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If not, you'll get crushed. Point blank. There are so many angles down the line, cross court, inside out , shots backhand, forehand, drop shot, lob , and spins slice, topspin. Now, these are all great weapons to have in your arsenal, but knowing when to use them is the part that is the most critical. This is where a lot of players make their biggest mistake. They end up hitting the wrong shot at the wrong time.

Tennis Singles Strategy - High Percentage Singles Tennis Strategy

Yes, it looked wonderful going over the net, but that feeling quickly dies if you lose the point 2 seconds later. But don't worry, if you've suffered from indecision or randomly executing shots without purpose, this section will tackle this and everything else you need to know about hitting from the baseline head on. In fact, you'll be able to Never "guess" wrong again - and secure your game with the result-generating philosophy for the 1 most asked question in tennis today, when to hit down the line and when to smack it cross-court!

Understand the mental equation that tells you when to go for the high-powered knockout blow and when to go for the high percentage look! This is one of the most asked about and debated questions in the game, and once I unveil the answer to you, you'll instantly start winning more matches.. Learn how to t riple your baseline consistency and outlast your opponent on nearly every rally! Learn how to surprise your opponent by keeping your biggest baseline weapons hidden from your opponent and find out the perfect time to use them!

This makes it very difficult for your opponents to get both feet under them because they never really know what to expect from you. Adopt the tricks behind the baseline dominance of three of the sports top players: Gael Molfins, Venus Williams, and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga!

How to Become a Tennis Betting Expert in Three Easy Steps

Learn the specific shots to use both on the offensive end and when you're on the ropes! Understand how offensive and defensive stance, court movement, and positioning on the court will have you winning more points right away. It's not Christmas time. It's more likely to snow in Miami Beach than be effective on the court, but we all TRY to hit it anyway!

By looking at real-life match scenarios, you'll learn the tactical advantages and disadvantages of the 2 most popular baseline stance positions known to man. And find out the best time and worst time in the point to use each one! Learn how to quickly send your opponent flying just from the direction you decide to point your toes! There are 3 important rules you must follow if you want to be successful at the baseline and get some great foundation.

Many people say "always run back to the center. There are a few places where it can get you killed. I'll tell you everything you need to know to keep that from happening! Dive into Differentiate between both the forced and unforced error concepts. Many people use the terms but really have no idea what they mean. I'll give you all the juicy details to make sure you don't make either!

Adapt to the unexpected and understand the key to constructing winning shot patterns completely on the fly! No late arrivals! Sharpen your setup and recovery senses and be able to anticipate where the next ball will be coming before it's even hit! How to escape one of the sport's biggest baseline traps and avoid coming down with did-you-see-that syndrome! It's very common and is quite contagious. If you catch it, your game could die! How to achieve solid GSP good shot positioning and eliminate open court opportunities as you're constructing the point! By analyzing various on-court examples, you'll be able to quickly and easily slide to the ideal position, no matter which side your opponent chooses to direct his ball!

Stay on point and never miss a beat throughout this step by step process with multiple TMC question and answer sessions that make sure everything is sinking in! There's a beginner's version and one for the advanced players I explain both in great detail! And much more! And I believe every passionate player should use it. I'm sure it'll improve your game too. By the end, you'll be able to accurately finish off your opponent at the net and defend volleys that come to your left, right, and even directly into your body, even if the ball is coming back more than mph.!

If you want to be successful in this sport, then you're going to have to learn how to play at the net. No "ands" "ifs" or "buts" about it. I mean, you can't win ALL your points back by the baseline. But to be honest, do you even really want to feel pinned down and bullied into one area? Of course not. Your opponents are just going to bring you to the net and exploit it all day long. And it shouldn't be that way. After all, statistics show that shots at the net make up more "winners" than anywhere else on the court. Go figure :.

Game-Altering and Cheap! Now, I am now easily beating the players that used to give me total fits! This was definitely a no-brainer kind of deal. But I'm so glad I was wrong! All it took was the money I would normally use to buy a sweatshirt at that mall or two tickets to a movie. Now, I am easily beating the players that used to give me total fits! I know a lot more about bisecting angels, driving my opponents crazy by getting in their heads early and often and knowing what shots to use when, for different stages of the match, and it's great!

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I recommend SS to all competitors serious about their tennis game. Superior Serving Strategies - In this section, you and I are going to delve deep into the serve and reveal the secrets to making this shot really work for you and give your opponent nightmares This is the most important offensive shot in the game by far! When serving, you're the big kahuna!

The Framework

And I'm telling you, that's simply too big of an advantage to give up. So, you want to make sure you do it right. You see, everything in the serve means something: the speed power or not , the spin top vs. In addition to learning the ideas mentioned above, you'll also Diversify your game with 3 types of serves that are sure to give your opponent nightmares long after you've won the match! Discover the critical but hardly talked about differences between serving to the ad side and the deuce side of the court! One small trick will have you consistently winning games regardless of the side of the court you're on - guaranteed!

Guarantee yourself the best possible start to every match by knowing when to serve first and when you should elect to receive! This may very well surprise you!

Win Ugly & Beat All The Tennis Players You Want - The Black Book Method

Revolutionize your serve strategy by applying my own personal trick I've used in hundreds of matches to figure out the perfect serving stance no matter the opponent. I'll teach you why setting up in this special place against every opponent can literally spell ace city! Learn how to determine the perfect serve This one is definitely as powerful and as awesome as it sounds! Double your serving percentage by having the net do all the work!

Learn 3 new ways to making your 1st serve even more difficult for your opponent to lock in on and return with any consistency! Don't give your opponent time to relax. Add twice the bite to your second serve and make it just as or even more effective than your 1rst one! This way, you'll have your opponent shaking in their boots throughout your entire service game! And so much more! I was skeptical in the beginning, but having a guarantee really calmed my nerves Except the ones I want to beat, just kidding! If I didn't learn anything new and win more matches, I could get all my money back.

Oh, and most places out there just want to rush you and only give you like 7 days at the most to check it out. Here I got 12 weeks! But the best part was, it only took a 3 weeks to really sink my teeth into every second of it and realize how powerful it was. I didn't feel rushed at all and definitely am much more confident when I'm playing now. So, thank you for this amazing collection Brian! I was really struggling with my footing and coordination; however after getting your product, it made that problem a thing of the past.

Now, I 'm recommending it to all my league players. Rock Solid Returns - In this section, we're going to give you an in-depth look on everything you need to know about bulking up your return strategy. You're going to learn everything from choosing the appropriate grip for your particular game style, how to win the mind game that goes on between you and the server, how to master the techniques like the powerful chip and charge, to understanding the proper positioning you need to succeed against any serving style that could be coming your way.

And a whole lot more! The return of serve is one of the most neglected shots in the game today. Too many players are concentrated on the serve only. Sure, the serve, is important, but if you have a below-average return game, you're leaving out a huge chunk of what you MUST have if you want to win matches. So, don't try to follow the crowd because you'll get beaten just like everyone else. Instead, you need to work on being the exception if you want to be an exceptional player!

That's why I recorded this series so you could take your return game to the next level and avoid this type of strategic trap! This TennisMindCamp site has helped bring me into the level of no return I'm an accomplished tournament player but this TennisMindCamp website has helped bring me into the level of no return. Specialized Strategies For Special Situations In this section, I'm going to show you how to play outside the norm and prepare your game for some major exceptions that a lot of times are beyond our control! We're going reveal to you It's ok to be able to play under the ideal circumstances You know, great weather, your favorite type of surface, and your favorite style of play.

But there are going to be days where this sport is going to throw a curve ball that you never saw coming. And if you're not prepared, it's going to get really rough, really fast. I mean, do you know what to do when the wind really picks up out of nowhere or when the weather guy said cloudy but it ends up being degrees out there on the court? What about when you find out your opponent is a darn "lefty" only moments before the match starts?

Do you know how to handle it? Things can change in the blink of an eye, and it's your job to be ready for them. It's your ability to rise up and play well despite these types of abnormal Soon, you'll have all these secret strategies, not to mention Discover the 2 quickest ways to yank a "pusher" out of his comfort zone so that he's the one going crazy instead of the other way around! Get a behind the scenes view of why using your favorite shot can kill your chances against a pusher instead of help them.

Uncover the 3 key questions you need to ask yourself to mentally prepare you for the infamous pusher! Learn how to crack the pusher code with 5 simple tricks to send him running for the exits! Overcome the anxiety and other often crippling mental disadvantages many players suffer from when playing a lefty. This is always a dramatic difference maker in the match.

Learn how the net can give you an unfair but legal advantage against "paceless" players. Two against one is ok here. I promise. Learn how to multiply your number of break chances against a lefty opponent simply by taking away his favorite serving location! Find out how trying to hit to the "opposite" side on your shots can actually be devastating to your chances at getting the win! Learn the perfect place to direct your lobs against Mr. This trick will make sure this shot lands to his weak spot. When I tell you, you're really going to be surprised.

But it will by no means be a "pie in the sky. This is one of the biggest challenges right-handers face. But after I explain it, you'll be one of the rare exceptions. Learn how to effectively counter the lefties often damaging forehand shot into the corner and leave him completely powerless! Sadly, a lot of players don't know there is a difference. It's very subtle but so very important! Discover the rare case where the lowest percentage play against a lefty can actually maximize your winning percentage on a consistent basis.

It's tricky the way it works, but boy does it pay off! Learn how to give your lefty a lethal dose of deception that'll have him seeing double, questioning his own sanity, and possibly cause a complete mental collapse! This type of mental control you gain will not only give your opponent hell, but your confidence will be on another planet!

How to Focus to Win not Focus on Winning

Learn the secret to "faking" your way to victory only to hear the thunderous clapping and loud cheers because you did! You'll learn to be sneaky Learn the specific adjustments you need t o make when playing with the wind vs playing against it. If you reverse the two by mistake, your balls will be sailing long and landing short - Two BIG negatives.

Play top-notch tennis despite horrible weather conditions like the wind and the boiling sun! Learn how to slice the number of your unforced errors in half even as the wind picks up. And turn what could be a major weakness into one of your biggest strengths! Determine the perfect time to play it safe and when to let it rip. Sometimes you want to use the winds help while other times you need to plow through it.

Canada undefeated on Day 2. Strong start for Canadian juniors on Day 1. Behind the scenes — Pierre Messier, doctor. Tebbutt: Czechs Bounce Canada. Canada falls at Fed Cup. Tebbutt: Too-good Czechs lead Canada trails after day one of Fed Cup action. History for Fernandez who claims Junior French Open title. Dabrowski falls in French Open mixed doubles final; Fernandez rolls on. Dabrowski reaches third-straight mixed doubles final in Paris. WhatItTakes: Tennis Canada launches a new fundraising campaign to support the development of future champions.

Nestor and Dancevic in Halifax to celebrate grand reopening. Tweets of the week: Bianca celebrates her birthday in Toronto, Woz gets wedded. Tweets of the week: Canadian players celebrate Raps championship. Tebbutt: The grass learning curve. Tebbutt: The RG home stretch. Sharon Fichman. It is important to understand how the ball responds on the various kinds of courts and which players will fare better as a consequence.

A hard court, for example, favors big servers, while the soft clay slows the ball, making it easier for more athletic players who can use speed and precise shot making to win points. To illustrate how surfaces can affect a competitor, we need to look no further than Thomaz Bellucci, who has won just 43 percent of the 78 matches he has played on hard courts in his career but is 57 percent on clay. This disparity highlights the importance of finding specialists on a particular surface, as they will take DFS players who simply look at overall performance by surprise.

This means that players who have encountered each other more than once should have a good feel for how the other plays, due to contesting so many points with them in past matches.

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It is for this reason that a dominant head-to-head score think , , etc. There are certain caveats to mention, such as putting less emphasis on matches that took place years ago or matches that were contested on different surfaces, but a one-sided head-to-head record can at least help prospective owners get started when they are deciding on lineup construction. One thing new arrivals to the sport will find out quickly is that it is harder to lose if you convert service games.

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Not only does this put numbers in the win column, it also works to put the opponent on notice, forcing him or her to be that much better in their own service games to keep from being broken. Players who hold serve well also tend to be successful in tiebreaks, a format where there is even less margin for error on serve.

To illustrate how effective holding serve at an elite level can be, we can look at Wimbledon semifinalist John Isner, who went in The Championships on the strength of a