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Stone artifacts: Stone artifacts with anomalous ages; Large assemblages or caches of stone implements; Stone artifacts found in unexpected locations; Pigmy flints and other microliths; Nonutilitarian and totally enigmatic stone artifacts.

High-Technology artifacts: Ancient chemistry; Ancient metallurgy; ancient surgery and dentistry; Micro-work -- The magnificent conundrum; Artifacts fashioned from very hard materials -- the tool conundrum; Ancient music instruments; Potentially anomalous toys and models; Ancient scientific instruments; Claims of ancient knowledge of electricity; Ancient calculating devices; Speculation about ancient flying machines.

Wooden artifacts: Wooden artifacts in unexpected places; Advanced wooden weapons; Remarkable ancient wooden tools; Wooden artifacts suggesting unexpected cultural diffusion; Wooden artifacts of apparent great age. Geoforms: Terrestrial Graphics: The Nazca Lines; Cuzco: the mirror of the cosmos; Notable intaglio morphs everywhere; Emblematic and effigy mounds; Large boulders and gravel effigies; Population-center patterns; Large-scale terrestrial sculptures Zodiacs and Calendars: Zodiac anomalies and curiosities; Unusual bone calendars; Ancient stone calendars and time markers; Curious but scarcely anomalous wooden calendars; Textile calendars; "Quipu" calendars; A porported Olmec calendar mozaic; A golden calendar lozenge; Calendars of non-Astronomical events; Is the Mallia table a calendar?

Nothing catches the human eye and imagination as quickly as a mysterious light.

Weird Weather

All down recorded history, scientists and laymen alike have been seeing strange lightning, sky flashes, and unaccountable luminous objects. Noroshi during earthquake swarm] Comments from reviews " Here is our "weather' Catalog. As everyone knows, our atmosphere is full of tricks, chunks of ice fall from the sky, tornado funnels glow at night.

The TV weathermen rarely mention these "idiosyncrasies". Quakes and monster, solitary waves and natural detonations; these are the consequences of solids, liquids, and gases in motion. In our modern technological cocoon, we are hardly aware of this rich spectrum of natural phenomena. Most of us have seen rings around the moon, but what does it mean when such rings are not circular or are off-center?

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Neither are rainbows and mirages devoid of mysteries. And the Brocken Specter still startles Alpine climbers! So much additional information on luminous phenomena has been collected, that this new edition is almost twice the size of the , that a new title seems appropriate. Dozens of new phenomena are recognized, and we have added a great many eye-witness account mostly from science journals of low-level auroras, ball lightning, earthquake lights, marine wheels, luminous phenomena above thunderclouds, and, especially, lengthy coverages of low-level nocturnal lights Marfa, Brown Moutnain, Min Min, Nekha, Hessdalen, etc.

The phenomena of this Catalog volume are not primarily luminous or acoustic or confined to the sensory channels that form the bases for the other volumes in the field of geophysics. Here, we deal with rain, fog, wind, clouds, precipitation, and sunshine-- but only when they are anomalous or at least curious enough to attract our attention. Several themes that thread their ways through the geophysical volumes of the Catalog recur in this book: The importance of electricity in geophysical phenomena The possible influences of the sun, moon, planets, and inbound meteoric material on terrestrial weather The occasional prankish, frivolous behavior of some weather phenomena.

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This judgment is, of course, highly subjective. One interesting feature of weather phenomena taken as a whole is their rather low level of anomalousness; at least when compared to other geophysical phenomena in the Catalog of Anomalies. Weather, it seems, is not as strange as, say, luminous geophysical phenomena. There are more plausible theories available to explain weather phenomena than for ball lightning or long-delayed radio echoes.

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  • David A.J. Seargent (Author of Weird Astronomy).

Of course, this does not mean that science understands all facets of the weatherthis volume would not exist if it did. Inner Earth: A Search for Anomalies; A Catalog of Geological Anomalies The focus of this, the eleventh volume in the Catalog of Anomalies, is the earth's interior, which is revealed to us mainly through seismic signals, magnetic variations, and the flow of heat from great depths.

Hundreds of kilometers below the surface lurk huge pieces of foundered continental crust and bizarre structures of unknown origin. The ups and downs of the earth's surface betray many anomalies.

20 Interesting Astronomy Facts You May Not Know

Could continental drift be inferior to the expanding earth hypothesis? Have ocean levels fluctuated wildly down the eons? Anomalies in Geology: Physical, Chemical, Biological; A Catalog of Geological Anomalies Journey here into ice caves, exhume Siberian mammoths, see animals perish in gas-filled valleys -- a little media hype is justified here. But more serious questions involve the origins of oil, coal, and natural gas. Neglected Geological Anomalies; A Catalog of Geological Anomalies Neglected but far from insignificant are the anomalies cataloged here.

Do we really know how concretions and geodes form, where tektites come from, whence the immense deposits of superficial debris all over our globe?

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Astronomy Catalogs For a full list of astronomy subjects, see here. From our own moon's cratered surface to the red, rock-strewn plains of Mars, the Solar System is a fertile field for scientific research. The Sun and Solar System Debris: A Catalog of Astronomical Anomalies Our sun, powerhouse of the Solar System and an enigma itself, is orbited by clouds of asteroids, comets, meteors and space dust These "minor objects" cause "major headaches" to astronomers searching for explanations.

Do we honestly know how the stars and our sun work?


This book fills the gap between general books, academic catalogues, and huge detailed catalogues. It is a detailed descriptive account — in non-technical language — of what are deemed to have been the most spectacular and notable comets ever recorded. A book that will appeal to all who are interested in unusual celestial occurences, this volume Following his popular Weird Astronomy, David Seargent explores atmospheric and "shallow space" rather than deep space events.

Using a balanced, scientific approach, the book covers strange, unusual, and apparently inexplicable observations of the air and sky. Following his popular Weird Astronomy, David Seargent explores atmospheric and "shallow space" Also discusses the possibility of methane-based organisms. As new discoveries complicate the scientific picture of the universe, the evolving theories about the nature of space and time and the origins and fate of the universe threaten to become overwhelming.

Enter David Seargent. Continuing the author's series of books popularizing strange astronomy facts and knowledge, Weird Universe explains the As new discoveries complicate the scientific picture of the universe, the evolving theories about In these days of computers and CCD cameras, visual comet observers can still contribute scientifically useful data with the help of this handy reference for use in the field.

In these days of computers and CCD cameras, visual comet observers can still contribute This book concentrates on some of the odd aspects of comets and asteroids. Strange behavior of comets, such as outbursts and schisms, and how asteroids can temporally act as comets are discussed, together with the possible threat of Centaurs-class objects like the Taurid complex.

Recent years have seen the distinction between comets and Strange behavior of Armstrong In the history of the discussion of the problem of universals, G. Stout has an honoured, and special. For the Nominalist, meaning by that term a philosopher who holds that existence of repeatables - kinds, sorts, type- and the indubitable existence of general terms, is a problem.