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His father worked as a farmer, and A. There was, however, a tense situation within the extended family and numerous sudden mourning of family members occurred. Later both his father's second wife and his father died too. Following his father's death, he moved to his paternal uncle, who took over the land and livestock of the brother. During one of these violent episodes, he reported to be " beaten as I had never seen anyone beat. He is persuaded of the fact that the latter casted a spell on his mother, his father's second wife, and his father himself, resulting in their death.

He has reported such episodes of violence with a feeling of shame and expressed strong fear in speaking of them. In such a situation, A. He lived there for four months, working as a chicken keeper, in order to make some money and continue his journey. He suffered hunger in the desert between Niger and Libya for 5 days and feared death.

He lived for about 2 days in a camp in Sabha, where he was provided with one meal per day and suffered hunger again. After getting some new money from a Senegalese friend, he later lived for 17 days in a second camp in Barak, where there was an internal prison. Although he had not been imprisoned, he witnessed the deaths of eight people, presumably owing to lack of food and healthcare.

Then he fled to Sabratha and lived for another 15 days in a new camp, and eventually faced the dangerous 3-day sea crossing to Pozzallo, during which he had nausea and vomiting. Now that he is hosted in Italy, he has been expressing his concern about his brothers who still live in his home country, fearing that they might be killed or injured by his paternal uncle.

After landing, he suffered pain in the lower limbs for a few weeks probably ankylosis due to overcrowding during the desert and sea crossing. Despite being an orphan, the violence he suffered and the potentially traumatic dangers he faced during the migratory route, he is resilient and has a good feedback: he is smart and shows his affection to his brothers and maternal aunt, seeking help if needed. In October , a terrorist attack by Boko Haram struck his village during the night, while his family was asleep.

He woke up for his mother's screams; while the rest of the family fled, his father and older brother remained in the village, along with other grown men, so that women and children could escape, losing their lives. That fateful night, the terrorists killed several people, but the arrival of Nigerian government soldiers made some women and children to be released by terrorists.

Following the terrorist attack, he fled to Niger, along with his second-born brother. Here, he slept on the street, in front of a supermarket. In order to survive during the day, his brother carried goods for the supermarket, while A. He spent 3 months sleeping on the street. Later, he and his brother moved to the city of Agadesh, Niger, on the border with Libya.

He crossed the desert and after days reached Tripoli. He then worked in the city of Musalata, together with his brother, at a car wash. He fled from Musalata during the night and was brought near the sea. He was hence separated from his brother and reached Italy, along with other women and children.

Despite his positive attitude, he experiences symptoms following traumatic events, some of which — such as insomnia, recurrent nightmares and intrusive thoughts - have lasted for a year and a half. He has been suffering from sleeping difficulties, awakens in the middle of the night as a result of nightmares, dreaming of his father being killed and he himself losing his life. He suddenly wakes up and cries and experiences anxiety due to the lack of knowledge of his sister and separation from his brother and family.

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He is from a Muslim family and is the younger brother of F. Uncle M. He had to drop out of University due to lack of financial means and worked as a cab driver to support his family. Later he married a fellow countrywoman and had a 3-year-old son. Girls and young women from the age of , are often forced to get married with older men and several secret female communities practice genital mutilation on girls so they can be "good wives".


There are very few people who oppose GMP and early marriage practices, fearing they might face social marginalization. For such a reason, many people are silent, afraid of the consequences of their opposition. They have therefore left their country about 3 months ago, undertaking a much safer journey than many other migrants. They crossed the Sahara Desert, suffering from cold at night, thirst and hunger, fearing for their lives. Then, they spent about 2 moths at the Sabratha camp in Libya, witnessing the repeated and daily physical violence of migrant smuggling. Little F. He is generally very polite and well mannered in his interactions with others, but lately he is anxious and apprehensive and tends to hold long conversations about religion, accompanied by decomposed movements.

He once argued that the dog in the garden was a human reincarnated as an animal and that we are all part of the whole as the whole is part of us.

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If similar affirmations are to be read in the light of a possible connection to a widespread animistic philosophical background shared by many African cultures, the statement according to which when you know yourself you know the whole universe and have the certainty there will be unity among people and you will be full of the greatest wealth, namely having many followers, is striking.

He also claimed that there were no differences between the Bible and the Koran and that he had come to Italy to complete a mission which is both individual and able to reach the whole of mankind. He said he had already been in Sicily in the 70s and, more worryingly, to be the reincarnation of the Prophet. The latter is a claim that, spoken by a Muslim practitioner, entails all the power of blasphemy as well as the concrete risk of being subjected to violent acts by other Muslims.

This suggests that A. He has also been experiencing a sense of guilt due to the impossibility, for the first time in his life, of supporting his family in Gambia. He has indeed supported both his parents and sister in the past, even during his long stay in Libya.

Now that he is in a First Reception Centre, he feels like he has experienced a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hochart and A. Fondation pour l'enfance. Mc-cann , Healing of hymenal injuries in prebubertal and adolescents girls : a descriptive study , Pediatrics , Kellogg, S. Menard, and A. Scheidler, B. Schultz, L. Schall, and H. Ford , Mechanisms of blunt perineal injury in female pediatric patients , Journal of Pediatric Surgery , vol.

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S Best practices , Women. In partnership with tech companies, government and NGOs we aim to accelerate victim identification, disrupt platforms, and change behavior. Pope Francis: Capitalism must consider impact on humanity, environment Holy See. Journey Out is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit leading the fight for the freedom and survival of all those whose lives have been destroyed by sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation. Best practices , Children. Using a highly relational and collaborative approach, we give children on-the-ground help exclusively in the U.

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We currently have a housing and rehabilitation program for adult women who are survivors of trafficking and have children. We are also in the process of opening a residential treatment facility for minors who are survivors of human trafficking. We believe that no young person deserves to be homeless; that every young person in California deserves shelter, food, clothing, education … and most importantly, to be loved Best practices , Children , Civil Society Org CSOs. ECPAT is a worldwide network of organizations working to end the sexual exploitation of children.

ECPAT has members worldwide in 96 countries. To eliminate modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms, and support those who work tirelessly against it Best practices , Faith-Based Org FBOs. Card Nichols: Church a global network for good against trafficking Holy See.