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Many loyal readers would disagree with me, surely by putting forth their own arguments. The guy is always, always tanned and the girl is always, always pale. And I have read quite a few. This comparison is usually made when they are both lying together on the bed.

Is Mills & Boon feminist literature, misogynist trash or neither?

That is just her contemplation. And you also have the author mentioning it like some times throughout the book. How is it that the guy is always super-duper rich? Neither have I. This point is actually a funny observation. The story goes like: Girl meets Guy. Mutual attraction. Guy and the girl will get separated. You can notice that most characters are depthless, supercilious and unrealistic. All in all, whatever I say, or what anyone says for that matter, these books make an incredibly good light read and, make expectations of a relationship sore up high past those fluffy white clouds.

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D.J. Rogers - Say You Love Me

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Priya Barua more. What is Mills and Boon? Have you read Mills and Boon? Yes No See results. Skin Complexion The guy is always, always tanned and the girl is always, always pale. The Sexiest Males in Contemporary Erotic Literature Here is the list of the ten sexiest males of contemporary erotic literature. The Bank Account How is it that the guy is always super-duper rich?

Notebook reveals Mills & Boon editor's favourite steamy lines | The Independent

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  • Is Mills & Boon feminist literature, misogynist trash or neither?.
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Will the once-lonely soldier find a new home—and his forever family—in Sugar Falls? As their irresistible chemistry reignites, can Felicia find the courage to tell this brooding billionaire everything…including how much she still loves him? Until an encounter with a sexy gardener leads to a red-hot fling that promises to make the wedding preparations more pleasurable. Ashton agrees to keep their sexy secret and wants to continue enjoying their mind-blowing chemistry behind closed bedroom doors. Since his divorce, Ashton has earned himself a playboy reputation, and when it seems like having Kiara on his arm could be good for business, he proposes a fake relationship until the wedding is over.

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But when their arrangement goes from a few hours to a few days, will Felicity be left out in the cold this Christmas? But will this chance hookup turn into something more? Or will fate keep their paths from crossing again? Her plan? Prince Zain, the dangerously seductive owner of the world-famous Desert Oasis Hotel and Spa, is the only person Angelique can turn to. But, this rebellious New Yorker will not be controlled—this is her deal to make. Her proposition is simple.

Zain will give Angelique a job at his hotel, and she will give him the one thing he desires the most—her! But, with six months to prove herself, what will happen when Zain returns for the one, red-hot night she promised him?

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Though Glenna and Broderick Steele are still newlyweds, trouble is brewing between them. Only an abandoned baby—and their white-hot passion—finally brought them back together.

8 Cliches in Every Mills and Boon

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