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Paper Title Pages. The powders were uniaxially cold pressed in a cylindrical die in the range from to MPa. P0 is the relative apparent density and p is applied pressure; K and n are the parameters with defined physic-metallurgical substance. The values of the parameters K and n were determined by regression analyses. The correlation coefficients r of experimental compaction curves were up to 0.

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An attempt has been made to develop corresponding computer programs to calculate compressibility factor with these five state equations. Tools developed to provide optimized load and dimensional solutions. Bridge - AppStore.

Tractor - AppStore. Bridge - Google Play. Tractor - Google Play. Z-factor Consultation.

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The Z Factor: Why Subhash Chandra’s autobiography has failed

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Add Review globalgroove. When this first came out it realy fell between two stools.

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Too corny for the Hip Hop heads,and not funky enough for the house lovers and honestly the customers who frequented my local import shop laughed at it. When the shop shut i bought from the sale bin because i secretly liked it,felt sorry for it and listened to it in secret as a guilty pleasure. As the long years have passed this poor little tune poor little tune has been rehabilitated and has a bit off a real collectors piece.

It still is corny but i think it's a great bit of fun,love it.