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Recently we launched our first Corporate Rebels spin-off, Revolt. Their start Revolt has been impressive. Two new people have joined the team—which now comprises Freek, Catelijne, Joyce and Florine.

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For many people, working long hours is business as usual. Some are even proud of it. They think it shows ambition and dedication.

In January we founded Corporate Rebels. We had no business model—but we did have a clear mission—to make work more fun. Our short corporate lives had been frustrating. Chouinard is the iconic founder of Patagonia. Organizations are full of them. Managers love setting them. Employees are, literally, sickened by them.

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The overuse of rules to control behavior murders productivity, defies common sense, …. We share the …. With so much authority …. It is the one most adaptable to change. So, here we share more on our experiments. Hell yes! More Rebel Events are coming.

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Check out the entire list in this blog post. And this …. We have a huge problem in our businesses. Women are disappearing from the workplace.

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Over the years we have created a corporate world in which women fall behind early and …. Email is a persistent disease plaguing contemporary workplaces. On one count, a …. London based, with employees, they made self-management work in their fast-growing company. We followed up with three employees to learn …. It showed how to reduce organizational productivity. Some of these ideas are now clearly out-dated; but …. This directive style is based on fear, control and status. These leaders …. We highlighted the impotence of leaders in solving this problem.

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We highlighted …. Current Stock:. Save a Tree And ship your shoes without a shoe box! Yes No. Quantity [ ]. Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. They assist Rishi to get revenge. Two years later, Rishi discovers that a goon named Stephen K. Shankar was doing illegal business in Hyderabad for a very long time.

Rishi also discovers that Robert Mukesh Rishi started working with Stephen right after Bhupathi's murder. Stephen and Robert became powerful underworld dons. Rishi suspects that his uncle's new identity is Robert. Nanu's daughter is Nandini Tamannaah. She and Rishi fall in love with each other.

Nanu shows his phone to Nandini because she wants to see the pictures of Stephen and Robert. When Rishi sees the pictures, it is confirmed that Rishi's uncle's new identity is Robert. Since Simhadri told Rishi that a local goon helped Robert kill Bhupathi, that goon must have been Stephen. Later, Raju tells Nandini about Rishi's tragic past. Nandini still wants to help Rishi locate Stephen and Robert. Rishi bribes Nanu's henchmen to stop protecting Nanu. Rishi then tortures Nanu until the latter agrees to lure Stephen and Robert into a trap.

It is revealed that Stephen and Robert sent two henchmen to disguise themselves as Stephen and Robert. Nanu's glad that Stephen and Robert fooled Rishi. Rishi realizes that his bodyguards, Raju, and Nandini got kidnapped by the bad guys.

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Robert tells Rishi that he sent his henchmen to kidnap Rishi's bodyguards, Raju, and Nandini. Rishi gets taken to his old home, and the rest of his bodyguards, including Raju get killed, yet Nandini. Rishi kills Stephen, Robert, their henchmen, and Robert's son. In the end, Rishi and Nandini reunite. The film was officially launched at Annapurna Studios on 2 December with Anushka Shetty as the heroine opposite Prabhas. It was also announced that S.

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Thaman would compose the soundtrack of the film. On 2 December , the opening ceremony of the film took place in Hyderabad.

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At the event, it was announced that J. Bhagawan and J. Pullarao would produce the film, it would be directed by Raghava Lawrence and would star Prabhas and Anushka in lead roles. After much delays, regular filming began on 21 May In October , it was reported that the filming would take place in Bangkok , where action sequences would be shot. In June , the unit went back to Bangkok for the third time to shoot two songs of the movie. The film was postponed several times due to delays in post-production works.

After much delay, the film was released worldwide on 28 September in over screens worldwide. On 7 August the first look posters of the film were launched. It was announced that 7 Seas, a premier entertainment company, purchased the overseas theatrical distribution rights of the film.