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A Samurai's Perspective on the Classroom

Asaka Facilities. Access Access. Providing a linguistically rich environment, MCV enables students to improve their practical communication skills by actually using the foreign language they are studying. Offering opportunities to experience being an exchange student right here on campus, MCV has become a dynamic gathering place where students hone their language skills while communicating with new people.

In addition to offering programs to help students gain practical skills in English and other languages, the objective of MCV is to cultivate global citizens by developing intercultural understanding, planning and implementation skills. We invite students to work as MCV staff to provide them with opportunities to acquire both language and intercultural skills.

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Many students, both regular and international exchange students, currently work as MCV staff. MCV passport. English conservation lessons. Counseling to advise students on effective English and other foreign languages study methods.

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Activity-oriented programs that provide hands-on English learning opportunities. Casual English conservation open topics, games, etc. Materials useful for language study and intercultural understanding DVDs, books, magazines, Internet. Various fun events that give students chances to deepen their understanding of other cultures.

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The carpenter plans everything with great specificity, and you, as a martial artist, should do the same — both inside and outside the dojo. You may know exactly how you would spar with a classmate who likes to lead with a roundhouse kick , but do you have a plan in the event of a home-invasion robbery? How about a car jacking or mugging? Leave nothing to chance. It is sometimes a trickle and sometimes a wild sea.

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Water has a clear blue color. By the clarity, things of [my] school are shown in this book.

Samurai Legend: Miyamoto Musashi

A wise martial artist uses techniques and tactics that fit the circumstances of the fight. His goal is to hit his adversary, not necessarily to execute his favorite technique. The ability to become a tactical chameleon requires exposure to different fighting styles. Witness the generally poor showings made by one-dimensional fighters who enter MMA competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In that kind of limited-rules environment, the fighter that triumphs is the one who has trained in every conceivable method, from ground grappling to kickboxing and all ranges in between.

And so it is with battles. That illustrated to me the importance of ferocity. Being in great shape or having trained under a renowned master is simply not enough.

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It means getting your mind oriented correctly in terms of life-or-death combat. In other words, they trained to die. Of course, you should endeavor to preserve your life, but you should do so with the strength that comes from having a resolute acceptance of death and the purity of focus that accompanies it. Who are the likely adversaries of the 21st-century martial artist?

Gang members, criminals and terrorists, for the most part. You must learn who they are, how they operate and what they wear.

This is not the essence of the way. You must study this well. If you take taekwondo , consider adding wing chun and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to expand your horizons. If you focus on unarmed fighting, spend some time learning knife and gun methods. Remember that narrow-mindedness kills.