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Also, how is shopping a social activity? I once shopped with a guy friend, and afterward, we vowed to never do it again. For that matter, how is peeing a social activity?

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What are you always talking about with your friends on the phone? What could you two possibly have to catch up on? Your eyelash curler—What. Be honest: You only keep it around in case you suddenly have to defend yourself. Why it takes you so long to get ready for bed. Have you not mastered the process yet?

Why it takes you so long to get ready to go out.

24 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women | Best Life

Are you up there talking to Jennifer again? Why you need so many throw pillows.

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  • It’s time men learned to listen beyond the words spoken to understand the women in their lives..
  • Communication in Health Organizations.

This is probably half the reason it takes you so long to get ready for bed. You like to talk after sex. How do you do it? Check out 10 more things men are thinking during sex. You admit that romcoms are cheesy and predictable, yet you watch them anyway. My god—that closet. Your voice gets soooo high when you see puppies.

This should be studied. It lasted months and took almost a year to recover from.

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Being alone with a way older man can be misconstrued as being in a romantic or sexual relationship with them. We get certain stares sometimes, even when in the car on the way home.


We cannot control our periods. At all. No amount of clenching stops it from happening. Same with the pill, patch, etc. Every woman is different. It just comes out, unless you have something in there to stop it. Certain things like standing up after laying down, etc. If women could control our periods, rest assured we would. The large majority of us would opt to either never have them, or only have them at times convenient to us.

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  7. There is no amount of clenching, gritting our teeth, or crossing our legs that stops it from happening. I could be giving a presentation, working a full day, leading a team meeting etcetera, and I just might be shedding the lining of my uterus at that very moment. I might be feeling sharp ,stabbing pains or experiencing a sudden onset cramp, but you could never tell by looking at me. Maybe I take a small pause when walking, maybe I am a tiny bit slower getting up, but the PPF is strong with this one.

    Someone is on their period, haha! Also, if you are female and a manager at a male-dominated company, people think you slept with someone to get the job. Big boobs are not always a blessing. Also bras are expensive as fuck and once you get above a C or a D you lose out on so many of the pretty choices. I literally had to drive 3 and a half hours to find a bra that fits well and makes me feel good about my body.

    Your inner thigh gets some of the action too. Not all men, and not all the time, but still far too fucking often. In some situations you just feel like you literally have to be on guard constantly and protect yourself.

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    It can make you wary of everybody, at least for a while after an incident happens. Why the hell do some 60 y. Were they interested in 60 year old women when they were 20? We have no idea what we are doing half the time either… Our only advantage and its a big one! That removes a ridiculous amount of pressure. There is a code among drunk girls that we are never explicitly taught but we all know: we take care of each other. So we look out for each other.

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    Best way you can help is if you see a guy bothering a girl, to intervene and get him to go away.