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Listening to book 7 makes me hunger for the rest! Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? She is a very expressive and entertaining narrator who brings the characters to life. Oh and I also read the book. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Any additional comments? I couldn't make up my mind weather to give Blade of Darkness 5 stars or 4 stars. I settled on 4 because one of "The Others" Gershom who wants to kick start Armageddon. He kicked the Immortal Guardians Butts. What you let Gershom do to Ami is an Unforgivable Offense, as good as the rest of Aidan and Dana's story was the author gave to much power to the villain. They are very well matched and very well written.

We met Aidan in bk. Well Aidan has found his mate and Dana is just written beautifully, she is a very intelligent and might I say very protective female heroine. Boy did I love it when she gave Seth, Zach and Chris a peace of her mind, she is very funny!! Don't give her a gun or she will shoot you hehehehe!! She will shoot and take names later LOL!! I loved her. The story has many twist and turns, and moves very fast. It is action packed and very funny at times. We get to catch up with all our beloved Immortal Guardians and there 2nd. My favorite is always going to be Ami and Marcus with there beautiful toddler Adira.

I also, love the catch up with Cliff and I hope they find away to keep him sane and alive. I admire his lady love. It would be great if Cliff could somehow be converted to and Immortal Guardian. I don't think I could bare it if he succumbs to the madness of a Vampire and has to be put down. Cliff is fighting so hard. Unfortunately the story is written in such away to keep the villain Gershom in the storyline that Seth, Zach and Jared who has finally joined the battle in earnest got there Butts kicked along with the IG.

I hope Seth can finally Best him in the next Immortal Guardian book and Dianne Duvall can write a new villain to take his place. Gershom needs to meet his end in a big way by Seth. Seth reputation is at stake and he should always remain the Strongest and Smartest "Other". I Highly Recommend Blade of Darkness for your reading pleasure. I can't wait for book 8. Loved this book as much as all the others in this series. If you haven't read this series you should!

They are all must reads. Loved Aiden and Dana. They made a great couple. He waited a looonnggg time to find her that's for sure. I really enjoyed this story and the Others coming into play. There was a lot of action and superb dialogue. A lot of characters from the previous books coming in to play. I love all the powers the Immortal Guardians have. Especially Seth! Can't wait for his book. I know it is coming one day. As for the narration, Kristen Potter does such a great job on all the voices and keeping the same voices throughout the series.

Just fantastic. Gonna be a long wait for the next release But it will be a pre-order as always. At first, I was a little leery. I recently had a sequel come out that I was really excited for, only to have the hero totally lose all his integrity. So, when I read the excerpt, I was nervous. Especially after the vision of Seth attacking Aiden. I really like Seth I was pleasantly surprised to find that instead of the integrity of the characters being compromised, the author raised their integrity to a whole new level. The sense of family and caring were very present in this book. Their refusal to believe wrong about one another and banding together around the main character despite everything is very inspiring.

I wish we could all be like that. Anyway, on the whole a terrific book and a worthy sequel. Now the only question is It seems like it took forever to get the next part of this series, and Ms. Duvall did not disappoint! This book is very well written and moves at a fast, strong, steady pace. Aidan O'Byrne is an Immortal Guardian that is years old. All this time he has lived without someone to love, and he's had no one to love him in return. On account of this, he is not trusted by Chris and is somewhat distrusted by Seth, who is the leader of the guardians. He meets Dana Pembroke, a clairvoyant, who can see the future by touching someone.

He finds the chemistry he's been looking for all these years with Dana, and she falls for him just as hard. Aidan spends all this free time romancing Dana but does not tell the other guardians, or Seth, about her. He didn't want to tell her that he is an Immortal and years old. He just didn't want to rush her into his world, of danger and violence, before he know's she can handle everything he must tell her. When some of the women on this list come up missing Chris makes the accusation that Aidan is the cause. Gershim hates Seth and is impersonating him to cause problems between Seth and his Immortal Guardians.

Gershim has perfected his ability to shape shift into any of the guardians, including Seth, and uses every opportunity to cause strife. Gershim sets Aidan up as a murder of the missing gifted women, and Chris being gun-ho pushes the accusation home. It will take all the Guardians working together with their human counterparts to bring Gershim to justice, and Dana must learn to trust in a man who is more than just a man. I could not stop listening and stayed up most of the night to finish!

So worth the loss of sleep!!! Kirsten Potter did a wonderful job as always!!!! So, I hate, hate, hate Gershom but with him being sooo powerful he made the book much better. He teleported from country to country with Aiden or Seth or Zach or Jared hot on his trail, slashing and stabbing innocent people to try to slow his pursuers down.

I absolutely loved Aidan and Dana. Duvall killed off Cliff, and he seems to be getting worse in every book. Also, the F- bomb was used 47 times. As to the narration: Kirsten Potter is one of the best female narrators out there. She does voices great and reads with wonderful emotions. This may be my favorite book in this series yet. The author really outdid herself. I love these characters and wish I was part of their family. There were so many funny parts.

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We get a surprise at the end for one couple we have grown to love. We also get to see more of General Lane. I hate spoilers but I have to say, if you read this for nothing else, read it for the scene in which Seth is thoroughly kissed! Not to mentioned shot with tranquilizers twice. There were also a lot of hair raising moments. I have to say, this author writes female characters better than any I have ever read. I love books that have the main character be a strong male. But I also love the heroine to be strong.

They fit perfectly. If you like audiobooks, be sure and snag this one. What a great narrator! That is why we can never know ourselves or the universe or God by studying nature. We'll never understand it that way. Ultimately we run up against a closed door. It becomes so complex we cannot grasp it. Because the Bible tells us the key is in the spiritual realm. When we take this book and open it up, we discover that we are moving past all the discoveries of science today into a realm to which science has not yet come where we have answers to these questions.

It was no less a person than Albert Einstein who put his finger squarely upon the inadequacies of science when he said, "Science is like reading a mystery novel. Everybody else has left the house and it is dark. You get into bed, snap on the light, prop yourself up with pillows and start reading. In the first chapter there are two or three murders, with several bodies lying around. The whole of the story begins to focus on "who done it. In about the third chapter you've decided that the butler did it. Continuing on, the finger of guilt points more and more to the butler.

But then you reach the last chapter in which suddenly all the previous evidence is upset and it wasn't the butler after all. It was the little old lady in tennis shoes who lives on the third floor. She did it. Now Einstein says science is like that. It is always struggling from hypothesis to synthesis from a few clues here and there, but it never gets the answer. And then suddenly some new light comes along that throws the first estimate all off, and all the previous answers seem of little value. The interesting thing about Genesis is that it starts right where science leaves off.

It gives answers addressed to faith, admittedly, but never faith that is a violation of human reason. Science is always facing the past. Genesis begins where science is seeking. If we look at it this way we see that there is no essential conflict. Here is a book that is simply dealing with matters science has not wrestled with, and, indeed, cannot wrestle with -- the key to the mystery of human life. Now in chapters three to six the realm of human relationships is seen; here you have the entrance of man into the picture. This book reveals that the basic unit of society is the family.

For ten to twenty thousand years of human history there has been absolutely no variation in that pattern. The family is still the basic element of human life today.

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When a society forgets that fact and begins to destroy family life, the foundations of the nation crumble because a nation is an extension of the family. The nations of the world are simply great family groups. Consider for a moment the uniform reaction of Americans on the day in when President Kennedy was assassinated! There never was a time when the whole American nation felt so like a family as when John Kennedy lay in death.

We were all one people. A crisis disclosed that our nation is nothing more than a gigantic family. Inside the nation, inside the family revealed in the Scriptures is the single individual. But when the family crumbles, the nation begins to fall. These chapters also reveal the failure of man in this basic relationship, because man tried to be man without God, and the result of course was the introduction of the principle of sin. Sin is the monkey wrench which has been thrown into the human machinery that makes us behave the way we do.

As you read the account here you'll see how Cain rejected God and became a murderer. He went out and founded a civilization that ended in apostasy and the flood. When Lot tried to move away from God, to get away from the influence of God in his life, he wrecked his family as a result. This life pattern in Scripture is given again and again, and though we live some thousands of years after these events, it is the same story today isn't it? Every generation has been repeating the same cycle. We see it all around us in our nation of lovely homes, new cars and gimmicks -- yet riddled with strife, violence and almost unmentionable immorality.

Increasing crime rates and broken homes on every side all result from, and testify vividly to, man's failure to live successfully on the level of human relationships apart from God. Finally then in the last part of the book, which is one large section beginning with the middle of chapter six through chapter fifty, you have the realm of spiritual relationships. It is the largest part of this book because it is the most important to man -- his spirit and its relationship with God.

This is the story of five men. If you remember the lives of these five men and what they mean, you will have most of Genesis right in the palm of your hand. Genesis reveals in the story of these men what man is always seeking. Do you know what it is? We think that we are seeking after things. But we know that things aren't what we really want. All the restlessness and rush of the age in which we live can be understood as an attempt to focus upon three goals.

First, righteousness, the sense of being right. This is why we are always attempting to justify ourselves. When anyone accuses you of something, what happens? You start justifying yourself. You want to be right. Man is forever seeking righteousness. The second is peace. We want a sense of well-being inside. A chrome-plated economy based on "education" leading to "high standards of living" is surely a cheap substitute. How often the word peace is flung at us in these days, leaving only a hunger for the real thing.

Man is ever seeking peace. And the third thing is joy. He wants a sense of gladness, of happiness out of life. Those three are the unseen, almost unconscious, goals of life -- righteousness, peace and joy. Where are they found? Romans fourteen says "The kingdom of God does not mean food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Now it reveals how men who did not believe or obey God sought these things in vain. Jacob for a time, as you know, refuses to obey God and insists on doing things on his own. Out he goes and becomes a wanderer and a hired servant of his uncle. He ends up being not only a deceiver but deceived, and life falls apart at the seams for him. Even Abraham falters occasionally -- he goes down to Egypt and falls into lying and adultery, and again, life falls apart.

But if this book, Genesis, reveals the inadequacies of man without God, it also reveals the adequacy of man with God. That is the great message. In natural relationships you see that man with God is sovereign. If I had only known Adam back in the days before the fall! What a rich character he must have been. What tremendous power and knowledge he must have had of the secrets of nature. When we look at the New Testament and read of the miracles of the Lord Jesus walking upon the water, changing the water into wine, stilling the storm with a word, we say to ourselves, "That is God at work.

That is what man was intended to be -- the sovereign, the king of the world. You find it reflected in the eighth Psalm. David says as he is looking into the heavens, "What is man that thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that thou dost care for him? That is why the writer of Hebrews says, "We do not yet see every thing in subjection to him. But we see Jesus In the garden before Adam fell, you see him as the lord of creation. He knew its mysteries, he controlled its activities.

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Man cannot do that any longer today. We have the urge to do so, but we can do it no longer. In the realm of human relationships, the book of Genesis reveals that man with God is seen as living at peace and in harmony with other men. One of the most beautiful stories in this book is of Abraham dwelling under the oaks of Mamre with the Canaanites all around him, the men who had for many years been his enemies. But God so worked in the life of that man Abraham that even his enemies were made to be at peace with him.

The story of Abraham closes with the Canaanite tribes coming to him and saying. So it is fulfilled what God says elsewhere that when a man's ways please the Lord he makes even his enemies be at peace with him Proverbs This is the key. This is the secret of life in all our relationships.

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Then in the spiritual relationship, Genesis declares that man in fellowship with God begins to know supreme happiness -- the righteousness, peace, and joy that men always crave. Realization comes only as he discovers that the indwelling God is the answer to all his needs. This is revealed in the lives of five men. Let us quickly review these. Noah is a picture to us of regeneration. Noah is a man who went through death in a figure. He was on both sides of the flood. He was preserved in the ark through the waters of judgment, through the waters of death, to come out into a new world and a new life.

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The imaginative writers of our day are always trying to write a book to depict what would happen after an atomic holocaust had completely wiped life off the face of the earth and what it would be like for a new couple to start out in such a world. Yet none of them seem to realize that is exactly what happened in the story of Noah and the flood.

None of them seem ever to have caught the romance of Noah and his family starting afresh in a new earth. Nevertheless, they are a picture of regeneration. The beginning of life as a Christian is the passing from death into life in Christ just as Noah did in the flood.

Then comes Abraham. And what does Abraham teach us? Justification by faith. Here was a man who lived by faith. Everything that he did was given to him -- not by any merit of his own, not by any effort of his own. But as God led him along and Abraham stepped out on the promises, he found that God's promise was true. Eight times that man's faith was dramatically tried. If you are ever in a trial of faith, read the life of Abraham. You will find in his life similar circumstances to the ones you are going through.

Abraham teaches us what it means to be justified, to be the friend of God by faith. Then comes Isaac. Isaac is a beautiful picture of sonship, what it means to be a son of God. If there ever was a boy that was spoiled, pampered and petted by his father, it was Isaac.

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He was the son, pre-eminently so. In the glimpse this book gives of him you see what it means to be the darling of a father's heart. And I think there is no message more needed in this day than that which is so beautifully exemplified in Isaac, how God looks at us and calls us the darling of his heart. The story of Jacob follows. Jacob was the rascal, the schemer, the man who thought he could live on his own, by his wits and by his own efforts. He went out trying to deceive everybody and ended up being deceived. Jacob is a beautiful picture of sanctification, that marvelous work of God in which we in our folly, attempting to live life in the energy of the flesh, are led into the very situations that drive us into a corner where at last, like Jacob wrestling with the angel, we discover God speaking to us and we give up.

And when we give up our trying, we begin to live.