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These are the two formulas that make Supergroups work: be so cool and wear so much black you style it out, or make something so confusing that it runs circles around everybody. Well done, modern supergroups. Well done.

"Zombies" - A Poem

Next stop: the multimillion dollar concert movie. Ah, the zombie, necrotic denizen of the wasteland, selfless cannon fodder for obtuse societal allegory. You teach us so much, dear zombie — the value of family, of life, of proximity to bats — and ask nothing in return besides the occasional helping of neurone tartare. If a person is pulled apart like a freshly-baked soup roll by a herd of the undead, scattering their vital innards and supportive musculature like damp confetti, how does that person, re-animated, function?

Logically, they should crumple to the ground like a sodden flannel, spending the whole of their not-quite-afterlife grunting in an immobile cowpat of rotting skin. No textbooks offer the answer to this, leaving me no option but to assume zombies by their very nature are illogical. Nevertheless, in every other respect, the zombie is pretty much faultless. Clothing: raggedy muck chique. Social life: thriving, always found in large groups.

Am I saying I wish the zombie apocalypse would just hurry up and happen? The Wombats are still around.

Zombies, adolescent poetry, Scotland's football performances, the modern supergroup – REVIEWED

And it has since then developed into an encouraging phrase for everyone. In a social society where being thin was glorified, being thicc has since changed how society views women's bodies. Women are no longer being confined into one little box. But they now have the ability to express themselves boldly and without apology. Mind you, the term 'thicc' comes in various forms.

The suffix only matters in the context of the conversation.

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Rihanna first showed off her thickness via Instagram. Her attire at the Kadooment Day Parade circa vividly shows how thick she has gotten. Fans adorned her comments in support and even gave her the affectionate nickname of Thickanna. Rapper O. Genasis has a song, conveniently titled Thick In which the chorus repeats the word thick.

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Although very vulgar, the song describes a woman who has decent sized assets that Genasis thoroughly admires. Memes are the secret language of our generation, they are splattered all over social media. In fact it is just the opposite. Next time someone interjects "You're getting thicc!

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Home Communities Create Shop. Zombies are being released Owning an infectious disease Moving about with pain they seize Biting and clawing for fear is perceived Inside the hunger doesn't please Eventually eating their own disease So now the zombies are being released.

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  4. Cover Image Credit: Pinterest. Erica Hernandez Erica Hernandez Jan 3, At Poetry Enthusiasts. Welcome new, meaningful ideas to your inbox.

    Robert Merkin: "As a little introduction to me and zombies"

    Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. As much as I hate to admit it, my big sister might be sort-of, slightly, cooler than I am. Cover Image Credit: teaser-trailer. Once it was complete, the real work began.

    Using a set of linguistic analysis tools, made available by The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group, Brandon composed original code which would attempt to syntactically match coherent phrases from any user-submitted, English-language text with those of the line source poem. The user would be able to select any portion of the zombie draft, analyzing the transformations and re-zombifying the section as often as desired.

    In this way, the user would work her way through the draft, only submitting the zombie poem to the site when satisfied. We launched www. The response has been so significant that we created anthologies to group zombie poems by time period and nature of the victim texts. Readers and users have commented that the dynamics of the zombification process bring up unsettling notions of authorship, ownership of language and language artifacts, even the exclusivity of aesthetic composition. Users have noted that the zombification process also reveals to them something of what they look for in a poem: their tolerance for semantic incoherence, their embrace of accident, and their delight in the indeterminacy.