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Right now, Matlab is not referencing the parameters under the isentropic relationship. Here is the code I have so far. Andrew Newell Andrew Newell view profile. Rick Rosson Rick Rosson view profile. Please format your code. If you do not know how, please click on the link called "Markup help" below.

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Accepted Answer. Joseph Joseph view profile. That was all I needed to do, just a simple error late at night Opportunities for recent engineering grads. Apply Today. Read more. The inquisitive problem solver.

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Physics Problem Solver. Fluid Mechanics. The initial temperature and pressure of the ethane and water is 0. First we must find the amount of heat released by the ethane. To do this, we calculate the number of moles of ethane gas using the ideal gas equation and multiply the molar heat of combustion by the number of moles. Then using the heat equation we can find the mass of water that would be raised to boiling with the given amount of heat. First, the kJ must be converted to J to match the units of the specific heat.

Using basic algebra we solve for the mass, and since water has a density of 1. A balloon filled with gas expands its volume by 2. If the pressure outside the balloon is 0. The specific heat capacity of copper is We now know how many joules of heat must be added to the copper wire to increase the temperature and we know how many joules of energy are given off by the heater per second.

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We divide to find the number of seconds. T 1 and T 2 refer to the temperatures in Kelvin. The heat of vaporization of liquid water is The gas constant that is most convenient to use is 8. Therefore it is important to convert the kJ value of the heat of vaporization to J. Given a Carnot engine that absorbs J of energy from a tank of hot water with a final temperature of K, what is the initial temperature if J of work was done by the system?