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Ghostly Writes writers write together again…2018 Anthology published

It can intensify audience investment in characters, allow for more complex narratives, and create a sense of persistent world-building that lasts far beyond the actual artistic work itself. But it can be a drag, too, an annoying set of increasingly complicated rules that writers have to follow or else run the risk of breaking the fiction completely. At first, the board looks clear and full of possibilities, but the more you play, the fewer options you have left open to you, and the more important it becomes that you choose correctly. This raises the stakes and creates growing intensity, but it can also when, like me, you are not very good at chess become frustrating as hell.

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Sometimes you just want to murder everyone and be done with it. And who wants to get mugged, right? More fictional than usual, I mean. Thankfully, fans of carnage can breathe easy, provided they still have their lungs. A lot of people die in this episode. And I meant a lot. When Leela wonders what it would be like if she was more impulsive, the story that follows demonstrates that her uptight, by-the-book approach to life is all that prevents her from going on a killing spree.

And then sleeping with Fry. Watching Leela slaughter her way through most of the main ensemble is good for some laughs, and having Fry team up with Stephen Hawking, Al Gore, Nichelle Nichols, and Gary Gygax is a fun way to bring in some big-hitter guest stars, at least from the nerd perspective. And the twenty minutes are certainly never boring.

Ghostly Writes writers write together again…2018 Anthology published

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