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The ink, the paper handling system, the inkjet heads, everything was new and we had to find the best combination of all of these elements to ensure we achieved the quality we knew our customerswerelookingfor. Graduation ceremony However, he firmly believes that in the same way that Drupa heraldedthechristeningoftheJet Press, drupa will signal its graduation into a fully fledged commercial product and also act asthespringboardforasiblingdeveloped specifically for the packagingsector.

Doch nach Aussage von Kawai war dieser Weg nicht nur eine Herausforderung, sondern auch ein wichtigerSchritt. Wirfreuenunssehr,dassesunsinzwischen gelungen ist,die richtige Kombinationzufinden. May 13, 17 drupaInternational Theprintingindustriesinboththe United Arab Emirates UAE andtheKingdomofSaudiArabia KSA , have prospered in an obvious way in the last few years, making both countries the most advanced and developed ones in theregion.

Despitethefactthatbothcountries entered the industry very late,compared to other countries in the region, they have both shown great success. Due to their real commitment, the available investment, its optimal exploitation, proper planning, focus on achievinghighquality,hardwork, positive ambition and correct choices, the printing, publishing and packaging industries in both becamesomeofthemostsuccessful, developed and prospering in theregionandtheworld.

It proved the value of free flow of informationandpressfreedom. The importance of the newspaper industry for the development of the society in theArabic Middle East hasreachedapeak. NewspapersintheMiddleEast reflect a variety of formats, concepts and business models. Varietyisoneofthecharacteristicsof the newspaper industry in the Arabic world.

Even in technical terms,newspapersareverydifferent from country to country or even within one country. On the one hand there is the classical low-cost mass-market information product, produced in coldset offset quality on standard or tinted newsprint e. On the other there is the daily newspaper that looks more like a daily magazine printed in semicommercial heatset on glossy super-calendered paper. In general one can say that the MiddleEastistheregionwiththe widest bandwidth of printed newspaperproducts. Innovation and quality Another characteristic of the Middle Eastern newspaper industry is the interest in innovation.

Newspaper publishing and printing companies are very interested in the latest technical developments. Andtheyarelooking for ways of adapting these technologies to their needs. The latest prepress, press and mailroom technologies are studied and analysed regarding their benefits.

The same is true for new materials, such as plates, paper andinks. Arabic newspaper printers are usually keen to produce consistent high-quality products using state-of-the-art technology and advanced production management methods. The growing demand for certification of standardised high-quality printing in the region is an indicator for the awareness of the newspaper industry of the importance of a structured approach towards the qualityfactoroftheprintedproduct.

Growth and prosperity TheArabic Middle East region is a solid newspaper market with large potential. This is not true in the same way for other regions of the world. The Arabic culture of reading supports the growth and prosperity of the newspaper medium. Many read more than one newspaper a day as getting trustworthy information is critical in Arab society and political culture. As for future trends in the development of print, newspapers and the industry in general, she mentionedthattherearegrowing trends towards more packaging and less commercial printing. Newspaper volume is decreasing withlowerpaginations,feweradvertisements and lower circulation , with more information online.

Also digital printing is gaining pace, and flexo printing will have a good future for printing labels and short-run packaging. Booming market The UAE is considered a quite open market, attracting many investors. The printing industry is expected to see a further surge in growth. The government has named printing in its top 10 sectors for development in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, where most printers are located.

Many large printers are investing in state-ofartplatesetters,atrenddrivenbya desire to reduce plate costs,avoid plates and paper waste and achieve high quality pre-press work. In general, the political situation in the UAE and SaudiArabiaisconsideredtobeverystable, which has led to a high expectation for growth in the print consumables market. In the future, theprintindustrywillgoformore environmentally friendly production. Sheetfed will still be leading and the printing industry will change to smaller size yet higher quality. Newspapers will become less important in daily life and the size of this sector is shrinking.

The potential of this area is only now becoming apparent, and it is definitely joining the otherfast-growingemergingmarketsintheworld. Diversified industry Shilpa Jasani, Editor, PrintWeek Middle East,commented that the printindustryintheUAE,though young compared to other countries in the region like Lebanon, Egypt and Iran, is advanced in termsofinvestmentsinmachinery and technology.

The industry is well diversified from offset printinganddigitaltohigh-endpackaging and publishing. The majority of the multinational companies have their regional headquarters in Dubai, taking advantage of the geographicallocationoftheUAE and good connections with Arab andAfrican nations. Besides that, theinfrastructure,airportandport facilities are world-class, with the government backing the industry by creating dedicated free trade zones. While a large number of print shops focus on exports to GCC countries, Africa and Europe, they have the added advantage of easy availability of skilled labour from the Indian subcontinent.

Though the global recession slowed the rate of growth between —, printers are cautiously optimistic that the economy will bounce back,which is evident from the value-added investments already undertaken bythem. Optimistic future Printing companies in SaudiArabia continue to invest in the latest print processing machinery and technology to cater to evolving requirements of individual consumers,businessclientsandother customers. The Saudi printing market, which is worth around 1.

This steep rise in advertising expenditure drove the huge demand for printing, packaging, signage and graphicservices. The commercial printing market in Saudi Arabia is estimated to be worth over 1. Paper imports exceeded the ,tonsperyearin One of the aims was to strengthen the communication channels between Germany and KSA businesses. However, thereisagrowthinliteracyandthe government is supporting education initiatives, with about 40 universitiesandagrowingnumber of schools.

This has fuelled the need for printing services and materials. Healsomentionedthatthe company had signed a deal with theAbu Dhabi Commercial Bank for the Gulf market and with Ajil Financial Services for the Saudi market,inordertoprovidefinancingtocompaniesthatwouldliketo investinprintingequipment.

Being very close to Europe and Asia,theregionisinanidealposition for exporting to these profitable markets,according to PIRA. Written by Dr. You will find the production area inhall7,boothC The whole daily is bilingual, meaning all articles are written in English and German. Exceptions are the country reports,which are written in the native language, withatranslationinEnglish.

Drupa report daily is printed each night with a circulation of 10,copiesanddeliveredinthe morning. The newspaper is distributedtoarangeofselectedhotels, the airport, train stations and at the show. In addition to the newspaper,thereisadrupareportdaily onlinelink: www. DieProduktionkannin der Halle 7 an Stand C01 live verfolgtwerden. Inhalte des drupa report daily gibt es auch online unter: www.

The University wanted to streamline its postgraduate prospectus. Traditionally, some 20, copies were printed every two years, stored andsentwhenrequested. While the popular press may carry stories about the decline of the printed book, reports of the death of books, magazines and catalogues are, as they say, greatly exaggerated. In fact, publishing is entering an exciting,dynamic new phase with myriad opportunities for publishersandprintserviceproviders alike. Appeal to publishers Why should publishers and print service providers PSPs take digitalpublishingseriously?

Quite simply because the publishing revolution is already underway: the market for digital booksispredictedtogrowfrom83 billionpagesintobillion pages by Source: Interquest, The benefits to publishers are very attractive, but the change in thinkingrequiredissimilartothat undergone in commercial and large-format markets over the lasttwodecades. These are warehoused for up to twoyearsbeforeeventuallybeing pulped. Reprints are easy and fast, and with far lower risk than withconventionalprint.

Similarly, transpromotional print that integrates advertising, offers and coupons selected for individual customers presents a cost-effective and innovative way of building customer relationships while turning transactional documentsintoprofitcentres. TheB2formatoftheHPIndigo Digital Press enables the efficient production of layflat books, coffee table books and large dust-jackets. For web production of colour books, book covers, direct mail, personalised catalogues, transpromotional documents and other publications, the new HP IndigoWDigitalPress,witha mm The addition of a gloss stock broadens the rangeofpossibilitiesforPSPsand theattractiontopublishers.

Seiten im Jahre auf Mrd. Seiten bis verzeichnen Quelle: Interquest, Sie werden dann bis zu zwei Jahre lang eingelagert,bevor sie schlussendlich eingestampftwerden. Print shops have a wide range of options — extending from a corporate strategy geared entirely toward sustainability to comparatively simple individual measures such as carbon-neutral printing.

HeidelbergerDruckmaschinen AG is systematically working on solutions for sustainable print production to help companiesoperatesustainably. End-to-end sustainability Many companies make green business practices and an awareness of sustainable production part of their corporate concept andoverallstrategyandintegrate themintotheircorporategovernance guidelines. Large manufacturers of branded goods in particular document all the relevant measures, figures, and targets in sustainable development reports.

Given that these reports also include details of print products ordered and the associated CO2 emissions, these companies have adirectinterestincarbon-neutral print products. Although the sector does not as yet have any universal standards for green printing, it is increasingly becoming a key criterion alongside price and quality and thus an important differentiating feature in day-to-day competition.

Using energy efficiently, preventing waste, and utilising ecofriendly materials are seemingly small things, but taken together theyhaveabigimpactintermsof sustainability. Green print products thus also offer clear economic benefits. That said,it is only bytakingaholisticapproachthat covers the entire value added chain that a green print shop can become a truly sustainable company. Its latest green measure is becoming the first company anywhere in the world to switch entirely to Saphira Eco consumables. Und vor allem:Wie wurde es produziert? These standards,togetherwithacorporate strategy focussed entirely on sustainability, also impressed Metro AG when it was looking for someone to print its latest annualreport.

Carbon-neutral Heidelberg offers carbon offsettingforallitsmachinesifcustomers so request. From April , all Speedmaster SM 52 models with Anicolor technology will benefit from carbon offsetting as standard. These instruments also provideaccuratedataforclimate calculators to enable carbon offsetting of print products. The Heidelberg solutions portfolio is rounded off by services, including consulting, that help ensure eco-friendly print shop operation. Withitscarbon-neutralpresentation at drupa, the company is also setting an excellent example.

The CO2 emissions generated by all activities have been calculated and offset in full. Print shops are making great strides when it comes to their green credentials. This award has also created an international platform for such companies to share ideas. It is being presented for the third time at drupa May 13, 27 drupaTechnology nachhaltige Produktion sind als Teil des Unternehmenskonzepts undderGesamtstrategiebeivielen Unternehmen in den CorporateGovernance-Richtlinien hinterlegt. Dahierin auch die in Auftrag gegebenen Druckprodukteunddiedabeientstehenden CO2-Emissionen angegebenwerden,habendieseFirmen eindirektesInteresseanklimaneutralhergestelltenDruckprodukten.

MitseinemklimaneutralenAuftritt auf der drupa geht das Unternehmen zudem mit bestem Beispiel selbst voran. Zur drupa geht dieser Award bereits indiedritteRunde.

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  3. Happy Horses - Care Company - Kinder des Windes - der faire Umgang mit Pferden (German Edition).
  4. Calaméo - Drupa Daily .

It shortens the setup time and reduces the press proofpaperrequirementsandthe actualprintingtimes. At the same time,however,the system ensures the high level of print quality and productivity which are the hallmarks of offset printing. Tothisend,amodulewas introduced to cover both the prepress and post-press offset printing processes and to integrate the latest digital printing technology. Package printing The new Lithrone GX40 Carton six-colour sheet-fed offset printing system,75xcm,with H-UV equipment issuitableforpackage printing or special printing applications.

The versatile printing options using H-UV — both on cartons and on special substrates — is demonstrated at the Drupa booth in hall 15, D04—1 and D04—2. ExamplesofUVpackageprinting are also available. The aforementioned machine features special equipment such as a high-resolution measuring system, which is particularly advantageous for expensive and heavy cartons, and a roller conveyor system which simplifies the transportation of heaviersubstrates.

A new series of printing systems expands the Lithrone line. The Lithrone A37, which was developedfortheA1market,ispresented for the first time at Drupa. The four-colour sheet-fed offset printing system 64x94cm is equipped with the base technology and the high base performance of the Lithrone series. The Enthrone 29P five-colour sheetfed offset printing system, 53x75cm, with adjustable sheet turning alsopremiersatdrupa.

Digital printing solutions At this drupa,the Japanese printing system manufacturer plans to take a great stride into a completelynewfield. EineneueDruckmaschinen-Serie erweitert die Lithrone-Linie. Die Vierfarben -Bogenoffsetmaschine 64x94cm istmitderGrundtechnologie und der hohen Grundleistung der Lithrone Serie ausgestattet. Two new prototype digital printing systems will also be presented: a sheet-fed and a reel-fedsystem. In addition, Komori will use drupa to provide information on the current worldwide service offering. Special retrofit packages which improve the performance of printing systems already in operation are available.

Service offerings such as preventative maintenance measures willalsobepresentedindetail.

Daten und Zahlen

At present you are no doubt far more concerned with rises in market overcapacity and marginissues,ratherthanwithexploringsustainableprintissues. Value of sustainability Ifthisisthecase,Iwouldurgeyou to take note of the value that sustainabilitycouldaddtoyourbusiness in terms of your USP, and of the fact that you may be harbouringthemisconceptionthatamove to greener printing will involve hefty investment.

For proof of this, you should simply take a look at the print industry events taking place across theworldin Furthermore, the latest industryresearchsupportsthecasethat companiesbelieveadoptingenvironmentally responsible practicesmakessoundbusinessaswell as environmental sense. The fact that businesses such as Air FranceKLM,BMW and Pepsi Co are actively pursuing sustainability at all levels of their business shows Bio Media substrates are recyclable and biodegradable that this is a huge growth area across the world.

Is this an area of opportunitythatyoucanaffordto missouton? Overcoming barriers Even if you are convinced that nowisthetimetoexploresustainable printing for your business, you may still be hesitating because of barriers you feel stand in your way. One of these may be understanding. Secondly, the misconception that sustainability is very costly. I wouldurgeyounottojumptothis conclusion without conducting someresearch.

Ilfordwelcomesthisnews,aswe have been working on getting our entire company on to a sustainable footing for many years now them. The print industry is by nature fast-paced and technologyfocussed. Thereisnodoubtthatwe have all of the necessary tools to movetowardsasustainablefuture, which will see our businesses thrive and will enable us to make an impact in preserving the future ofourplanet. Drupa plays host to the International Environmental Conference orgaNachhaltigerDruckistnichtmehrwegzudenken Die drupa hat dasThema Nachhaltigkeit ganz oben auf die Tagesordnung gestellt — Sie auch?

Ichfreuemich,dassaufdergesamten drupa der nachhaltigen Druckproduktion ein besonderes Augenmerk zuteil wird. Vielleicht unterliegen Sie auch demTrugschluss,dassderUmstieg aufmehrUmweltschutzimDruck unbedingtmiterheblichenInvestitioneneinhergehenmuss. Nachhaltigkeit auf allen Unternehmensebenen aktiv verfolgen, zeigt, dass es weltweit ein riesiger Wachstumssektor ist. Somit bietet sich die Chance,Geldzusparen,ohnedass Mehrkosten entstehen. Nutzen Sie den Aspekt Nachhaltigkeit als Wettbewerbsvorteil. They were wrong though;motion pictures took nothing away from radio. Mixing print with digital Up Code is an ingenious way of combining printed paper with a mobile phone.

Previously,the map had a print run of 30, copies, but, with more and more drivers turning to satellite navigation, the run decreased rapidly. To combat this, the publisher made some adjustments to the concept: the street map is now produced in a run of , and is available free of charge. It features pages with an Up Codethatcanbescannedbyacell phone camera, providing advertisements in the corresponding part of the city. The printing costs for the street plan are covered by commission. This is possible because Up Code allows you to identify the print product from whichitwasaccessed.

That iswhyprinthasafuture! Advertising has always relied on a media mix. The advertising industry keeps a watchful eye on the use of media content and pays good money to ensure that consumers are made awareofitsproductsinthecorrect environment. The more efficient digital printing systems become, themorechallengingthefinishing processwillbe.

New opportunities The positive economic effects of an intelligent link between digital printing and finishing can be seen at Webcom in Toronto. I am convinced thatprintmediahavegreatdevelopment potential and offer the graphic design industry and advertisingcustomersmanynewopportunities with innovative businessideas. So hat Print Zukunft! The team handles the entire range of digital printing services, fromdatapreparationtoshipping the finished product. Todayourfocusison documentation printing and mailings.


That means high print volumes andoutputqualitynearlyonapar with offset. The system handles media up to gsm at a speed of up to 80 A4 sheets per minute in colour and black-and-white. Diverse finishing options are available for the new printing system, including in-line post-processing functions,suchassaddlestitching, punching, folding, booklet-making, GBC punching and perfect binding, in addition to a large-capacity, trolley-mounted stacker.

Dezember beendet. Auf der Vorstandssitzung am Rainer Diercks nach, der das Amt seit innehatte. Februar in Karlsruhe. Die Besucher erhalten am Stand C 1. Doch das Gegenteil war der Fall. Andreas Mayr wird ab 1. Bereits seit 1. Platz und platziert sich so im Gesamtranking auf Platz November im besten gegenseitigen Einvernehmen aus der Fette Compacting Group aus. Juli Finanzvorstand der Gerresheimer AG. Seit Juni ist Dr. The Fluid Reactor is enabled by a novel reactor core element which allows the efficient transfer of gases into and out of liquids.

The market adoption of this technology could supplant existing hollow fiber membrane technology for applications including filtration and liquid gasification or degasification. A key factor driving the growth of the market is increasing initiatives by market vendors. The stakeholders of the market are organizing workshops and seminars to increase awareness about newer laboratory vacuum pumps. The fifth edition of the Building the Bioeconomy report shows the correlation between economies with pro-innovation policy frameworks and those achieving strong biotechnology outputs.

By examining 28 different indicators, the report provides a full and detailed analysis of the biotechnology environment for 33 countries from all major regions of the world. A key factor driving the expansion of the insulin pens market is the growing prevalence of diabetes cases. High incidences of diabetes have increased the demand for insulin pens in the market. Sie wird vom Das Spektrum reicht von hoch automatisierten Systemen bis hin zu halbautomatisch arbeitenden Maschinen.

Serialization Symposium von Arvato Systems in Berlin zusammen. Durch spezielle Nanotechnologie werden Informationen auf dem Etikett nach und nach sichtbar. Die ist heute global vernetzt. Vom End-of-line packaging has become a complicated process for pharmaceutical manufacturers due to the implementation of the regulation to enhance the traceability of the products in the supply chain. The vendors in the market have been introducing end-of-line packaging systems, which can print the labels with lot numbers, product codes, time stamps, batch numbers, and GTINs on both the secondary and tertiary packages.

Februar die LogiMAT. Auf der USA , ein. In seinem Fachvortrag am November um Der Informatiker Sascha Fahl wurde ebenfalls mit 7. Deswegen ruft das BMG einen Ideenwettbewerb aus. Dokumenten-Managementsysteme, wie elektronische Patientenakten, sollen jedoch nicht Gegenstand des Wettbewerbs sein. Damit setzt der Logistiker auf ein Managementsystem, welches in die strategische Ausrichtung des Unternehmens fest eingebunden ist. Die praxisorientierte, seit grundlegend reformierte Norm bewertet unter anderem den Umgang mit Chancen und Risiken im Unternehmen.

Oktober Am Wie jedes Jahr, standen auch diesmal wieder Betriebsbesichtigungen und ein gemeinsamer Abend zum Netzwerken auf dem Programm. Auf 4. Im Dezember dieses Jahres wird eine dritte Druckmaschine in Betrieb genommen. Fortentwicklung der Abwehrmechanismen unvermeidlich. Die Nachfrage nach diesen Systemen steigt stetig, da sie die Selbstmedikation vieler Anwender erleichtert.

Das Unternehmen ist aus Cambridge Consultants Ltd. Your Needs. Our Passion. Jahrestagung der GQMA am Gerade bei so komplexen Prozessen wie der pharmazeutischen Gefriertrocknung zeigen sich die Vorteile eines engen Austauschs unter Experten besonders deutlich. Their current marketing strategy plan was obsolete and, as a result, they were unable to meet the expected marketing goals of the establishment. This was making it difficult for the firm to adapt to the changing logistics trends of the healthcare industry.

Re Mein Geld tut Gutes - Nachhaltige Finanzen 2018 ARTE

Unter diesem Leitspruch entdeckten die Teilnehmer des 1. Es ist also kaum verwunderlich, dass dieses Marktsegment exponentielle Zuwachsraten auf sich verbuchen kann. Bis jetzt. Februar aus dem Vorstand der Gerresheimer AG ausscheiden, um sich neuen beruflichen Herausforderungen zu stellen. Das stetige Wachstum der Pfeiffer Vacuum Gruppe und die kontinuierliche Nachfrage nach Vakuumtechnologie hatten den modernen Neubau erforderlich gemacht. Von lokaler Seite waren verschiedene Gemeindevertreter anwesend. PCL is a UK based designer and manufacturer of powder processing and handling equipment, components and spare parts, serving the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Environmental industries.

Titratoren sind eine feine Sache, aber teuer in der Anschaffung. Mit diesem Gleichklang der Wachstumserwartungen erfassen die Verpackungsmaschinenbauer zutreffend den gleichartigen Verlauf der Maschinenproduktion mit dem Maschinenbau. Oktober am Stand 4C30 gezeigt. Spritzen, Tabletten, Pflaster, Moderne Sensorik, neuartige Analyse- und Messverfahren werden mit dem klassischen Know-how des Spezialmaschinenbauers kombiniert.

Oftmals sind diese Messungen an unterschiedlichen Orten im Produktionsprozess erforderlich. Gunther Wobser, angereist. Dieser kann in Foliendirektdruckern ebenso wie in Etikettenspendern eingesetzt werden. September in Hannover vorgestellt wird. Denn: Klebstoffe werden immer komplexer und die Handhabung in automatischen Auftragungs- und Dosiersystemen herausfordernder. Die Etiketten werden unmittelbar vor dem Spendevorgang in Echtzeit mit individuellen Daten bedruckt.

September den Geburtstag von Shimadzu Europa begangen. Daneben sind Aspekte der Personal- und Betriebshygiene sowie der Arbeitssicherheit zu beachten. Und das kann ich Ihnen versprechen: Wir sind heute noch genauso mutig wie ! Hier kommt das Multitool zum ersten Mal zum Einsatz. As a result of this collaboration, end users will stand to benefit from a single control system for 50 L to 2, L bioreactors used in perfusion cell culture applications. Auf diese Weise sollen die Durchlaufzeiten deutlich verringert werden.

Dazu investiert das Unternehmen einen zweistelligen Millionenbetrag in sein Spritzen-Kompetenzzentrum im schweizerischen St. Vorsitzender des langfristig orientierten Investors Sargas ist Guido Barilla. Kontrollwaage und Tamper-Evident Etikettierer sind bei Bedarf gleich eingebaut.

Aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse 2012

The healthcare industry is tremendously significant to people globally. This industry includes a range of players like hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and many other components of the health care system. Visions attained through the healthcare industry summary sums up all the questions and their answers in a most simple way.

Healthcare industry overview assures to convey the ongoing issues, trends, challenges, and latest activities in the industry quickly and efficiently to the widest possible audience. Die Investitionssumme liegt im sechsstelligen Bereich. An dieses Motto halten sich nicht alle Leute. Marlies Pinnow, Prof. Um diese Frage zu beantworten, hat das Vergleichsportal Gehalt.

Exzenterschnecken eingesetzt. Der aktuelle Wachstumstrend setzte im Februar bei einem Wert von 17,7 Mrd. Ab dem 4. The iCELLis bioreactor system is an automated, single-use, fixed-bed bioreactor that provides excellent cell growth conditions for adherent cells and is available in two formats.

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  • An antibiotic drugs manufacturer wanted to gain a comprehensive view of the demands of various customer groups and develop a segmentation strategy to market the right product to the right group. Die Gefriertrocknung ist jedoch ein zeit- und energieintensiver Batchprozess und damit im Vergleich zu anderen Trocknungsverfahren besonders kostenintensiv.

    Im zweiten Quartal sank der Umsatz mit gut Millionen Euro gemessen am Vorjahreszeitraum zwar leicht. Bereinigt stand ein Umsatzplus von 6 Prozent. NYSE: A announced today the release of a new version of its chromatography data system that enables laboratories to export files in the Allotrope Data Format ADF , an emerging standard developed by a consortium of pharmaceutical companies. Many aspects need to be considered in setting up a cleaning procedure while studying it.

    The purpose of this e-book is, in fact, to discuss the main challenges on choosing and developing a cleaning strategy and, consequently, highlight the existing solutions.

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    Technavio classifies an emerging trend as a major factor that has the potential to significantly impact the market and contribute to its growth or decline. Personalized medicine is a revolutionary medical treatment because it is based on the individual characteristics of each patient.

    Personalized medicine is a multi-faceted method for patient care, which not only improves the capacity to diagnose and treat diseases but offers the potential to detect the disease at an early stage when it is easier to treat effectively. Bluhm Systeme auf der FachPack Vom Auf der Medipharm Expo vom Zukunftsthemen werden hier im Verbund weiterentwickelt, aber vor allem umgesetzt.

    Und so manchem setzt die Hitze richtig zu: Unkonzentriertheit, Kreislaufprobleme, Dehydrierung. Dabei wirken sich zu hohe Temperaturen nicht nur auf den Menschen aus — auch Kennzeichnungssysteme vertragen sie nicht immer. So gelingt der rasche Start in einen reibungslosen Standardbetrieb mit minimierten Standzeiten. The portfolio to be acquired includes branded topical prescription treatments for acne, fungal skin infections and rosacea, and a range of topical steroids with an annual turnover in of more than million euros.

    It will enable LEO Pharma to expand significantly in key markets worldwide and broaden its therapeutic areas. Dies hat positive Auswirkungen auf die Effizienz der Produktion und Gesundheit der Mitarbeiter und soll die Mitarbeiter keineswegs ersetzen. Besonderes Augenmerk wird dabei auf den innovativen Trockner und die resultierenden Granulate gelegt. Zum Sie ist auf eine Maximalleistung von Blistern und Faltschachteln pro Minute ausgelegt. Eine neue Methode zur Keimzahlbestimmung mittels laserinduzierter Fluoreszenz und Streulichtmessung bietet ein konstantes Monitoring der Wasseranlage in Echtzeit.

    September in Stuttgart stattfindet. Die kamerabasierte Lasermarkierung funktioniert nun auch, wenn Teile ohne Halterung im Markierfeld platziert werden. Auch neben den Bildungspartnerschaften engagieren sich Studienberatung und explorhino in den Schulen der Region. Teil 5 dieser Druckluftserie zeigt die wichtigsten Punkte, die bei der Installation eines Druckluftsystems in der pharmazeutischen Industrie zu beachten sind.

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    Um ein ungewolltes Verdrehen des Pfeileinsatzes zu verhindern, bietet Meusburger ab sofort Stempel mit Rastfunktion an. Sie erzielte damit einen Umsatz von Mio. Zum dritten Mal wurden am The global pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a significant increase in research funding to combat various emerging rare diseases or to explore new therapies for existing conditions. Schwieriger ist es jedoch bei Reinmediensystemen, bei deren Umbau — je nach vorhandener Struktur — der gesamte Produktionsstandort betroffen sein kann. Catalent, Inc. NYSE: CTLT , the leading global provider of advanced delivery technologies and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products, today announced that it has agreed to acquire Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Schon gewusst? Nach seinem Studium war er bis als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und bis als Oberingenieur. Cradle to Cradle hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, eine potentiell unendliche Kreislaufwirtschaft zu konzipieren bzw. August eine neue Halle am Hamburger Hafen in Betrieb. Auf In Halle 8 auf Stand zeigt das Unternehmen vom Now an American citizen, this Hungarian woman lived much of her life under a brutal totalitarian regime and warns that Islam is the most totalitarian of all. Via BBC. Via Jurist. Via DeutschlandWoche. Germans can't escape their Lutheran past.

    US to impose tariff on Chinese solar panels in victory for domestic makers. Via Svenska Dagbladet. Via Radio Free Europe. Via Der Spiegel. Helsingin Sanomien tulevaisuus. Uutiset ovat aina ajankohtaisia. Via The Washington Post. Bei vielen Produkten und Dienstleistungen sind wir Muppets. By Bare Naked Islam. Suunnitelma C. Soininvaara pohdiskelee blogissaan Kreikan velkoja. Enough is enough. Stealing the Future in Russia. By Garry Kasparov.

    Via Ilta-Sanomat. Espoo Via The Sydney Morning Herald. Via Economist's View. Via haOlam. Via Answering Muslims.