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Have you ever thought about how complex food is? We used to say that we eat with our eyes, but are there several key factors to finding stunning flavo Fagerhult is the story of a man who saw the world with new eyes. Who spotted opportunities in technological advancements and in the world around him. In the programme was It is all about people, not the places. The increasing online shopping trend within retail has made an impact in all traditional stores. Customers today are placing their order with a click Throughout the world, innovative designers and employers applying the Well Building Standard to create workplaces that are healthy for body and mind.

With a touch of magic, the design team from Above and After experiencing hundreds of badly planned conference facilities, communication expert David Phillips is taking things into his own hands. In the be Fabian is a subtle retro fixture, deeply connected with our innovative heritage. When we started there Copenhagen brings connectivity to a new level.

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In the project Copenhagen Connecting the streetlights play a key role in the infrastructure for the new What if lighting could help the elderly to a happier and healthier life? Actually, it can!

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A new research project at Lund University indicates that d What is your industry? Interior Design, Hospitality or Entertainment? And does it really matter? In The Convergence Economy brands So what to do when the r All the efficiency and all the visual comfort.

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How do you solve the light industries trickiest equation? The clues were in the past and the classic r We are getting older. Probably wiser. But as the human eye is aging, our needs for light increase dramatically. I prefer the smaller ones. With many small changes you can make a huge difference. It takes knowledg Opening mid , Fotografiska London will be one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to photography. A postmodern architectural universe cr How do you construct a friendly, healthy, and high-performance workspace?

A space where conditions are sustainable for the employees and environment a Light is well-being, but it can also be terror. Over the past few decades we have seen office trends come and go.

What are the current trends, and what might the office of the future actually look l Investing in exterior lighting designs is an effective way to increase the value and attractiveness of a property. What do the toilets at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have in common with pendant light fittings in Danish primary schools? Both are design initiatives in You can eat the cake and have it too… New research from the IT University in Copenhagen suggests that investing in high quality lighting can actu In the quest to quantify the emotional part of human centric lighting solutions we need to involve the end users.

But advanced lighting professional l Emma Olbers is one of the pioneers in sustainable design.

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By being consistent in their choice of materials and production, she helps customers and con The reporting of digitalization and automatization in the media, can sometimes seem dark and pessimistic. Instead of focusing on all the possibilities Fagerhult's websites use cookies to enhance user experience and optimization of the site. By browsing, you agree that cookies are used.

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Read more about cookies. Innovations for better light Over the last 70 years within the lighting industry various new findings have come our way and we have embraced the change. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter E-mail. Compact fluorescent lamp In mid-eighties there was a new light source on the market, the compact fluorescent lamp. Reflector technology In the very first Pleiad downlighter that was released in mid-nineties we developed a symmetrical light distribution from a horizontally positioned lamp.

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Electronic ballasts In the early nineties we also got the electronic, high frequency ballasts resulting in increased energy efficiency and a flicker-free light! And what is glacial rebound? During the last ice age, heavy glaciers depressed Earth's surface much like a mattress depresses when you sit on it. As that ice melts, or is removed, the land slowly rises back to its original position.

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In the new study, which relied heavily on a statistical analysis of such rebound, scientists figured out that glacial rebound is likely to be responsible for only about a third of the polar drift in the 20 th century. The authors argue that mantle convection makes up the final third.

Mantle convection is responsible for the movement of tectonic plates on Earth's surface. It is basically the circulation of material in the mantle caused by heat from Earth's core. Ivins describes it as similar to a pot of soup placed on the stove. As the pot, or mantle, heats, the pieces of the soup begin to rise and fall, essentially forming a vertical circulation pattern -- just like the rocks moving through Earth's mantle.

With these three broad contributors identified, scientists can distinguish mass changes and polar motion caused by long-term Earth processes over which we have little control from those caused by climate change.

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They now know that if Greenland's ice loss accelerates, polar motion likely will, too. Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. This edition published Weight approx. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review.

He is a contributing editor at Prism magazine, writes regularly in The Christian Century, and performs with his indie pop band The Pinkerton Raid.