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But the dramatic confrontation carried live on local television and radio stations revealed the political tensions riling Miami's once-unified Cuban community now that Cuban President Fidel Castro appears to be on his deathbed. The Miami Herald has published investigative reports on alleged misuse of U. Those stations, financed by the U. It has also widened a divide in the broader Cuban American community, with some social leaders seeking more engagement with Cuba and hard-liners who fled Castro's revolutionary triumph insisting the U.

The Miami Herald this month revised its position on the U.

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Varela, whose father was reportedly a political prisoner in Castro's Cuba before immigrating here, entered the Herald building around 11 a. About a dozen employees were in the newsroom when Varela entered, appearing agitated and demanding to speak with the Spanish-language paper's executive editor, Humberto Castello, said Det.

Gusano gusanin de la gusanera, haciendo de las suyas - Hora de Aventura - El verdadero tu.

Delrish Moss, a Miami police spokesman. After being told by the unarmed security guard that Varela appeared to be carrying a semiautomatic weapon, police deployed SWAT teams and evacuated the building, floor by floor.

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Some journalists in the Miami Herald's fifth-floor newsroom spurned the evacuation order and stayed to cover the story. Castello was not in his office when Varela entered.

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An unidentified El Nuevo Herald staffer quoted on the Herald website said Varela was distraught and told female employees to leave "for their own security. Moss said police were told Varela was upset because some of his recent works had been "censored" by Castello.

El sueño de la razón /// The sleep of reason

It wasn't clear whether Varela was contending the cartoons had been altered or rejected. The list was compiled by the Forum for Rights and Liberties — headed by opposition members Antonio Rodiles, Angel Moya, and Berta Soler — who has been calling for their release every Sunday for the past two weeks despite intense repression by State Security. Diplomats, invitees, and foreign journalists present remained huddled together during the harsh remarks, which became the talk of the event. One would think the Catholic Church should take in everyone.

Asombra, that was the best translation I could come up with in my quick and dirty translation. If you have a better one, I would love to use it.

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Alberto, your translation was fine. The point is that the guy is clearly defensive after the negative response provoked by his claim on Spanish radio that Cuba has no political prisoners, exactly the sort of claim that any official regime spokesperson would have made. Facebook Comments.