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The major theme is love, usually a fleeting summer love or in a few cases, sudden heartbreak. The local boys bring out that summer vibe from the late 90s early s when various forms of grunge and punk were filling the charts and the Warp tour and Big Day Out were the places to be.

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  2. It also has a Volvo roof somewhere..
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  7. If you ever get to see these guys live it really is a powerful, high energy show not to be missed. They encapsulate what we love about the old school while continuing to create something sounding modern and timeless at the same time. So laid back yet filled with so much passion and fire.

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    Harts always manages to throw in a jaw dropping solo two or three times per song too which is right up our alley. The addition of the strings in this song really makes it sing, and compliments the entire production. Another artist you need to see live to really experience in full. Rainmaker explodes at the 10 second mark and never really lets up from there. Like most tracks from this era it is all about a girl, but this has a sweetness to it that only summer love can provide. Howling Woman has groove from the get go and the verse vocals are so catchy it only takes a few listens before you start singing along to every lyric.

    Screaming the chorus at their shows is an experience in itself. Mid s summer spent watching season upon season of Entourage hungover on a Sunday. They sound 80s but these young Swedes are currently smashing it over in Europe. Very bubblegum metal and proud of it, another young lust track drenched in reverb and squealing vocals. The title really nails a summer in Sydney. Modern firefighting vehicles are fitted to perform a wide range of tasks, of which the most important is battling major blazes.

    They come with pumps, hydraulic ladders, tanks that can hold roughly to gallons of water—enough to put out a vehicle fire—and a slew of other equipment.

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    Yet fighting actual fire makes up only a small portion of what firefighters do. Of the Elsewhere, to keep their employees busy, fire departments have expanded into neighborhood beautification, gang intervention, substitute-teaching and other downtime pursuits. But it seems reasonable to think that, in cases without a true fire, sending those giant trucks may be less efficient than, say, sending a paramedic to the scene. Further fueling this argument are growing budget cuts to fire departments throughout the country.

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    Overall, though, America is behind the curve when it comes to rethinking the fire truck. As Lloyd Alter writes at Mother Nature Network , Europe, where street lanes tend to be tighter, has a line of compact fire trucks that perform the same tasks as those in the U.

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    Watch as two fire engines—one from the U. Still, it has enough space to fit five people—a medical technician and four firefighters—and a compartment for all necessary medical equipment.

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    Linda Poon is a staff writer at CityLab covering science and urban technology, including smart cities and climate change. Two reports from the World Resource Institute look at the biggest barriers to electrifying the global bus fleet—and how cities can overcome them.