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Like data mining to combine vast amounts of information into graphs of relations and behavior. Like interception systems to record and analyze every single phone call, e-mail, click in the web. Means to track every single move of people and things. Refusing to do the job because it could be to the worse of mankind is something completely different. Especially when there is no other good option to earn a living in a mentally stimulating way around. Ten years later it is feasible. While it certainly would be better when the surveillance industry would die from lack of talent, the more realistic approach is to keep talking to those of us who sold their head.

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We need to generate a culture that might be compared with the sale of indulgences in the last dark ages: Tell us what is happening there, what the capabilities are, what the plans are, which gross scandals have been hidden. To be honest, there is very little what we know about the capabilities of todays dark-side interception systems after the meanwhile slightly antiquated Echelon system had been discovered.

Manual John Sinclair - Folge Der Feuer-Vampir (German Edition)

We also need to know how the intelligence agencies work today. Open Source does only help in theory, who has the time to really audit all the source anyway. So we need to build structures that can lessen the risk. And, of course, we need to develop means to identify the inevitable disinformation that will also be fed through these channels to confuse us. Building technology to preserve the options for change We are facing a unprecedented onslaught of surveillance technology.

The debate whether this may or may not reduce crime or terrorism is not relevant anymore. RIAA demanding access to all data to preserve their dead business model.

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We will need to build technology to preserve the freedom of speech, the freedom of thought, the freedom of communication, there is no other long-term solution. Political barriers to total surveillance have a very limited half-life period. The universal acceptance of electronic communication systems has been a tremendous help for political movements.

Unfortunately, the same problem applies to everybody else. So one thing that we can do to help societies progress along is to provide tools, knowledge and training for secure communications to every political and social movement that shares at least some of our ideals. We should not be too narrow here in choosing our friends, everyone who opposes centralistic power structures and is not geared towards totalitarism should be welcome. Maintaining the political breathing spaces becomes more important than what this space is used for.

Anonymity will become the most precious thing. Encrypting communications is nice and necessary but helps little as long as the communication partners are known. Widespread implementation of anonymity technologies becomes seriously urgent, given the data retention laws that have been passed in the EU. We need opportunistic anonymity the same way we neededopportunisticencryption.

Closed user groups have already gained momentum in communities that have a heightened awareness and demand for privacy. The technology to build real-world working closed user groups is not yet there. We have only improvised setups that work under very specific circumstances.

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Generic, easy to use technology to create fully encrypted closed user groups for all kinds of content with comfortable degrees of anonymity is desperately needed. Decentralized infrastructure is the needed. The peer-to-peer networks are a good example to see what works and what not. As long as there are centralized elements they can be taken.

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Only true peer-to-peer systems that need as little centralized elements as possible can survive. Interestingly, tactical military networks have the same requirements. We need to borrow from them, the same way they borrow from commercial and open source technology. Design stuff with surveillance abuse in mind is the next logical step.

A lot of us are involved into designing and implementing systems that can be abused for surveillance purposes. Be it webshop systems, databases, RFID systems, communication systems, or ordinary Blog servers, we need to design things as safe as possible against later abuse of collected data or interception. Often there is considerable freedom to design within the limits of our day jobs. We need to use this freedom to build systems in a way that they collect as little data as possible, use encryption and provide anonymity as much as possible.

We need to create a culture around that. But keep in mind, you will not have this job forever and whoever takes over the system is most likely not as privacy-minded as you are. Limiting the amount of data gathered on people doing everyday transactions and communication is an absolute must if you are a serious hacker. There are many good things that can be done with RFID. For instance making recycling of goods easier and more effective by storing the material composition and hints about the manufacturing process in tags attached to electronic gadgets.

But to be able to harness the good potential of technologies like this, the system needs to limit or prevent the downside as much as possible, by design, not as an afterthought. Do not compromise your friends with stupidity or ignorance will be even more essential.

This is no longer possible. This is meant literally. And it can and will be used against you. Keep silent and enjoy or publish immediately may become the new mantra for security researchers. Submitting security problems to the manufacturers provides the intelligence agencies with a long period in which they can and will use the problem to attack systems and implant backdoors.

So if you discover problems, publish at least enough information to enable people to detect an intrusion before submitting to the manufacturer. Agentin mit Herz Tony Martinet. Der seidene Faden Charles James. Der Boxer Danny Flynn. Mein wunderbarer Waschsalon Johnny.

Der letzte Mohikaner Hawkeye Nathaniel Poe. Die Bounty John Fryer. Live aus Bagdad Reporter 6. Dein Wille geschehe Pater Gicard. Special Correspondents Chris Demby. Aliens in America 'Chicken Wing'-Angestellter. Die Kompanie der Supernieten Daniel. Being Erica - Alles auf Anfang Lance. Zombie Givens Chef des Fernsehstudios.

Tales of Halloween Mikey. Beauty and the Beast Zeke. Bad Cops - Zwei Bullen sehen rot M. Stan the Flasher Vater. Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum Walter Gassman. Payoff - Die Abrechnung Izenberg. Ich versteh' nicht, was man an mir findet Marc. Without a Trace - Spurlos verschwunden Tom Russell.

The Bridge - America Orbregon. The Event Agent 1. Die Stadt der verlorenen Kinder Krank. Fellinis Casanova Marquis du Bois. Ran an die Braut Grendan. Weihnachten mit Holly Alex Nagle. Taking Woodstock Joel Rosenman. Der Krieg des Charlie Wilson Donnelly. Ugly Betty Matt Hartley.

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Opera della Luna is a well-established company, specializing in small-scale touring productions of operetta. Having concentrated on Offenbach and Sullivan. Every summer since , Theater und Orchester Neubrandenburg has staged an open-air operetta production in the Schlossgarten, Neustrelitz.

Which, for. The industrial town of Pforzheim boasts a population of under ,, yet has an intimate seat modern theatre which. Anyone who is even remotely interested in the history of German language operetta knows that Bad Ischl — a kind. Performing operetta in big opera houses is often not an easy task — because the intimacy is easily lost, and.

Yet, from an operetta perspective. Ravenna in Northern Italy is famous for many things: it was the capital of the Western Roman Empire from Not so very many years ago, two young students, already laurelled, each one, with considerable success, entered the Queensland Conservatorium. For many people in the classical music world, the name of Nikolaus Harnoncourt is almost sacred. The conductor who died. The edition was conducted. Am Well, actually, this one from the NDR Radiophilharmonie read more. For now they only have to deal with plant-louses. Der Schuh des Manitu Comedy: In this parody of the aforementioned Winnetou films, Abahachi, Chief of the Apache Indians, and his blood brother Ranger need to find the lost pieces of a map that would lead them to a treasure in order to pay off their credit.

Good Bye Lenin! Matthias, meanwhile, has only one thing in his head: football. One day, barkeeper Frank's "Herr Lehmann" parents show up for a visit, things go awry with his affair Katrin and his best friend Karl starts to act strange. Meanwhile, political turmoil mounts on the other side of the Wall.

Il Papa: Considerazioni del Sacerdote () pdf

The gay crew members of the Traumschiff Surprise are sent back in time in order to destroy the technology that enabled humanity to travel to Mars in the first place. Being undead has its perks. When he surprisingly dies, they try to cover up his death. Hilarity ensues. On their high-school graduation day, they all receive the same message in the cellular: "In three days you will be dead! Der Wixxer Comedy: In this Edgar Wallace crime series parody, a mysterious serial killer is shocking the underworld. Scotland Yard is investigating the case.

Clues lead the detectives to Blackwhite Castle. One day, he learns that his mother died on his birthday, which makes him believe he was to blame for her death. Dreaming of purgatory, Sebastian sees only two ways to avoid this divine punishment: becoming an immortal rock star or find a new wife for his father Das Leben der Anderen Drama: In East Berlin, an agent of the secret police, conducting surveillance on a writer and his lover, finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed by their lives.

Hannah and Elmar, caught up in the chaos, need to escape. The hijacking of Lufthansa Flight is a very significant event in post-war German history. She wants to flee from these memories but one call at night recalls all memories and she is again in the middle of a murder mystery. In Hamburg, German-Greek chef Zinos unknowingly disturbs the peace in his locals-only restaurant by hiring a more talented chef. The abused and suppressed children of the villagers seem to be at the heart of this mystery. Hans and Max would like to corner the local hot dog market, whereas Harry would prefer to be pampered by his muscular auto mechanics.

But a bag with mysterious contents interrupts everyone's plans, and the group of improbable thieves and gangsters suddenly find themselves in Drogomysl, Poland. Hell Apocalyptic Thriller: In the not too distant future, people struggle to survive their greatest enemy, the sun. Kriegerin Drama: Marisa is a year-old woman completely immersed in Germany's Neo-Nazi subculture. When the younger Svenja joins the group because she's fallen for a fellow skinhead the pair initially clash. Eventually, though, they develop a tenuous friendship and we watch as they navigate the perils of contemporary racism.

An encounter with a mysterious refugee forces Lore to rely on a person she has always been taught to hate. Accompanied by her loyal dog Lynx, she becomes immersed in a world untouched by civilization and ruled by the laws of nature. Soon after, this very man is found lying dead on the train tracks nearby. Franz Eberhofer, the local policeman in the sleepy Lower Bavarian province of Niederkaltenkirchen, suspects murder.

Das finstere Tal Austria Western: Through a hidden path a lone rider reaches a little town high up in the Alps. Nobody knows where the stranger comes from, nor what he wants there but everyone knows that they don't want him to stay. Er ist wieder da Comedy: Adolf Hitler wakes up in the 21st century. He quickly gains media attention, but while Germany finds him hilarious and charming, Hitler makes some serious observations about society. Their wild night of partying turns into a bank robbery. This Film is remarkable insofar as it was filmed in one single shot, from about to in the Kreuzberg and Mitte neighborhoods of Berlin.

He has to keep the existence of the child a secret, lest it be killed. Diallo from Nigeria soon makes friends among the family members, but they are tested when they have to face racism, bureaucracy and terror suspicions because of him. Katja's life collapses after the death of husband and son in a bomb attack.

After the time of mourning and injustice, here comes the time of revenge. Instead, he embarks upon a campaign of revenge against his former boss and begins to renovate a roller-coaster with an old school friend. German private TV channels are ripe with cheaply-produced so-called "Doku-Soaps" Scripted Reality , especially in the afternoon. Since an astounding amount of the characters are unemployed and of low social status, this genre is called "Hartz-IV-TV", referring to the unemployment benefits, which are called "Hartz IV" in Germany.

These series regularly produce new memes, like Nadine the Brain and Andreas , although pretty much all of them are staged. Of course, there are also some other series that qualify for trash TV. Don't expect proper German from the staged ones. Not all of them are German. Most of these series were drawn in Japan, but were funded by German studios. German kids grow up with them, so I think it's important to include them. Most American series were also broadcast in Germany, but are omitted. Germany has for the longest time only broadcast series of t World Masterpiece Theater. In the mid 90s private broadcasters brought more series to Germany, as the afternoon program was mainly considered to be for housewives and kids.

In the late 90s, Germany experienced an anime boom due to series like Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Digimon which, which wereas accompanied by the introduction of anime series for adults on other channels. The boom died down in the s and nowadays only a handful of series are broadcast on TV, while more and more series become legally available on German video sites. The fact that many old series are still unavailable has led many people to upload those series to German or international video sites. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All rights reserved. German hot new rising controversial top gilded wiki. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. German join leave 86, readers 77 users here now This is a community for students of German and discussions pertaining to the German language.

Feel free to contribute materials, questions, tips, guides! Green For natives only. Pick if German is your mother tongue. Longest-running German-language crime series. Each episode is more or less a stand-alone film.

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There are many different teams of investigators who solve crimes set in many different German and Austrian towns. Some are better, some are worse. Streaming episodes are also available through the official Tatort app Apple and iOS. The exact same principle as Tatort , but originally from the GDR. Episodes after up to today are of the same quality, compared to its western counterpart. Ein Herz und eine Seele. Despite its age it's still popular today mostly thanks to the main character "Ekel Alfred". Cult status. A criminal defense lawyer teams up with his old friend, a private detective, to prove his clients' innocence.

This long-running and highly-successful show went through four different lawyer characters, keeping the same private detective character played by Claus Theo Wagner through the th and final episode in Later that year, the series was rebooted with an entirely new cast and backstory, but only four episodes were aired, and more are not expected.

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  5. First three seasons before the fall of the Berlin wall, last two seasons after. Captures the atmosphere of the divided city growing together. The original series is set in Vienna and focuses on the three-man staff of an office of the Kriminalpolizei - the Austrian Criminal Police - specifically a Mordkommission homicide unit. In addition to the three policemen, the office is staffed by a German Shepherd called Rex, the main star of the show.

    The series was revived in Italian in and is set in Rome since. Sketch show parodising popular films and everyday German TV series; its more contemporary reboot is Switch Reloaded. This episode documentary series covers the most important events from Not every year receives its own episode, though.

    This critically acclaimed show focuses on a German-Turkish stepfamily, their everyday lives and particularly on the eldest daughter Lena, who narrates the show. During the show's run of 52 episodes, topics covered included both typical problems of teenagers and cross-cultural experiences.