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My loss though, because this is seriously a fun wine. Rich, full-bodied with dark fruit and vanilla flavors. In fact, as told by Quarterly Review of Wines Publisher Richard Elia, when he sat down to interview Child, she pulled a platter of the bivalves from the refrigerator and instructed him to start shucking. The story goes that Elia, unsure how to shuck, looked horrified but Child looked past this since he brought her a bottle of her favorite champagne.

We also learn just how akin oyster tasting is to wine tasting. Steeped in history and tradition, oysters like wine, give us a sense of place and ground us back to the sea and earth and remind us how food and love are so intertwined. T he screen door slammed behind us, the same sound the door of your childhood home reverberates in your memory. It was a scorching hot day in late May as we arrived at Caymus Vineyards, the perfect weather for good grapes is what all the winemakers reminded us that day. These people know grapes and the sound of that door is in many ways, to the childhood home of the Wagner family.

The family has been in the wine business for 40 years. They say the wine is good because they know the land. The way the sun tilts down on the fields, how much water will touch the vines, the perfect amount of afternoon sun. The smell of wine and barrels scents the air around the tasting room. We feel at home. The family hopes people will sit outside, take pleasure in the scenery and enjoy a glass of wine in the sun. Through that wooden door, the tasting bar is a sight in and of itself to behold, lush wood with carvings, gleaming bottles along the bar.

The patriarch of the family Charlie Wagner settled on the land that would become Caymus Vineyards in and to this day, the Wagners run the vineyard. Chuck Wagner continues to direct the Cabernet program at Caymus Vineyards. It is just recently Caymus has opened itself up to walk-in visitors. Until recently, the winery was by-appointment only. Now, with a focus on showing off what they do, the winery is open for public tastings. They are welcoming in the public and welcoming visitors into their family by pouring not only Caymus but all the wines produced by the family.

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The Five Best Wine Books for Beginners

Passed down from father to son, love and dedication perfuming each glass poured. This is one of my favorites to recommend right now. Bonus: this one is rganically grown and sustainably farmed. So this is how not to open your champagne! While not as dramatic, get a dish towel, cover the cork and twist it off. Your family will thank you. I point to the wine I want on the menu while pronouncing the name as perfectly as my French will allow. Actually, I have chosen it because I can see the bottle behind the bar and am instantly intrigued by its elegant look against the mahogany shelves.

It is tall and slender, a green sea glass color with a smart emblem imprinted into the glass surface. I know from the piles of travel books well wishing friends and family gave me before I left the United States, that wine is the lifeblood of Provence. It is far more than just a beverage — it is the river that nourishes this southern landscape, the culture, which it transforms and defines. Before moving to France, I saw wine in a different light.

The sips I had taken previous to my journey to Provence had been biting and woodsy and like nothing I had ever tasted or ever imagined I would enjoy. But I soon learned, the wine the French were serving was very much different than the golden glass fulls served at the weddings I had attended. Mellow and smooth, while the beverage was technically the same I had tried in the United States, it was much different.

25 Best Paso Robles Winery Tours (Updated for ) - Wine

The liquid was transfored giving me a taste of the place I now found myself. Perhaps it was this new setting — this new home in southern France and the rapid change of the colors and hues of my life but the wine seemed to coat the perfect afternoon. Its velvety touch seemed to embody my newfound love of the region. In France, one does not need an excuse to pour.

They share tidbits of wine knowledge complete with a DBP wine review, all while chatting up hot topics and telling personal stories in their themed episodes. The DBP girls put the pizzazz back into wine drinking with their witty dialogue and no frills attitude. So if you love wine or maybe just dabble in We interview winemakers, consumers, wine bar owners, scientists, you name it, if it is about wine in the UK we will cover it.

Almost all good wine from around the world washes up on these shores so we'll find out more about the people behind the wines that are making a splash. The Wine Enthusiast Podcast takes you on a tantalizing trip into the world of wine, beer and spirits. In each episode, we explore emerging trends, provide educational tidbits, and introduce you to the passionate people who craft, shake, ferment, and pour their beverage of choice.

Inside every bottle is a story. Join us on a journey to learn more about wine and how to enjoy it! Each week, we'll explore the vast wine landscape through wine knowledge and recommendations. There are no prerequisites for this podcast, so grab a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy the show!

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This unique and entertaining program is your weekly guide to the wonderful world of wine. A podcast about wine, wine culture and wine people.

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Every episode a different guest from the wine industry joins host James Scarcebrook aka The Intrepid Wino to share their backgrounds, their influences, and their philosophies on wine. Nothing too technical, just a casual chat between a few people who happen to work with wine. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to get the new episode as soon as it is available, and please rate review and share! DiWineTaste Podcast, discovering the enchanting world of wine, sensorial tasting, grapes, history and territories making the beverage of Bacchus unique.

Hosted by Antonello Biancalana. Wine writers who center their writing around the Ontario Wine Scene. Opinionated and Wine fueled content is what you will find here. Wine entertainment, education and consumer empowerment. Everyday drinking for everyday people. Wine with lunch? Yes please, and any time of day. Whether it's 5 o'clock or not, we don't let that stop us.

Beginners Guide On Tasting Wine

Whitney and Christina work with wine, love wine, drink copious amounts of wine, and now talk wine and sometimes cocktails and beer. Follow them on their virtual adventures around the wine world via their imaginary friend Carmen Grape-iago.

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The ladies chat about everything from their travels, tastings, gripes and loves, to more informative stuff like demystifying wine terminology, essential wine and food pairings, a A weekly show highlighting Australia's best winemakers and the stories behind their wine and their vineyards. Fun, informative and no big words. A Podcast from the owners of Dracaena Wines.

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America's 1 Uneducated Wine Podcast is back! Play Later. Are you a curfew breaker? This episode, we discuss the history behind curfews, if they are effective do they actually prevent youth crime or protect the younger crowds? Time for another Wine in the News episode!

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Check out the news articles below to read more about these topics. By 2 Guys Talking Wine. Today I have a special treat for you. While other estates continue to maintain petit verdot for its amplifying efforts as an effective contributor to many red wine blends. Petit verdot is a highly concentrated grape, exuding abundant color, structure, and flavor. Classified as red wine, the intense hues lean well into the blue-black range, often with a fuller body, higher alcohol content, and decidedly dry taste profile.

With remarkable tannic structure, medium to high acids, depending on the region , and black fruit dominating the aromatics and palate flavors, petit verdot can be a loud, rambunctious wine that may well be softened by age or blending. For those that have ventured out into the petit verdot spotlight, featuring the grape as a standalone -- the expected aromas circle around vanilla, smoke, spice, cedar, molasses and even tar. Due to the rigid tannin structure and concentrated nature of this wine, foods with plenty of weight, protein, and fat are your best bets.