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Try to place yourself in their shoes with no outside judgements. But also realize that you will never understand what they are processing if you have never experienced that kind of deep pain before.

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Recognize that their vulnerability is a gift. No matter what your relationship is to that person, their willingness to share something so deeply personal is a huge gift and blessing.

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Nobody has a right to another person's story or feelings and they are placing a huge amount of trust in you by letting you share in their heartache. So treat it like a precious jewel, to be handled delicately and cherished. Tell them you know life sucks right now. More than anything, people living with depression need validation that their emotions are real and not something to be ashamed about.

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They need to know that they have every right to be feeling the way they are feeling, no matter how seemingly large or small the circumstances are that have led to those emotions. Ask them how they are doing on a scale of 1 to And you?

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Ask them to describe the emotion they are feeling right then? Are they feeling hurt?

If so, try showing them a list to help them identify a word. She's also the published author of three books in her native Latvian language. Aistars regularly contributes to many print and online publications in addition to freelancing for WMUK.

Whispers Between the Lines

She loved it. But no one else did. Until, that is, her daughter, Heidi E. Stemple , transformed it.

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Listen Listening Don't choose too fast You can't judge a book by it's cover Make sure that what you see is what you get And red between the lines. Don't place too much faith In someone else's reputation Watch closely, they might be just a shadow Of the person they're supposed to be. In the raw Just can't fake it Gonna see what you're made of In the raw I can't change it Everybody's got their own way.

Girl, you look at me But only see what's on the surface And I might just be with you expect of me There's that possibility.