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She read on:. Pupils whose name appear on the list of those to receive Corporal Punishment should report to the School Library immediately following Sunday morning Chapel two days after the publication of the relevant Punishment List. They should wear their usual school uniform. And then she heard their excited voices. She turned and fled, tears dripping down her face, the shame and humiliation too much to bear.

She sensed others looking at her as she rushed through the school, wondering what was amiss — knowing that they too would soon learn of her fate. She sat down and buried her head in her hands, trying to prevent the sobs from being heard by her neighbours. And then — and only then — did the shame and humiliation give way to a rising terror of what was really in store for her: of the fact that she was going to be caned. But as she started to panic, the bell went, summoning the students back to the final two lessons of the afternoon. She left the cubicle, went to the sink and washed her face in the cold water, trying to make herself look presentable.

What did you do, Alice? Why are you up for the stick? The past day and a half had been terrible. Any vain hope she might have had that her fellow pupils might not notice that she was to be punished, or might be in any way sympathetic, had vanished within the first moments in front of that hateful notice. And aside from Matt and a couple of other good friends, the laughter and teasing had left her bewildered, dismayed.

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And scared. And now this.

And five hundred pairs of eyes, focused solely on her, watching, knowing all about her impending appointment with the headmaster — who was right now standing a matter of feet from her, reading the lesson. Matt had tried to reassure her, of course. Had sat up with her through much of the night, talking, trying without much success to persuade her to play cards with him, to keep her mind off things.

To think.

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To shower. To put her uniform on, making sure it was carefully pressed, the school blazer on top of the knee-length blue dress that she was entitled, and supposed, to wear to denote her position as head girl. Unlike the other girls, she noted, whose black dresses would allow them to blend into the crowd, even her uniform set her aside, made her visible. Her bare feet in the freshly-polished black sandals that the summer term required.

But soon the chaplain and the headmaster were gathering up their books and processing out of the chapel to the sounds of the organ. As always, the pupils filed out from the back of the church first, leaving the prefects and choir until last. And then, head down, Alice left the building, through the crowds, through the taunts, and walked across the school grounds to the main building and up the stairs towards the Library. And then, heart fluttering, she knocked gently on the door. She walked in, trying to appear confident, desperate not to give away her true feelings.

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And on the desk… her eyes were drawn to the long, wooden stick with its curved handle, to which she was shortly to be so painfully introduced. I am furious at your conduct. As you will have seen from the punishment list, I intend to administer corporal punishment to you, to teach you a lesson. Have you anything to say?

I want you to remove your knickers, place them in your blazer pocket, and then take off your blazer and fold it neatly on the table to your side. Fumbling, she stuffed them into her pocket and took off the jacket, laying it down as instructed. He was going to cane her on the bare! Green opened a large, old, leather-bound book on the table, and took out his fountain pen. He turned to a fresh page, and started to write. So this is doubly disappointing for me. Alice gasped. Green continued. Making eight in all. Now I have very simple rules for this: you bend over and touch your toes.

I cane you. You count the stroke and thank me, then stay in position for the next stroke. This was too terrible. Scarcely able to comprehend what was happening, Alice lifted the back of her skirt and bent forwards, reaching down towards the ground. The headmaster walked behind her, cutting the stick through the air, and moved closer. She felt him tug at the dress, pulling it right up over her back, her buttocks bare, her backside and she dreaded to think what else completely exposed. She flinched as he stepped to the side and measured the cold wooden stick across her. And then…. The swish as the cane cut through the air; the blow almost knocking her forwards.

And then the pain. She gasped in shock. Oh the pain. A hundred times worse than anything she had expected. She took deep breaths, trying to control herself. He measured the rod out again, lower, pressing into her flesh, before flogging it against her just as hard as the first, the retort of wood against skin filling the air. And then the third.

Oh my goodness. She drew breath, composing herself, before counting the stroke. The fourth and fifth were just as hard, Alice clenching her fists after each stroke, gasping, trying so hard not to move. She was starting to blink back tears now. And then she felt the headmaster move slightly, lifting the cane higher, and as the sixth stroke landed there was nothing she could do.

Alice leapt up, her hands instinctively reaching behind her. Green rapped her knuckles with the stick, annoyed. Still five. And the total is up one to nine. Almost bowling her over with its force, and finally causing her tears to start to fall. Low down, hard, stinging as it hit: unbearable.

Green stepped back. But we still have two more to go. Oh God, no, please, sir. I mean, eight sir, thank you. Waiting… sensing Green watching her… lifting the rattan… and delivering the final blow with all of his strength. Yet she hung on, terrified lest she moved, unable to bear the thought of another two blows. Green was already walking back round the table, placing the rod down on the desk and sitting down.

Her hands strayed behind her, as if the burning pain could be rubbed away. The caning had been awful — far worse than she had imagined, but at least it was now over. All she wanted was to leave, to get back to her room, to be alone. Do you understand? The headmaster continued. I want to make one other matter very plain. You have fallen far short of those.

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When I spoke to you on Wednesday, I told you that I would be taking your position into account when I decided what discipline to mete out to you, and I still intend to do that. So having completed your caning for the initial offences, I now intend to punish you for your betrayal of the trust I placed in you as head girl. In betraying my trust, you have to my mind forfeited your right to wear that garment, and so for the remainder of your punishment I would ask you to take it off.


Slowly, fingers trembling, she undid the zip, and took off the garment, letting it fall to the floor, bending double as she reached down to take off her sandals. She gathered them up, and took them to the table next to her blazer, before turning to face him again — one arm wrapping around herself to cover her bare breasts, the other hand reaching down to cover her lower modesty.

She gave a muffled sob. Now stop this contortion act. Slowly, she uncovered herself, resting her right hand on top of her left, on top of her head, totally bare now to his gaze. On this occasion, I intend to repeat the punishment to illustrate my displeasure with you. You have enjoyed a range of privileges as head girl, and so it is only right that you should be treated more severely if you have misbehaved. He looked down at the punishment book, and picked up his pen.

Alice watched him, dumbstruck. Green looked up. We have been using CCBill for close to 15 years and there is no mystery there as to how to cancel your subscription. Hell, I will make it nice an easy for you before you even think about signing up.

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