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In her solo show at the Haus am Waldsee, Kwade not only displays her works with great spatial precision through the eleven rooms of the old villa, she also works directly with the exhibition space by installing a system of copper piping with trumpet-shaped endings.

Hancock Elevator Dropped From 95th To 11th Floor, Passenger Says

Some of these pipes break through the walls and ceilings connecting the two floors of the house. They disappear in one place to surprisingly reappear somewhere else.

One cone-shaped ending sticks out of the top floor in such a way that it creates a sculptural metaphor for a wormhole; also known as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, a distortion of space-time that in theory may allow almost instantaneous transit to anywhere in the universe. Underneath or inside some of the cone-like openings Kwade adds granite in various forms; from chunks of stone to crushed heaps, as a sign of time and transience.

Someone who answered the phone at the Hancock security office Friday declined to comment and hung up the phone. The rescue crew had to hammer out a concrete wall in the garage area of the 11 th floor. Today, cables were dangling next to the cracked door where the people trapped in the elevator were pulled to safety.

The 11th Floor 2BR L'Avenue Apartment By Travelio, Jakarta, Indonesia -

Hancock visitors on Friday were using freight elevators to travel to the top of the building. People were shuttled and transferred to various service elevators throughout the day, with building staff assigned to operate the lifts. The City of Chicago requires annual inspections of all of its 22, elevators.

The elevator that failed Friday morning passed its most recent inspection in July of this year. City inspectors visited the Hancock in and for an elevator complaint inspection and a citation was issued for failure to maintain electric elevator equipment. Chicago News. Chicago School Closings. The Atlanta Braves already like what they've seen.

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