Guide 7 Simple Ways to Survive on a Budget

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If snacks are life in your house, then this post is for you. Mix up your snack-time routine with these snack tray ideas from Meghan that are both fun and delicious! Hey all! Feeding them is the greatest, uphill battle of my life!

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Am I being a touch dramatic? Read More. If you're needing a fast and delicious dinner recipe for your family, then this is it! Catherine is giving us all the deets on her sweet potato black bean quesadillas that is also Read More. Not you?!

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I'm glad we're on the same page! Anyone who has ever had a job knows the challenge between Read More. Save money and stop being so wasteful with fruits and vegetables that are in season. Danielle is here today to share with you how she stopped wasting money on fresh produce and Read More.

How to Survive on a Student Budget

Credit cards can be great for building your credit, but how exactly do credit cards work? Yes it will negatively effect your credit. Instituition look at your ioverall credit lines available to you and factor those limits into your credit worthy score…. That way it falls into the billing cycle date for the next month. Ex: my chase closes on the 3rd of may… if I wait to purchase tile the 4th it will be two months before that bill is due. Does that make sense?

The old fashioned rule was ten percent of your income goes into savings first. Then you must manage on the rest. I found this easiest to do when the employer takes the ten percent first and puts it into a pension plan. Some employers also have matching funds, and it is wise to take advantage of that if possible.

I work in the k industry. Post navigation. Comments 48 Leave your comment thank you Reply. This was super helpful! The method is a popular one where you take your after-tax monthly income and divide expenses into categories […] Reply. This rule suggests that half of your income should go to necessary expenses such as rent, […] Reply. Check it out here. Start now, and even if you only save a few dollars a week, it […] Reply. Very helpfull Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Grab yourself a 'How To' Book and start training - it will make your hostel experience a hell of a lot more enjoyable!

2. Learn to Cook

Bye Bye Smelly Feet Hello Vanilla Rose. Familiarise yourself with these and make the most of them. Plan your weekly eating and drinking schedule on the backpacker specials in your area. Most of us get fat when moving into a hostel Accept it. Stop making fake promises to join a gym. Ignore the Lift. Take the Stairs. Find a Friend. Ask that friend if they would like to save money. Naturally, they will reply YES if they don't You are better than that anyway. Wash your stuff together You'd be surprised what you can find on the free food shelf of your hostel.

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This morning I found It required a can opener. I could not find one I assume this is why the can was left behind in the first place. But not to worry I used a knife. The result? Free Spaghetti!

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  • You'll begin to dread each time a new person moves into your dorm or home away from home for just a few nights.