in cartoon history. Just "gosh", "dang", "turd", and the like. The only licensed products are two books, one of which is not released yet.

    Nato: seven decades of the evil alliance

    The show doesn't advertise for them but kids might want them as they're handy to the plot. Characters go to clubs a lot but nothing's dirty. I think a character referenced being high once but I'm not sure, and even if they did it would not be noticed by kids. There's not much to worry about.

    And that's why I recommend this show for ages ten and up! Sorry for the long review, but I hope it helped! Teen, 13 years old Written by sleetthecat April 7, My review is This is a really great show! Can the Star Fighters find them before the Mezzokans activate the Mezzonator? The Milky Way is depending on them. It has the same mix of relentless action and cliffhanger chapter endings. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

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