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In June, Ali is found guilty of refusing induction into the Army. His passport is revoked. The boxing association takes back his boxing titles and bans him from boxing for three years. He married his second wife, Belinda Boyd. They would go on to have four children together. Ali lost the fight. December 13, at the age of 39, Ali announces his retirement from boxing. They adopted a son together. His picture is placed on the front of the Wheaties cereal box.

He is named Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page. Muhammad Ali Timeline By YourDictionary Muhammad Ali, an award-winning professional boxer, was the only professional boxer to win the heavyweight championship three times. Middle School High School College. Martin Luther King Jr. Ronald Reagan Timeline. See 1 question about Muhammad Ali…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 31, Tariq Mahmood rated it it was amazing Shelves: biography , sports.

It's lack of faith which makes people afraid of meeting challenges. I bought the book in an attempt to understand Ali's influence on the Nation of Islam movement in the US. His role as a Muslim hero among the Muslim population outside US was never in question. Most non-US Muslims are not aware that Nation of Islam has its own prophets which is blasphemous notion among traditional Muslims. Cassius Clay's conversion to Muhammad Ali is covered in great detail. The style does become cumbersome sometim It's lack of faith which makes people afraid of meeting challenges. The style does become cumbersome sometime as the book reads like a long traps script of a documentary.

There are even video links of interviews given in the book. Cassius gravitated towards Malcolm because of the strong message of self love, which is pretty common among most GOAT greatest of all time sports people. The other strong attraction was the confrontational narrative which must sound so familiar to Cassius as well. No wonder he wasn't attracted to the other black civil rights activist Martin Luther King as he must have sounded rather pliant in comparison.

One definite advantage of the style used in the book is that I did feel like living in the 's America because the language was maintained. What did the conversion do for Ali, as he must have gotten something out of this conversion himself? Well for me he became a lot more clearer and focussed as the core message of NOI Nation of Islam is about segregating from the white race by defining a new black profile, complete with their own religion, separate God, firm belief in self-love even down to the new name. For the new Muslim name broke their link with the original slave masters. In Ali all of NOI core fundamental values were realised as a living breathing ideal.

Trouble is that the same galvanizing message for self conscious blacks which worked so perfectly for Ali in the beginning, also started to cramp his progression as the message was only divisive in nature. In order to really progress he had to forgive his White tormentors which the NOI teaching squarely rejected outright. Mainstream Islam does not have the same issue on the racial level at least and therefore the Islamic brotherhood proudly accepts all colours.

Unfortunately the same hospitality is not accorded to people belonging to other religions. Ali Bomaye Ali Kill him. I love the way all the fights are build up and described by the author. Ali was the complete fighter, both verbally and strategically inside the ring.

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The author has not rushed or cut corners with the interviews, which seems out of deep respect to the legend. The legend who transcended his sport to become a symbol of love. By the end of the book, a hero emerges. A hero who doesn't have to be either the brightest or the strongest nor the most sophisticated kid on the block.

The only thing required is the profound recognition of right and wrong, and a strong urge with limitless energy to become a constructive member of the society, and Muhammad Ali had that. His whole life reflected a fight for justice and equality for impoverished blacks of America against the White rich class, and this image deeply resonated with all the unrepresented poor of the world. Ali became a symbol for the poor, an icon for their hopes and aspirations to rise and develop.

That was a gud bike.

View 1 comment. Jan 08, Michael Obiora rated it it was amazing. This is when a fight was scheduled for fifteen rounds a fact alone that will make sure I never, ever again have the audacity to attempt to compare boxers from different eras. As a black man I thank Muhammad Ali. This is because no matter what we say, we still live in a world of racial prejudice. Even today, with the negative stereotypes assigned to my race, and often being told in round about ways that I should appreciate my success even more because of the odds stacked against black people, I hold my head high and love myself.

So this is what makes Ali even more inspirational to me. And the fact that the great man himself pops up in the biography to give quotes to the author adds to the authenticity of The Life and Times. And the fact that Hauser documents the good, the bad, and the ugly of his subject gives the book balance. Despite his other-worldly talent three-time heavy champion of the world , bravery refusing to be drafted into the US army during the Vietnam war because it was against his religious beliefs, knowing full well that he was facing jail time.

He was eventually stripped of his world title and banned from the sport. He was only twenty-five years old at the time. Wow, wow, wow. Thank goodness for Youtube because for me it served as a video to this biography. I found myself pulling up and watching almost every single clip I could find of the legend.


His humble upbringing in Louisville, Kentucky. Claiming the World Heavyweight crown from Sonny Liston in an incredible upset four years later. His entry into the Nation of Islam, the fear this caused the white establishment. His multiple marriages, the way he was let down by his entourage, clingers on, and so-called friends - financial mismanagement, nobody looking out for his health.

And I doff my hat to Muhammad Ali for appearing to allow such access into in his life, and speaking so freely and honestly. He was a guy who was supremely talented, enormously confident, and seemed to care less about what the establishment thought of him than about the image he saw when he looked in the mirror. And to people who were young and black and interested in tweaking the establishment, and in some cases shoving it up the tail of the establishment, you had to identify with somebody like that More often than not we were on the losing side, so the fact that Ali won was gravy.

He was a heroic figure, plain and simple. I see the man in front of me, his eyes all glassy and his head rolling around. How do I know just how hard to hit him to knock him out and not hurt him? I got to sleep good at night. How am I going to sleep if I killed a man in front of his wife and son just to satisfy you writers?

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It was a place for old people. They were handicapped and a lot of them had been persecuted by the Nazis in Germany. The next morning [December 2, ], we went up to the building where the center was. Ali looked around, talked to some of the people, and gave them a cheque for a hundred thousand dollars. And when someone asked why he did it, all he said was he had a soft spot for old people.

Every American should view him with pride and love. Who, or whatever created the universe, thank you for creating such an awe inspiring individual. This is an incredible biography. A lot of biographies and autobiographies I have read get mired in detail that just does not interest.

Not once did this happen in this book. For me, anyway. It is probably because of the structure where the author uses interviews which actually brings everything to life. It is a big book but at no point was I weary of reading it. Always helps, I guess, when the subject matter is so darn interesting.

With the internet and YouTube I watched the whole of A 4. Marvellous stuff. In fact my first Ali fight I saw was the one against Holmes and I was asking my dad what all the fuss with Ali was about. He was awful in that fight. Just go back and look at some of his earlier fights.

A Conversation with Muhammad Ali

I heartily recommend this book to any boxing or Ali fans. There may be enough here for those not into boxing but it does go over nearly every one of his odd professional fights. It does, of course, go over his joining of the Nation of Islam and the Vietnam War. There is also a part about his entourage and those that stole from him or got him to sign lots of dodgy contracts. Do yourself a favour and Ali shuffle over to your nearest bookshop and grab yourself a copy.

After all that, why not 5 stars? He did a lot in England but nothing mentioned. View 2 comments.

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May 24, Vidur Kalive rated it it was amazing. This is the greatest story ever told of possibly the greatest man who has ever walked this earth. Thomas Hauser has succeeded in putting together a unique compilation of different peoples' accounts of the Muhammad Ali. There have been varying reports about Ali losing his medal since. She is the daughter of Ali and his third wife, Veronica Porsche. Laila went on to become a professional boxer. He also received a replacement gold medal for the one he won in June 3, Ali dies at age 74 in Phoenix, after being hospitalized with respiratory issues.

By Amy Rosewater June 04, , a. June 27, Ali announces his retirement.