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SHS, et partant, sur leurs propres limites et contraintes. Morin, Foucault, Girard, Legendre Sans doute. Leur autonomie par rapport aux savoirs profanes est toute relative. Vers qui se tourner? On peut toujours essayer. Histoire des sciences humaines. Boutinet dir. Front matter, "Envois". Loose pages. Front matter, "Envois" copy 1. Front matter, "Envois" copy 2 Physical Description: 3 folders. Proofs 1: front matter, "Envois". Proofs 1: "Envois". Proofs 2: front matter, "Envois".

Proofs 2: "Envois". Proofs 3. Proofs 4: front matter, "Envois". Proofs 4: "Envois". Proofs 4: "Du tout". English publication correspondence. Proofs of Spanish translation Physical Description: 4 folders. See "Notecards" for more possible material. Versions 1, 2, 3. Proofs 1. Proofs 2. Proofs 4. Material was originally titled "La Linguistique de Rousseau. See "Les Langages et les institutions de la philosophie" for an offprint. See also Points de suspension for additional proofs.

See also Istrice2. Notes, versions Versions Questions, versions Proofs, English offprint. Version 1 notes and manuscript. Version 2 pages Version 3 pages Version 4 pages Version 5 pages and notes. Version 6 pages and notes. Version 7 pages and notes. Version 8 pages Version 9 pages Version 10 pages and 2 copies. Version 11 pages Version Version 12 copy 1. Version 12 copy 2.

Version 12 copy 3. Version 12 copy 4. Proofs 1 from Jacques Derrida. Proofs 1 from proofreader. Proofs 1 from Geoffrey Bennington. Photo text and photo proofs. Proofs 3 Physical Description: 2 folders. Notes and version. Oversize proofs. Derrida refused publication. Version 5, English offprint. Proofs of original publication. English version. See also "Heidegger, l'enfer des philosophes" for a related interview. English proofs and version given at the University of Jerusalem in June Also given at Cornell in and in March in Paris at a Heidegger colloquium.

See also "Aristote" for related material.

Version 3 used for the colloquium. Notes, version 1 and copy, version 2. Versions , English offprint. De l'esprit: Heidegger et la question General note Given at a colloquium Mar. Versions and notes.

Arnaud Esquerre | EHESS-Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales - ohyqukecew.cf

Several versions. Proofs 2 Physical Description: 3 folders. Proofs 3 Physical Description: 3 folders. Proofs 4 Physical Description: 2 folders. Discussion is at University of Miami before a conference. Material renamed "Desceller 'la vieille neuve langue'. Proofs, notes, pages.

Translated by Mary Ann Caws. French versions and proofs. French conference version. Proofs of Portuguese translation. See Points de suspension for additional proofs. Material is from talk given at the Centre Georges Pompidou 15 Nov. Also given at Williamsburg. Also given in French 26 and 28 Oct. See also Acts of Literature for Attridge introduction to selection.

English conference version. English conference version, with thanks to Mark Taylor. Articles, notes, offprint. See also Marges - de la philosophie for additional proofs. Notes and text. Version 1, conference version. Proofs 1 and 2. Transcription of interview that followed the conference. Letter of response. Versions 1 and 2, notes. Versions 3 and 4. Versions 5 and 6. Also given in or in Prague in English. Also given in Baton-Rouge in English. Donner le temps General note See also series 2 for more material. The other English version is an expanded and revised translation of the first lecture.

Version 1 Physical Description: 2 folders. English conference version Physical Description: 2 folders. Proofs 1 Physical Description: 2 folders. Proofs 2 Physical Description: 2 folders. Proofs 5 Physical Description: 2 folders. Proofs 6 Physical Description: 2 folders. Proofs 7 - 9. Given 26 Feb. Version 3 and copy. L'Autoportrait et autres ruines. See also the seminar. Proofs 1 Physical Description: 4 folders. Proofs 4 Physical Description: 3 folders. Versions are very brief. Version 6 consists of several overlapping fragments. Colloquium brochures are included with version 7.

Version 6. Version 7. Material is from a "Confrontation" with Derrida organized around Glas and other texts on 21 Nov. Correspondence, version 8.

The Next Step: General or Technological Routes

Versions 1 and 2. Part 2 Physical Description: 2 folders. Part 3A Physical Description: 2 folders. Part 3B. Journal copy of introduction. Introduction, version 1. Introduction, version 2. Introduction, version 3. German version and translation. Proofs Physical Description: 2 folders. Notes, versions. Text fragments. Version of "Ja, ou le faux-bond," offprint. Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky, Regina Haslinger. Publication was refused. See also La Carte Postale for proofs. Version 1 copy. Version 2 Physical Description: 2 folders. Versions 3 and 4, conference program, English offprint.

Proofs 2 are quadrilingual. Fragment of text. Proofs 2, cover. Also given 30 Oct. Version 3, proofs. English offprint. Europe conference, 2 versions General note Material is from the Nov. Proofs 1 and partial copies, proofs 2. Proofs 3 and copies. Fichus: discours de Francfort.

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Adorno Prize. Benezet text, annotated with review and notes. French version, notes, and version given at conference. Conference notes. Conference discussions.

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Second part given Apr. French version 4 may have been used for the English version given at UCLA see page 33 of this version. Notes, text fragments. French versions 1 and 2. French versions 3 and 4. Letter to translator, English Cardozo version and copy. Copy-edited version of published German translation. Notes, version 1, articles. Photos Physical Description: 2 folders. Text fragments, argumentaire, version 1.

Notes, version 1, version 2. Versions 3 fragment -5 and colloquium folder. Notes, versions 1 and 2. Conference version. Copy-edited proof. Glas , exhibit material and Leavey offprint General note Folder contains texts that were part of an exhibit at Beaubourg Centre Pompidou. The two main texts for the exhibit were Glas and Eperons: les styles de Nietzsche , but were not published there; these are "faux texts. Leavey Jr. A translated selection and some comments on an Absent Colossus. Interviews are filed under interviews. All other material is filed here.

GREPH bulletins, includes draft of first bulletin. Drafts, copy-edited. Proofs are for Le Nouvel Observateur. See also "Comment donner raison? Versions of Eribon's questions. Versions of responses. Version 4 of responses, proofs 1 and 2. Material given as "Flaubert et la philosophie. Notes, colloquium brochure, Flaubert text. Version 1, version 2 and copy, version 3 and copy.

Proofs, French and English offprints. See Points de suspension for proofs. For the exhibit, Derrida and several others responded to a list of words they were given. Participants' responses. Versions and copy. Correspondence General note Several unreadable floppy disks from this folder removed to collection file. Institutions of philosophy , table of contents General note This text and Negotiations were two planned volumes of selections of Derrida's work edited by Thomas Keenan and Debora Esch, neither of which was published.

French summary, French versions 1 and 2. French version 3 and copies. English summary, English version 1. Colloquium notes, schedule and version. Interview with Delacampagne for Le Monde General note Includes 2 versions of questions and responses. Interview with Maria Pia Telmon. Notes, versions and copy.

Dossiers thématiques

Versions , Italian offprint. Jacques Derrida: Doctor honoris causa Universitatis silesiensis General note Material includes Derrida's speech and program of ceremony in which Derrida received the honor of Doctor honoris causa from the University of Silesia in Poland on 11 Dec. Also includes the transcription of a single seminar on hospitality, delivered in English.

Material is a seminar on Jeremiah and Stanley Cavell's response to Derrida. Version 1 and additional papers. Proofs 6 monograph text , offprint. Oversized book cover. Versions and copies. See also Limited Inc. Marked copy of Searle's text. Text suggests also given in abbreviated form 7 Nov. English version translated by Avital Ronell. French versions New York University conference notes and version. Versions 4 and 5, correspondence and notes. Mal d'archive: une impression freudienne General note Given 5 Jun. First titled "Le Concept d'Archive: une impression freudienne.

Proofs 2, copy. Proofs 5 and 6. Proofs Proofs 1 Physical Description: 3 folders. Proofs 2 Physical Description: folders. Copy-edited proofs Physical Description: 4 folders. See Papier machine for proofs. L'autoportrait et autres ruines" General note Material was for a 26 Oct. Some versions have unidentified text on the verso. Interview regarding this exhibit appeared in Beaux Arts , Dec.

There may be additional fragments of text on the verso of version 1 of "Privilege.

Prévention des Risques

Notes, articles. Exhibit materials, including correspondence and catalogue. Exhibition plan, images. Photocopied images. Versions 7 and 8. Version 9 and copy. Version 11 Physical Description: 2 folders. The goal is to prepare pupils for higher education after completing secondary school. They also include specific classes for each series which enable a specialization to be initiated, which will be more strongly marked in the final year in the perspective of higher education and the pupil's future academics.

Students commence supervised personalised projects on a theme chosen by the student which will be eventually evaluated as part of their baccalaureate exam in the form of an oral defense. In Terminale , teachings common to the three series of literature, economic and social sciences, and science are also taught. They include both modern languages, physical education and sports, and moral and civic education. Specialty courses account for most of the students' time in school. They are focused specifically around the chosen series of the student to specialize in - examples include: law and major issues of the contemporary world literature series , computer science and digital sciences science series , or social and political sciences economic and social science series.

The goal of the technological route of upper secondary school is to prepare students for advanced technological studies in the science and technology fields. Courses students take while in upper secondary school can be further extended through a bachelor's or professional degree at the university level, or lead directly into integration in the professional field. Similar to the general bac route, there are several series within the technological route that students can choose to follow such as:.

Students are also given the choice of two optional courses of art or physical education and sports, to be taken alongside their technological classes if they so choose. In Terminale, teachers play a larger role in students' chosen projects. They work with students 9 or 10 hours a week compared to 5 to 6 hours in the first year and cross-curricular teaching is reduced to allow for more specific instruction which encourages each student to deepen their studies in the domain of their choosing.

Some areas include:. There is a third route which allows pupils to gain vocational skills as well as general knowledge specific to a given field. This track was reformed in to help raise the qualifications of young people, improve their transition from school to a professional environment, and facilitate further study in higher education when relevant.