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Kate Pepper a 29yr old woman that seems to have it all together, but scratch the surface and there is a much deeper hurt and a much deeper purpose. As she goes through her life, in one heart racing moment she is hit by a vision. These visions come each time water comes in contact with her and their persistance and intensity only increases. Kate has it all, a great job, dating her boss who is verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive , an expensive bike -- or does she?

What can she be missing? As the visions appear more happens to her, from her injuries, crashing her bike, to losing a job, losing her boyfriend which is no loss , to noticing the simple qualities of life. What is the connection between it all, from the simple kindness of a special needs waitress to a boy that is in recovery from cancer, will she find that connection and make it? Water flows throughout the book, from rain to snow, from shower water to tears and all affect Kate and her visions. She is drowning in a life that has no meaning and as the past, present and future converge only one thing is needed.

There is a lot of symbolism in this book and I am sure that each person will find different symbols closer to the surface and the meaning the reader can find long after putting down the book. BlankenshipAfter reading this work, the first thought I have is: Mature.

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Not pornographic maturity. This book has the character, depth, solidity of a classic. The linguistic poise, beautiful depiction, and haunting plot masterfully weave two author's into one tale.

Having read the first run of this book, I have come to delight in its refinement. It has matured, becoming a gem worthy of any reader, from nearly any age.

H2O the Novel (The Eternal Elements)

I highly recommend it to those looking to be thrilled, chilled, surprised, and stunned by two literary geniuses presenting a compelling thought: If water is eternal, it has a tale to tell. I would be willing to re-immerse myself into the watery depths of H2O and take the wild ride right back to the hidden source of all Kate's pain and problems, because at the end of the liquid tunnel is a truth unshakable that unhinges us to the core. Mackenzie's MissionNight Wing—the revolutionary test plane with a top secret weapons system—is Colonel Joe "Breed" Mackenzie's number one priority—and weapons expert Caroline Evans his number one distraction.

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Angelina is terrified, but she knows the show must go on.

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So Angelina and Alice secretly decide to send Alice soaring across the stage in Angelina's place. Will their plan work?

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