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One of my favourite scenes so far is the scene where Merry confesses to Jack that she has used her magic for bad things and fears falling into the dark the same way Gwydion did.

A Discovery of Witches (book)

However, being unable to fulfil the oath causes Merry to get sick and as she gets weaker there is less chance of her defeating Gwydion. It is only when her grandmother shows up does her mother see the error of her ways and agrees to take her home to face the evil wizard. Before they leave Merry has a vision of the Queen asking the witches to try and save Jack and they unintentionally give Merry a way to save him. As she heads to the lake to bring the fight to Gwydion she decides not to take Leo with her despite his total support throughout the novel because of her grandmother, this might cause her a disadvantage, but she is full of self-doubt which Leo usually helped her overcome.

As we cross into the final section of the novel, Merry makes her final preparations to face Gwydion and she begins to worry which has proven to be herself down fall in the past. However, given the ominous and sad undertones carried throughout the novel I am expecting my heart to be ripped out over and over. Jul 27, Diabolica rated it liked it. Liked but couldn't love. Though this was a retelling of sleeping beauty, for some reason I couldn't tell the parallels. Perhaps, I'm not too familiar with the tale. Either way, what really made me pick up the book was the cover of the second book, after which I looked for the first novel.

The cover of which I can say is not too shabby. The whole premise to the novel felt like deja-vu, and I'm sure I've read a novel with the same plot, but I still liked it nonetheless. While I wasn't muc 3 stars. While I wasn't much of a fan of the main character, Leo and Gran were amazing. Loved their personas and presence in the novel. I feel like what really hooked me into reading the novel was the whole story of the king of hearts.

I found that whole section so intriguing that I ended up reading the rest. Though as for the romance between Jack and Merry, well, I can't say I endorse it. I went through their first few encounters thinking, 'huh, it doesn't look like their going to fall in love', but then I turn the page and Merry's daydreaming about kissing him. And I realized what the intentions of the novel's name. I'm not sure if I'll read the second book, as I feel like this novel wrapped up quite nicely.

And given the summary of the second novel, I believe that it will try to wrap up Merry and Leo's love-lives nicely, and give readers the satisfaction that the characters are happy, unlike some authors, cough, cough, Victoria Schwab, cough. I was given the first or so pages of this ARC free from netgalley and really wish I'd have the full book as I finished it in just over an hour and absolutely loved it.

A history of witches, a fairy tale year old curse - what's not to love. Will be going out and buying the book so I can find out the answers to all the questions these pages raised. Jun 14, Cody Benson rated it it was amazing. Jun 29, Yomna rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs , ya. Loved this book! Jun 13, Kirsty Stanley rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in Really enjoyed this and it ended with the magic words.

Look out for the sequel. Can def be read as a stand alone though. Sep 09, Joanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: september I really enjoyed this fairy tale-like story of a girl who is a witch, but set in the modern day. It was so page-turning and I loved all of the characters - Merry and Leo are the cutest siblings! I loved their relationship and how much Leo cared for his sister, one of the best bits about this book well, all of it was the best bit. There are flashbacks and stories passed on over Merry's ancestors that gave this book a real fairy tale feel, as we discover Merry has to defeat an ancient curse as th I really enjoyed this fairy tale-like story of a girl who is a witch, but set in the modern day.

There are flashbacks and stories passed on over Merry's ancestors that gave this book a real fairy tale feel, as we discover Merry has to defeat an ancient curse as the King of Hearts rises again. Jack was such a good character to read about and Gwydion made for a brilliantly evil antagonist - I loved the snippets of history with regards to how he ended up like he did. This was just such a great book to read with magic, adventure, love and stories all wrapped up to make for an amazing reading experience.

The ending was totally not what I was expecting and I'm intrigued for the next book! An awesome book if you're looking for something to lose yourself in with some fantastic characters. Oct 29, Rachael rated it really liked it. A dollop of magic, a spoonful of fairytale retelling, a sprinkle of Anglo Saxon history, a pinch of realistic teenage drama and a drop of darkness.

No newts or frogs were harmed in the making of this book.

I thought it was great and can't wait to see what happens next. Shelves: read-in What can I say other that WOW to describe this book? So let me give you some background about this book. First of all there are witches in this book. Not scary-going to scary your children type of witches, but rather, I-wish-I-was-a-witch-this-is-so-cool type of witch.

There is also a great love story in this book. Meet Merry, short for Meredith, who just like the rest of us during high school, is trying to be normal and get through the day. Leo, is her beloved older brother who lives to protect his sister and Gran, the grandmother. Merry cursed since the day of her birth, learns after years of secrets that she must face a true evil. No one else can face this evil but her, no matter what she tries to do. Faced with unexplainable evils that want to cause her and the rest of the world pain, Merry must decide what to do.

With limited knowledge about the situation, limited magical ability and a mother who is more absent than good, Merry is on her own. This book is filled with love but not a sappy kind of love, but a love that makes your heart melt. The writing in this book is great.

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With the potential of spoilers and unwarranted knowledge in the book that makes you think that will ruin the rest of the book for the reader, sisters Elizabeth and Katharine Corr do a splendid job in balancing a book to make sure that you get just enough information and not enough to make sure that readers continue to read the book. If you like suspense, witch craft, an epic across the centuries love story and a sibling relationship that will make your heart bleed, than this is the book for you. Go out and do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book and if you are anything like me, you will finish this book in 3 to 4 days.

Aug 01, Sumaiyya rated it liked it. Rating- 3. I'm not sure if I'll read the sequel, because this was great as a standalone. The writing is great, but I wished Merry's brother Leo had more spotlight. He was just a Rating- 3. He was just a sidekick throughout the story; his personal development was limited and felt a bit forced and on the sidelines. Gran also had a lot of potential to be great but I felt like she needed to be more in command and less vague. Merry's Mom is absent most of the time and plays the card of the Selfish Parent Who Can't Get Her Act Together - I'm kind of tired of parent figures in books feeling like they don't have proper control when it comes to their kids.

They just leave their kids to do whatever they want and sometimes this sort of characterisation feels like it's just a way to make the plot progress smoothly. It's a bit typical of YA which is why I'm not very impressed by it. Overall, I enjoyed the book and think there's definitely potential for the sequel to get way better. The book came in July's Nerdy Bookworm Box. My heart aches for what this book could have been. I almost wish it remained unread with all the potential still there.

The book gets major points for the cover. I love each one in the series and the one that comes out in a couple months is the best one of all. So, in a nutshell, Merry is a Witch. We know she is one We know that Leo, her brother, is not a witch. We also know that something happened to Merry involving a boyfriend named Alex that upset her This is all given to us at the beginning. The thing with Alex, by the way, will drive you insane It drove me nuts. Ok, anyway She the ancestor put this evil wizard and his slave to sleep because she was unable to defeat him, but she left all the tools Merry would need if or when he woke up.

Weird, right? But they all have a purpose. And they are placed in a box that is accidentally opened The whole story is mainly Merry waiting to figure out how to defeat this evil wizard and save the poor boy Jack. And of course she falls for him. And there is no real chemistry or excitement in the meantime. I felt like I was supposed to be worried but I never was.

Every time that Jack was possessed, Merry knew and was able to knock him out. And then they just talked about how horrible it was to be controlled by the evil wizard who was still asleep.

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Under the lake. And where do these powers come from?

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It was, Merry said this, Leo did that, Jack did this I kept reading with high hopes it would turn around, but I think it was the writing tone that did it for me: it was very young. Is it Classroom-Appropriate? Why she fights it so much. With that said, I would say a reader as young as 10 could read this, though the length of the book might be intimidating for a younger reader. I would feel completely comfortable letting any age really read this. It passed the time. Some people did love it. Who knew! I'm excited! And nervous!

Will y'all be here for moral support as I drive cross-country? Jul 26, Chloe Hollis rated it it was amazing Shelves: wobble. It was a great read but I just wanna know if Merry broke the curse or not. Jul 13, Hayley rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was such a lovely read! I adore witch based stories and I really don't get to read many books that have them as the central character and actually do them justice.

So, I was really pleased when I jumped into the world of Meredith Cooper and found her to be a loveable, yet badass, witch. Merry has been stuck with the responsibility of carrying out an ancient oath made by one of her ancestors, one that requires her to kill a malicious wizard and his servant, The King of Hearts. As can be This book was such a lovely read! As can be predicted, as a sixteen year old, Merry really doesn't feel particularly excited about this. She has been required to use her magic as little as possible and her abilities with it have therefor been stifled, so she can only assume that she will not win the battle with this evil wizard.

I loved that you could relate to Merry, you could feel her genuine fear for her life and her frustration that this responsibility had been dumped on her without warning. Even with Merry acting in a rather temperamental way with this, I still found her totally loveable, all her reactions are totally justified, and I could imagine if I were in her place, I would actually probably be much more difficult than she was. But, throughout the book, you get to see just how much she cares for her family and the lives of those that would be affected by the curse if she did not undo it.

Naturally, she doesn't want to do it, doesn't want to walk straight to her death, but she can identify the bigger picture, and that if she doesn't do what is required then many more lives will be at stake. So, I actually really loved that bit of selfishness she had, I felt it made her so much human. Lets talk about Merry's magic because that was huge positive point for me. I loved that her fingernails tingled when she was about to use her magic, it was so different for that to be the location from where her powers came out of. There was also the fact that her magic was connected to her moods, this is something that I like to see when I read about witches or supernatural creatures, I like that it gives them this sense of vulnerability.

There is also a reveal where you find out that Merry has actually used her powers on her friends as a way to keep them close to her, and although this isn't technically right, I did feel that this was incredibly likely relatable act for a teenage girl with powers. Again, I could imagine I would have done the something similar if I had those abilities.

Diana discovers just how lethal her powers can be. As Matthew lies dying, Diana must strike a dreadful bargain with the goddess and make the ultimate sacrificial pact. Stay current. Watch the latest full episodes of AMC shows. Extras From This Season. A Discovery of Witches: Season 1 Trailer. Discovery of Witches and Killing Eve Teaser. Or that enchanting imported show on the network no one can ever find in which Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys travel the world being handsome and drinking wine.

There is, to say, a lot going on. Moreover, lots of people in Oxford suddenly seem to have been alerted to her presence, including Matthew Matthew Goode , a biologist with an extraordinary sense of smell and some unconventional eating habits. Matthew is, indubitably, an Anglo-French Christian Grey.

He appears to own several castles, one of which has actual peacocks on its lawn. He drinks wine and finds notes of blackberry, cigar smoke, and red currants in brandy nonbrandied red currants not being specific enough. He stalks Diana, rather unappealingly, for the first few episodes, and at one point sniffs her discarded gym clothes before his face contorts into a disturbing grimace. He can run so fast that he becomes a blur, a skill he utilizes to hunt and eat deer in the Scottish highlands.