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Michael Winterbottom's acclaimed franchise isn't finished yet.

The experiences were a recurring theme in many of the research proposals Fischer evaluated when deciding which subgrants to award through the Immortality Project. Accordingly, a sizable chunk of the funded research has sought to answer questions about these phenomena. Descriptions of near-death experiences tend to share similarities. People often report out-of-body experiences where they feel themselves rise above their own bodies.

But questions about their meaning remain: Do they prove the existence of an afterlife? And what lessons can we draw from them?

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He noted that in every culture his Immortality Project team members have researched, one feature of human nature that shows up time and again is a concern for death. They also become more prosocial, more concerned about morality and justice, and more optimistic about life in general.

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Even negative near-death experiences can yield positive results, Fischer said, by inspiring those who have them to re-orient themselves to the good. Humans have always longed for ways to overcome death, but never has secular immortality — living forever — seemed like such a real possibility, Fischer said, with medical advances enabling life expectancies in developed countries to nearly double over the past century. The Immortality Project has also funded research into enhancing human longevity.

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Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan Plan ‘The Trip to Greece,’ So Get Your Impressions Ready

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