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Altidore gave the U.

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Watch: Altidore scores with Panenka kick How impressive was the understanding between Pulisic and Altidore—who scored twice and showed remarkable poise on his Panenka penalty? Wikipedia has versions in several languages, but not German. And I would never have guessed 'Heber,' partly because I had it confused with 'Hebel' Montag frage ich mal meine jungen tschechischen Kollegen, ob die noch wissen, wer oder was Panenka ist.

You may be right that it was a name that German fans had no wish to enshrine in soccer jargon. I'm not sure there's a single name for this type of soccer shot in English more generally -- I think it's probably most often called a chip or chip shot, as in golf, but it might be possible to also call it a lob, as in tennis. A chip would be shorter and quicker, with a lower arc; a lob would be longer, slower, and higher. I haven't searched for an entry for 'chip' in this sense, as there are noun entries and I would have to turn on Java to see them. I seem to recall a past question about something similar, maybe even asked by me, but I don't know where.

Das Hauptwort "Lob" benutzt man eher nur beim Tennis. Leicht OT: Meine jungen tschechischen Kollegen kennen das nicht mehr. Comment Doch, der Ausdruck ist in D immer noch bekannt! Wobei, so genial Sepp Maier als Torwart sonst war, er konnte zeitlebens keine Elfmeter halten, nicht nur bei Panenka.

Einmal hat der Maier-Sepp doch einen Elfer gehalten. Offenbar nicht. Ein aussterbender Begriff, jedenfalls. Comment "Katze von Anzing"? Das musste ich gerade nachschlagen, dass der Meier Sepp damit gemeint war Comment Na, wenn Du schon seinen richtigen Namen falsch schreibst Comment mbshu re 6: Ah, hast du doch noch editiert!

Comment Mein Tor steht inzwischen woanders! Comment The joke about Sepp Maier's name escaped me, sorry, but thanks for the additional comments. At least there are a few people in Europe who seem to have heard of the Panenka -- along with many sports reporters here, both in English and in Spanish, who had fun commenting the day Altidore's penalty chip happened.

OT Apparently the US game against Trinidad tomorrow night isn't even being broadcast in the US, except for streaming which I am so not interested in, so I hope they're able to qualify without my moral support, not to mention that of tens of thousands of others who might have watched the game if it had been available on a normal channel.

How sad for the would-be fans. Comment Not that much of a joke. Packed stadium, great atmosphere. Then I saw the U. And it was not even Trinidad they were playing. I guess there's just a lot about German soccer lore that I don't know, just like in the Assoziationsfaden when it comes to TV and pop songs.

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Ah well. OT sorry Well now, if the opponent had been Mexico, you can bet there would have been a crowd. This year they've evidently sort of clawed their way partly back up, though they seem now to depend on several Central Americans who might be absent if Honduras could manage to make the playoff, as unlikely as that now seems. I've been thinking much the same thing about Dallas, which used to have large enthusiastic crowds, but has looked sparse all year in the stadium at 'Frisco' a white-flight suburb that has mushroomed out of nowhere and still sounds as if it belongs elsewhere.

They too have a lot of Hispanic players, and a Colombian coach Colombia is now evidently a big exporter of talent. While Hispanics have usually been the strongest supporters of US soccer, it would be understandable if in the current poisonous immigration atmosphere they were no longer as moved to get out and drive to games, much less join in with the flag-waving USA supporters, some of whom come across as jingoistic Trump supporters. Though I quite liked the stars-and-rainbow flags in Orlando. As if Costa Rica weren't practically the most civilized, pacifist country in all of the Americas, and we can't just compete with their fans on friendly terms, and all attend the same game?

Well, not that their defense was very chivalrous That said, I confess I've never been to a live soccer game. But in TX, the temperature probably makes a big difference in how willing people are to go sit outdoors. Though looking at games from places like Iceland and Norway in the pouring cold rain, I suppose we shouldn't complain.

And I shouldn't whine about the game tomorrow night, which I can probably find showing in some Mexican restaurant on a cable channel I don't get, even though I will probably be the only one watching it if I go there.

Gesellschaftskritik in Wilhelm Genazinos Roman «Das Glück in glücksfernen Zeiten»

Information from its description page there is shown below. Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. You can help. Summary Description Vielle.

Disstrack gegen Arazhul von Larsoderso ( Fan Musikvideo ) [German]

Cantigas de Santa Maria, about German specialists answer about the origin: "Was das Bild angeht: es stammt aus einer der Handschriften der Cantigas de Santa Maria. This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art. The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason: Public domain Public domain false false This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus years or less.

This file has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights. The official position taken by the Wikimedia Foundation is that " faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are public domain ". This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States.

So please, do not feel insulted as German-students, nor do we want to say that German is the most difficult language to learn.

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  • The hardest thing about German are most likely the very randomly picked articles, as everything else somehow has not only a pretty constant rule, but also similarities in other languages. Using the Dutch proverb page as a template, the German proverb pages has been ordered in Alphabetic Order. This makes it much easier to find things, and looks under control at last. The early bird catches the worm.

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    Zweifel talk , 19 September UTC. Kiddycat said 'My dictionary translates "qual" with "dolor" for am. As a native born English speaker, "Dolor" is a new word to me. It does not appear in my smallish dictionary. Looking at this dictionary, similar words which may or may not be related, include "Doll" and "Doldrums". Dolls and Doldrums are both lifeless, and go no where on their own, a bit like someone with a lot of choices but unable to make up their minds - they may have to be taken, before they get anywhere.

    This lifelessness does partly fit the meaning Kittycat is after. He who has a choice, has the doldrums like a sailing ship with no wind.

    The Rupture Is the Bonding

    He who has a choice, can get dumbfounded like a doll. Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual. I updated the headline to include the German version again [The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Or, literally transl. Also: He was in an agony of indecision; he made an anguished choice. My point here is that you don't have to translate Qual closely, since part of the reason it's used in the phrase is that it rhymes with Wahl. Many idioms or soundbites in many languages go for rhyme or assonance, probably to enhance mnemonic value: no rhyme or reason; done deal; too pooped to pop; neither fish nor fowl; true blue etc.

    A redirect remains from the German version. I've also changed the references here and in Finnish proverbs. Correctly: "Wer nicht will, der hat schon. My Opa used it often, mostly in contempt for those esp. Being kinky and placing the omnious translation right above everyone else's opinions: " This too shall pass. The equivalent "every cloud has a silver lining" is not correct.

    These two proverbs are actually very different. It basically says that there are ups and downs, or, more precisely, downs and ups. One incident occurs after the other.

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    The English "equivalent" every cloud has a silver lining , which is widely used in the U. I think it goes without saying that these meanings are very different. I corrected the meaning. Before: "Fear spreads quickly".