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Luckily the flight is postponed til the next day, and Mr. Foster persuades her to come home for the night. Knowing this will make her late, she protests in vain.

Just before the car leaves, he runs back in the house on the pretense of picking up a gift he forgot for his daughter. Foster discovers the gift box shoved down between the seat cushions. She runs up to the house to tell him that she has the gift… and suddenly she pauses. She listens. She stays frozen for 10 seconds, straining to hear something.

Only Way To Heaven?

She makes her flight and has a wonderful visit with her grandchildren. One of the most common misconceptions among both Christians and unbelievers is that you can get to heaven just by being a good person. The irony of that misbelief is that it completely ignores the necessity of Jesus Christ 's sacrifice on the cross for the sins of the world.

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What's more, it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of what God considers "good. The Bible , God's inspired Word , has much to say about humanity's so-called "goodness.

Goodness, according to most people, is being better than murderers, rapists, drug dealers and robbers. Giving to charity and being polite may be some people's idea of goodness. They recognize their flaws but think, on the whole, they're pretty decent human beings. God, on the other hand, is not just good.

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God is holy. Throughout the Bible, we are reminded of his absolute sinlessness. He is incapable of breaking his laws, the Ten Commandments. In the book of Leviticus , holiness is mentioned times.

Do You Know the Way to Heaven?

God's standard to get into heaven, then, is not goodness, but holiness, complete freedom from sin. Since Adam and Eve and the Fall , every human being has been born with a sinful nature.

Our instincts are not toward goodness but are toward sin. We may think we are good, compared to others, but we are not holy. Eventually, we all backslide into sin. No one can meet God's standard of holiness to get into heaven. In Old Testament times, God addressed this problem of sin by commanding the Hebrews to sacrifice animals to atone for their sins:.