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What if you need to say something in French, but the exact word escapes you? A side note: the pronoun on , seen above, is an interesting one.

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If you speak German, note that on in this sense is like the German word man. If you learn a new French word using the phrase above, you might want to write it down before you forget it. Unfortunately, French spelling isn't the easiest. The relationship between spelling and pronunciation is very complicated.

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Generally, it's easier to figure out a word's pronunciation from its spelling than it is to know its spelling from its pronunciation. Struggling to find your way around? Not to worry.

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Just get a stranger's attention remember, what phrase would you use to do this? Now that you've found the guichet , you probably want to buy a billet — a ticket. But what type of ticket do you want? France isn't the cheapest of countries — so whether you're at the guichet or elsewhere, it doesn't hurt to be price-conscious. It's worth learning this phrase, because you might need it in a hurry! Although if you want to use a public toilet, you could be searching for a long time.

Phrasal verbs with get

They aren't very common in France — and if you do find one, you'll probably have to pay to use it. If you're checking into a hotel in a French-speaking country, one useful thing to know the checkout time. France is famous for its food, so while you're there, you'll probably want to dine in a restaurant or two! When dining out in any language, there are usually a few subtleties around how to order.

It's a list of individually-priced options; you pick and choose what you want, then add up the prices to get your total bill. When ordering from a menu , you pick an option for each course starter, main course, etc. This doesn't apply to everybody, but for those to whom it does apply, it's very important: informing the waiter about your dietary restrictions. Here are some of the more common ways to fill in the blank:. After receiving the carte or the menu , and perhaps informing the waiter of your dietary restrictions, you may be given some time to make a decision.

Or if you're by yourself, say je voudrais I'd like instead of nous voudrions we'd like. And of course, don't forget to thank the waiter — or anyone else who deserves it, for that matter!

Finally, lets talk about love. They say that French is a romantic language, so maybe in your travels you'll find love on the road? Or maybe after you get home you'll want use your newfound French skills to woo that special someone. When talking to a person, say je t'aime. Use it wisely! Can you think of any other useful French phrases for tourists?

What are the most important words and phrases for beginners to know? Index of common Russian verbs Top 50 Russian verbs. Learn Russian every day for free! Clicks the "Like" button below to get daily updates on Facebook! About us Home User agreement Link to us. Could you switch it off. We are both impatient.

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Let's turn some lights on. This is my favourite song. Our teacher broke the final project down into three separate parts. I called the company back but the offices were closed for the weekend.

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Give me your phone number and I will call you up when we are in town. My teacher wants me to do my essay over because she doesn't like my topic.

We tried to keep the time of the party a secret, but Samantha found it out.