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The hero, whose POV we don't get, was more transparent. Jan 26, Grace rated it liked it Shelves: category , romance , contemporary , rapity-rape-rape. I wavered between one star and five stars simply for the full-blown wtfery that was this book. I ended up calling it even with three.

I devour category books in between full-length books as sort of a snack but seldom do I write a review unless it merits one. I thought I should write one for this in case I should read this book again. Because it wasn't until the end that I realized I must have read this book before. Several times, actually. But it never stuck with me because I was so uninves Hmmm.

But it never stuck with me because I was so uninvested with all the characters. In fact, I added a new bookshelf, rapity-rape-rape, to commemorate this book, because that was essentially what this book entailed. The older man, Leon older by about 15 years has had his eyes set on Bea ever since she was, literally, half his age, at When her father dies three years later, he pounces on her, smooching her at every opportunity.

They get engaged secretly, because he thinks she's too young, but not young enough to be secretly engaged. He goes off around the world on his business trips and is seldom at home until he finds that she's been hanging out with a childhood friend a male. He hotfoots it back to make the engagement official and hussles her off to his Greek island along with his stepmother, half-sister, and half-sister's venomous, evil, horns-growing-on-her-head-wouldn't-make-this-official-enough American friend.

Also, nationalities are super important. At some point, Bea overhears Leon being accosted by the friend with the accusation that she was pregnant with his child. Approximately 5 months along, and him saying, "WTH, you did that on purpose, you biatch," and she realizes that he had been stringing her along because he wanted to get his hands on her and her shares in the huge company.

She breaks it off by saying she misses home and that he was too old for her. Hella yes. Now that she is 21, a very advanced and mature age to come into her inheritance, he comes back into her life now 36 or 37 and gives her a birthday present which was her engagement ring reset into a necklace. He makes oily innuendos and paws her in her library, during which time her strapless dress has the opportunity to come off. Then he hussles off again with promises to come back for more. Might I mention that at all times, she's saying, "No, no, no! She has a date afterwards and he forces her into accepting a lift, making, again, sexual innuendos of the awkward variety, such as heh-hehing whenever she says, "What do you want, Leon?

Then he pulls her aside and says that he will be back for more. This formula never fails for him, and he uses it repeatedly. That is, until he is kidnapped. Then the situation escalates. Leon then plans a more elaborate scheme of the tried-and-true version, involving telling the press they were engaged secretly what, again?? Yes, my dear readers. Leon is nothing but not formulaic. And Bea obediently falls in with this plan even though it has played out before. She is then completely kept as a prisoner and on the first night, he forces himself on her.

The Reluctant Fiancee

And damn good it was too, because this was a Harlequin Presents, and not another publisher. She finds that she's not allowed to leave the grounds, and that the housekeeper is a smiling moron who thinks they are such a romantic couple. There are guards with automatic rifles everywhere and a ten-foot wall around the entire place. He is "keeping her safe" from potential kidnappers. Other than himself, of course. To maintain her feelings of safety, he has taken away the key to her bedroom and on the one night she tried to lock him out, he climbed the balcony to get into her room so that he can force his innuendos and person upon her.

She has a special treat in the form of an outing on the mainland, during which there is a massive earthquake. When they come back, an old worker is killed, and Leon finally wakes up or is exorcised. He tells Bea she is free to go. At this point, she is set on their private plane back to England when Leon's stepmother, planted in the plane next to her, reveals her evil plot and that she was behind the demon inside Leon after all.

Just kidding. That doesn't happen. But Leon's stepmother goes on for some length about how Leon is just like his father and how he plays around with women a LOT but is faithful to only one. I'm not quite sure how that works, but that's totally, ridiculously hot in a man, of course. And so that American friend evil skank that she is had tried to ensnare him, but he, like the discerning, faithful-to-one, loving-only-one-girl-since-he-was man that he is, dated her for a couple of years and happened to get drunk and pass out naked next to her while he was secretly engaged to Bea.

The first time. Even though he vowed to always make Bea his wife, of course. Their men are known for their excellence in overachievement in that field. I know," she said with a knowing wink, revealing that the penchant for innuendo ran deep in the family. And immediately upon landing in England, without stopping to refresh herself in the bathroom, she tells the pilot to turn the plane around and head back to Greece. She's 21, of course, and now outrightly co-owns the company co-owning the plane. The End. Jul 22, Leona rated it it was amazing Shelves: hqn-presents.

I do so love a Jacqueline Baird romance. She has such an incredible way of building passion, tension, and that requisite angst without making her heroes so alpha that they are non-redeeming. I truly love her heroines. They have backbone, yet they bend for the love of a good man. If I had to pick one author to write the man of my dreams, I would leave it in JB's hands. I was so invested in this story that I stayed up till 3AM to finish it. The hero has been in love with the heroine since she was a I do so love a Jacqueline Baird romance.

The hero has been in love with the heroine since she was a little girl. But given their age difference, he placed himself in the role of benevolent uncle which comes back to bite him when he realizes that as an attractive teenager she is interested in the opposite sex. The poor man panics so he coerces her into a secret engagement. The heroine accepts because to her the hero is everything. He accepts that she is young and needs to work things out.

There is a slight twist that changes him, but I could forgive that because the motivation was still one of love.. This is a story about two people who love each other, lose their way, but find it again because they won't risk losing each other. View all 7 comments. Feb 20, seton rated it liked it Shelves: category , san-quentin-quail , me-luv-u-long-time.

There is a fine line between devoted hero and creepy stalker would-be-rapists in the world of romance novels. This crossed over that line for me. The heroine has known the hero all her life. He's 14 years older and always been possessive of her. He even got engaged to her when she was 17 but it didnt work out.

The novel starts on the heroine's 21st birthday party and I thought the hero came across a bit of a loser with his corny sexual come-on lines and spying on her dates. The plot was kinda cho There is a fine line between devoted hero and creepy stalker would-be-rapists in the world of romance novels. The plot was kinda choppy too with things starting in the workplace and then diverging into a kidnapping and then, an earthquake.

That was a bit too much in a page novel. Tropes: older man Content warning: borderline forced seduction View 2 comments. I think this is my second JB, and I was a bit reluctant to read it because my first experience wasn't so great good writer but I'd found the story a bit 'ugh'. This book was soooo cute though. Yeah, there is borderline forced seduction, in that Leon was GOING to have his way with Bea, but she wanted it too and didn't deny it to herself. I liked the extra elements of Leon's kidnapping and the earthquake, often, I appreciate something that adds other dimensions to a story and these did serve the I think this is my second JB, and I was a bit reluctant to read it because my first experience wasn't so great good writer but I'd found the story a bit 'ugh'.

I liked the extra elements of Leon's kidnapping and the earthquake, often, I appreciate something that adds other dimensions to a story and these did serve their purpose. It was quite obvious that Leon has always loved Phoebe, he even reminds her of the many times they met before she ever knew she'd met him.

He fell in love with her at fifteen and stayed away because of it he was then, almost thirty , but kissed her into a secret engagement two years later after jealousy forced him to act. When she's eighteen, he makes their engagement real, but the splendor is short-lived because Bea overhears something from the most paltry OW evah that makes her think he doesn't love her. Fast forward to her 21st birthday, Leon shows up in her life once more and things start getting sexy again. Hot read. The H and the h had great chemistry and their romance was well developed.

My only issue with this book was the h's persistence in trying to friendzone the hero - even after she'd responded and yielded to him in non-platonic fashion. The earthquake depicted in the book was also a bit of an overkill I felt, and unnecessary. But other than that, this was good and steamy, with the right amount of angst and obsessive love- on the hero's part Just the way I like it.

Dec 16, Roub rated it really liked it. Phoebe played the bitch well and she was very naive where Leon was concerned. May 03, Caro rated it liked it Recommends it for: Las no fans del Ni una menos. Shelves: on-fire-characters , reencounter , steamy , virgin-heroin. Anyway, I'm glad that I picked this one. I highly enjoyed it. This was exactly everything I love about vintage HP. Despite the age diffe 4 Stars! Despite the age difference, despite the years they we're apart, he still loves her and remained faithful. And let me tell you, when he sets his mind on seduction.. Holly molly!

He knew that she belongs to him and no one, including her is going to keep him from the only woman he's ever loved. Yes, he was bossy, gruff, ass at times, caveman and does as he pleases with her, but oh so sweet and tender too. And as for Phoebe, I liked her. She wasn't a total doormat or martyr when it comes to Leon. I liked that she gave as good as she got and didn't let Leon walk all over her. Overall, The Reluctant Fiancee was a fun book to read. I liked this book along with the characters and their complicated love story.

Plus the OTT obsession with the heroine made it worth the read. Dec 01, Booked rated it it was amazing Shelves: guardian-stepsibs , stealing-kisses , besotted-hero , sprinkled-with-humor , laced-with-revenged , all-time-favorites , virgin-heroine. He kisses her senseless in the middle of the street and their banter is laced with wicked spice. I love the characters. Second-time seduction! Bea has been reunited with Leon Gregoris, her ex-fiance. But this time Leon won't mesmerize her with his dark Greek-Cypriot good looks. Bea is older and in charge of herself now; she won't be captive to sexual chemistry!

Then Leon announces they are engaged again--which is news to Bea! Before she can protest, Leon has whisked her away to his luxury villa in He kisses her senseless in the middle of the street and their banter is laced with wicked spice. Before she can protest, Leon has whisked her away to his luxury villa in Cyprus. And guess what: that same mutual, intense physical attraction is as strong as ever. Bea might be unwilling to be Leon's fiancee a second time, but it's proving harder to steer clear of his bed!

May 04, Linda Sims rated it liked it. I liked this story, the characters were well drawn. I did think it was a bit off the way the hero had been waiting around for the heroine to be old enough for him to claim. He's 14 years older than her. So at 17 years old he proposes marriage, but she overhears a conversation he has with someone else and breaks off the engagement. But now it's her 21st birthday, she has come into her inheritance. Which happens to be in the hero's company. Which both their fathers created.

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He's decided that now she's a full grown woman he can resume his pursuit of her. But it hadn't stopped him in the intervening years while he was waiting from having plenty of other women. I did enjoy this even though the hero was very pushy, the heroine was determined to stand up for herself, but never seemed to quite manage it IMO. I would like to have seen her put him in his place more.

Jan 28, Naima rated it really liked it. I found this to be a lovely guilty read - a story of an older hero who has a history with the heroine. Once he was an uncle figure, but then he morphs into bula matari and takes the heroine to bed. There were some interesting things that happened a long the way, but I found the heroes response to being taken captive an the earthquake a bit severe and think perhaps it would have been a more satisfying ending if he was in therapy or was not so polished on the last page.

Jul 30, Megzy rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary. Really enjoyed reading this one. Apr 17, Jenny rated it did not like it Shelves: heroine-i-hated.

Carolyn Davidson

Hated the heroine. She was bitter, immature and self centered! Nov 03, Elaine rated it liked it. It was enjoyable but predictable. Dec 19, Mo rated it liked it. This is a mad book. Really, really mad. Okay, so the book starts and he pretty much immediately sexually assaults her. On her birthday.

After which they have a reasonably calm conversation and it never even occurs to her to phone the police. Then the H gets kidnapped and apparently he loves it so much that he thinks kidnapping the h is the way to truly win her heart once and for all. He follows this brainwave up by committing a prolonged sexual assault on her.

And the worst part is, it works. Sh This is a mad book. She realises she loves him deeply. There's some more back and forth and then the inevitable HEA. And the worst thing about this book? The fact that despite all the fuckery I've outlined above it still manages to be kinda, sorta, almost actually a little sweet. This book makes my head hurt. I hate it. But I liked it too. Sep 26, Charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: mills-boon-harlequin , set-in-uk , set-in-greece , om-troubles , misunderstanding , may-to-december , heroine-is-kick-ass , heroine-dumps-him , hero-is-awesome , hero-is-greek.

I quite liked this one. Our h is a feisty one at first she was engaged to our H when she was super young and her pops had died then dumped him when she figured he was just marrying her for the family dynasty. Of course this is rubbish our H is head over heels with our h and gives her chance to grow up a bit then you know he's coming back to drag her ass to the altar!

You do have to take into account this is a pretty old school 90's Harly so you have to allow for the "forcing oneself" onto our h I quite liked this one. You do have to take into account this is a pretty old school 90's Harly so you have to allow for the "forcing oneself" onto our h without her going cray cray and calling the police on his gropy ass. Our h was having none of that - sure she thinks our H is sex on legs but no way is she dancing up the aisle with a man who isn't totes in love with her so she soon puts him in his place and has him chasing after her all over London - you can tell he is in lurve esp when he meets her man friend.

Anyway things happen and our feisty h soon evolves into our typical Harly female of caving into his every demand and going after her man and he was a total teddy bear for the HEA. Hence me enjoying it more than I should.

A Heartless Marriage by Helen Brooks

View 1 comment. Sep 04, Lemon rated it it was amazing Shelves: hp-challenge. I love a smitten hero! A very enjoyable read with a strong heroine and a totally smitten hero. Oct 28, Feminista marked it as never-to-read. Promiscuous hero and hero-like-a-father-figure 14 years age gap.

The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal Audiobook

The Reluctant Fiancee The couple had lived each other for a long time. He was older and waited for her to grow up. She followed his adventures with other females and was leary of his proposal. When she over heard that he had gotten another woman pregnant while engaged to her, she dumped him. So he waited three years to come back. But will she trust him? What about the other woman? Click on a book cover to view more information including a preview, excerpt and buy now.

The Italian Demands His Heirs. Billionaires at the Altar, book 2 March And then watch your market come to you! Click Download or Read Online button to get veranda the romance of flowers in pdf book now. This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

Veranda The Romance Of Flowers. These books span six decades of a phenomenal writing career, and every story is available to read unedited and …. Mills And Boon Download Epub.. Mills and boon epub Products.

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