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Ko Tao Dreams, Vol. 2 (The Sound From The Island Of Dreams)

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Sweet Dreams Vol. 2: CD

I like color photography, but prefer black and white, at the end it all depends of the motive. Born and grew up in Belgrade. A journalist by profession. Photography is my hobby. I started two years ago and it's become my great love.

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My favorite motive is the beauty of nature. I use Canon A Started to take photoes back to 80ties while at school with film Zenit-E, but then photography was forgotten quite for a while. Returned about 3 years ago when got old enough for quality photography searching for own style At this pont started to photography seascapes, since obviously live at the seaside and trying to reflect the beauty of the nature around us Since nature and woman are the most beautiful what we see around, easy easy started to participate in photoshoots and create own projects photographying beautiful woman.

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Both those forces nature and woman have inside a lot of power, which may create, or may destruct Catching of both moments are most interesting point What is more important in photography, reality or vision.. For myself the vision and fantasy is more important, because reality as more restricted. My inspiration is beauty. Making photoes am not rerally creating this beauty, but trying to stop those beautiful moments Afterall, the world is like we see it. Monochromatic Illusions is the photography project I'm involved in right now. I try to lead you into an atmosphere which is worrying, due to the use of real shots together with gothic elements.

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This combination creates an imaginary reality that brings to mind a feeling of melancholy and grief. Of course one can not speak m After suffering a blow to the head, Senri passes out.

When he comes to, he's surrounded by professional gangsters Newsletter Don't miss updates about our authors, including book tour info and new book releases. Full Description. Senri used to go on adventures with his brother, but Kazuto is long gone