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Sarampión: Asegúrese de que su hijo haya recibido todas las vacunas

Es posible que , literally meaning "it is possible that," can also be used as an alternative to one of the other ways of expressing possibility, and in standard Spanish, it is followed by a verb in the subjunctive mood. Although its literal translation is "at what is best," it isn't used that way.

Mi historia [Becoming]

Share Flipboard Email. Updated December 23, Perhaps you will get married, or perhaps not.

¿Qué es el santo rosario?

Perhaps in another life you and I were lovers. Perhaps later. Maybe nobody will come. Talvez yo te pueda ayudar.

Perhaps I can help you. La paz y la libertad es nuestra forma de vida.

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La otra vida del Capitán Contreras

Learn how. Translation Tips. We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box. Try Fluencia, the new Spanish learning program from SpanishDict.

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